Are Barbie Dolls Haunted? (Which Ones Are?)

Last updated on September 14th, 2022 at 11:17 pm

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Last updated on September 14th, 2022 at 11:17 pm

If you haven’t seen a movie with a scary doll in it then you likely haven’t watched many scary movies. Dolls that have been damaged or been left outside take on a very creepy appearance quickly but does that mean they are haunted? 

Some people claim that their Barbie dolls are haunted but there has been no substantiated claims whether that is true or not. What is certainly true is that they always seem to be staring at you (especially at night) and having a haunted Barbie is not something many people would want! 

Some stories about haunted Barbies or other dolls come from the most famous urban legends or even customer testimonials. Because of these stories many people really do believe that haunted Barbie dolls do exist. 

Haunted Barbie dolls are manufactured toys that are allegedly reported as being possessed or cursed. In the earliest days, the first chilling toys were voodoo dolls, effigies, and puppets. 

Dolls are pretty high on the list of things people believe to be haunted, so much that many researchers have been trying to unravel the science behind it.

Experts have even concluded that collecting dolls is one of the creepiest hobbies that an individual can venture into and if you have seen a house in the dark with them in it you likely would agree. 

The Haunted Barbie 

Even the colorful and bright world of Barbies has its dark side. Believe it or not, many people believe that Barbie is one of the most haunted dolls in the world. 

This could be because there are simply so many Barbies that have been sold they are just more likely to be in creepy situations or abandoned in a house or field. 

One popular ghost story that involved a Barbie doll originated in World War I. 

The British occupied Singapore during that time when some hunters found a family of German spies. The hunters chased after them when they discovered their location.

The teenage daughter of the family ended up falling off a cliff during the chase. Since then, the locals have been offering prayers and they even built the girl a shrine to remember her tragic death.

In 2007, an Australian man claimed that he had been dreaming of the late German girl, who led him to a local toy store.

The girl pointed out a Barbie doll on the display. He then bought the doll and placed it on top of the shrine. 

Hundreds of people believe that the spirit of the young German girl now actually live in the doll’s body. 

Other Dolls Known to be Haunted

Besides Barbies there are many other dolls that many people think are haunted or have been in the past. 

Some of the more common ones are: 

Robert the Doll 

Considered to be one of the most haunted dolls in the world, Robert the Doll always gives us some chills right to our bones.

In 1904, a family maid gave a little boy a doll. His name was Robert Eugene Otto. The little boy decided to give the doll a name similar to his. 

After a short while, the boy told his parents that the doll was coming alive at night and was knocking down furniture and destroying his other toys! 

When Robert reached adulthood, he left the Robert doll behind and moved out of the house.

The house was made into a bed and breakfast, but many people reported hearing Robert still moving around the place and sometimes laughing to himself at night. 

Nowadays. the Robert Doll is kept at Fort East Martello Museum. There have been rumors that the guests who visited the museum left letters of apology for Robert.

Many people claim  that those individuals had been rude to him during a previous visit. However, what Robert did to make them realize their poor actions and return to apologize will remain a mystery.

Doll in the Abandoned House 

A certain individual named Kerry Walton is an old resident of Wagga Wagga, New South Wales.

Young and curious, Kerry and his friends had always been itching to explore the abandoned houses in their area.

He decided to revisit his childhood and checked out what seemed to be a haunted house.  

Kerry found a historic marionette doll underneath the floorboards which he then got so intrigued with that he brought the doll home.

The doll screamed during the drive, ‘Ledda let me out!’, and as you can guess that would be quite an experience! Since then, he called the doll ‘Ledda’ (seems to be he should have thrown it out the window of the story is true). 

The people in his household would scream and become completely uncomfortable in the presence of Ledda.

It then became the talk of the town and made appearances on a few television shows. Ledda is weirdly deemed as one of the evilest dolls ever.

The Real Annabelle Doll

If you are a fan of Annabelle from the hit film The Conjuring, wait until you discover that it has a real doll version.

The movie is a great deconstruction of the story behind this intriguing doll, yet her tale was told quite differently.

A young woman named Donna was given a Raggedy Ann doll by her mother. In 1970, Donna was very fond of the doll and kept safe inside a shared apartment.

Her roommate Angie often noticed something odd about the doll. They felt like the doll was moving in different positions or into other rooms. 

Extremely scared of what they witnessed, the girls asked an expert for a consultation.

The psychic told Angie and her roommate that the sinister doll was rooted to a girl named Annabelle who died in the same apartment unit.

Without barely thinking of the consequences, the girls called the spirit of Annabelle and sheltered it to the body of the doll.

Annabelle, now in the form of a doll, started to release blood-like substances from its palms and tried to hurt one of their friends. 

Today, Annabelle is under the care of Ed and Warren’s Occult Museum.

Mandy the Crying Doll

Quesnel and the District Museum once received an anonymous donation in 1991. It looked like an antique baby doll.

The donor left a note telling of a bad experience of keeping the doll. She admitted that she could not take hearing the doll cry any longer. 

Against many people’s advice, the museum curators still accepted the doll and put it as one of the items for the exhibit.

Visitors of the museum started noticing disembodied footsteps near the area where Mandy was placed.

Anyone who attempts to strike a photograph of Mandy will also experience malfunctions on their device. 

The Janesville Doll

In the 1970s, there was a house in Janesville, Minnesota that had an attic with a small square window. The locals said there was a man living in the house for several years.

After almost a decade, the man placed a porcelain doll by the window.

The people were starting to believe that the doll was haunted when the children kept saying that it was changing expressions as it was displayed.

Theories became more and more outlandish and it was even rumored that the man had a daughter whom he killed.


Barbie dolls still bring delight to kids despite the never-ending haunted stories that affect them and other dolls. 

As one of the most in-demand toys in the market, there are even manufacturers who intentionally produce haunted dolls good for collection but Barbies aren’t one of them. 

Last updated on September 14th, 2022 at 11:17 pm

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