Are Barbie Trading Cards Worth Anything? (Best Way To Store Them)

Last updated on September 14th, 2022 at 09:09 pm

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Last updated on September 14th, 2022 at 09:09 pm

Trading cards are one of the most iconic and famous Barbie collectibles since the ’90s and are still valuable until now although with quite different price ranges.nojln BLM only no

Apparently, avid fans and people who treat their collection as part of their lives are willing to spend a decent amount for these vintage collectibles but how much are they really worth? 

Although Barbie trading cards aren’t worthless they certainly aren’t super valuable either. You can get collectors sets from the 90s for $40-$50 and sealed packs for only $2-$3 each. 

Although Barbie trading cards do have some value they are far from being rare or extremely valuable either. 

If you do have some Barbie trading cards that are older or have some misprints on them those could be more valuable than the standard ones are but that is pretty rare. 

Before putting your cards for sale online it’s important for you to understand that buyers will only want to buy collectibles that are rare, old, well taken care of, or all three. 

Collectors will be willing to pay more when your Barbie cards are in mint condition but if there are millions of specific cards on the market and there is no demand then condition becomes less important. 

With too much supply and low demand, prices will stay low no matter how good of condition your Barbies cards are in. 

Below I will go into detail about some specific values of certain Barbie cards/packs. As you look through the prices below you will get a pretty good idea of what you could sell your Barbie trading cards for. 

Best Vintage Barbie Trading Cards For Sale Online

Below I will go into 6 different packs/sets of Barbie trading cards and what they are currently selling for online. It’s important to remember that these numbers are as of this writing so if you are reading this article decades in the future these Barbie cards might be more or less valuable (but likely more valuable). 

Barbie Trading Card Packs by Mattel 1991

Price: $8.32

Produced by Mattel in 1991, Barbie Trading Card Packs offer a nostalgic experience as it serves as a piece of most people’s childhood.

This set comes with 4 unopened packs containing 8 puzzle pieces and 10 cards. The Barbie Trading Packs are still in good condition so if yours is opened or damaged it will likely be worth a bit less. 

The Barbie Trading Packs had  bigger cards than most regular ones online. Each Barbie cars has a rough dimension of 5″ tall and 3 1/2″ wide. 

Barbie & Friends Trading Cards with Original Box

Price: $ 24.46

One of the rarest Barbie trading cards is the Barbie & Friends Trading Cards. This set of gems are mostly unopened and preserved in mint condition.

All in all, this trading card set comes in two different card types which totals four packages.

Since this trading card is not widely accessible, the price can be higher or lower depending on the shop you’re at or if there are more or less of them for sale online currently. 

Apart from the item’s sale price, you also have to consider the shipping fees for the purchase as well. 

Vintage Mystery Barbie Trading Cards

Price: $24.50

Completely handmade, Vintage Mystery Barbie Trading Cards is a collection from the 1991 Mattel Barbie Trading Cards.

Perfect for a timeless collection, this trading card set offers delight to purchasers with its 2 mystery paper surprises and 7 randomly selected cards.

Some suppliers include bonuses for early birds. Most online stores only have limited stocks of these Vintage Mystery Barbie Trading Cards.

The cards measure 3” x 5” and each piece is kept in good condition. The package comes in a protective box with scented washi tape. 

Sealed Barbie Trading Cards 1991 Vintage Ephemera Scrapbook

Price: $12.47

The Vintage Ephemera Scrapbook is a set available online with 2 sealed packs. Each sealed pack has 8 “rare” trading cards.

The Vintage Ephemera still has its original packaging from way back in 1991 as well. 

Originally, the set was in Spanish language but when the manufacturers made an English edition, kids from the ‘90s down to the generations of today caused the increasing demand for these vintage trading cards.

1990 Barbie Trading Cards

Price: $36.38

The 1990 Barbie Trading Cards set is in its original unopened package so it’s in perfect condition. The pack includes vintage collectibles such as Barbie photos with descriptions on the side.

The details on each photo are the names of the dolls and their date of release. These trading cards feature the evolution of Barbie’s fashion, design, and doll structures.

Not only does it bring fun for kids’ playtime, but the little information packed with the set is also what makes it a collection-worthy piece. 

Collectible Retro Barbie Trading Cards

Price: $72.77

Ideal for a true Barbie fan, Collectible Retro Barbie Trading Cards are a handmade vintage set preserved in mint condition.

Kids and avid fans will surely love the surprise it offers inside. The Collectible Retro Barbie Trading Cards set is packed with 4 puzzle piece cards and 39 total cards in various fantastic designs. 

The 4 puzzle piece cards feature the Costume Ball Barbie from 1991, while the rest of the cards cover the Barbies from the following years:

  • 1961 – 1card
  • 1969 – 1 card
  • 1977 – 2 cards
  • 1980 – 1 card
  • 1981 – 3 cards
  • 1984 – 3 cards
  • 1985 – 1 card
  • 1986 – 1 card
  • 1987 – 1 card
  • 1988 – 7 cards
  • 1989 – 7 cards
  • 1990 – 8 cards
  • 1991 – 1 card 

Tips in Preserving and Storing Barbie Trading Card Collections

If you already have some Barbie trading cards or you are looking to start a collection, it’s important to be careful how you store them so you don’t damage them over time. 

Some things that you should be careful about when storing your Barbie cards are: 

Purchase preparation

Before you buy any collectibles (Barbie trading cards or otherwise) you will want to make sure that your space at home is ready for your collectibles.

You may start by preparing handy materials like a couple of top-loading card savers to help keep your new Barbie cards safe. If you happen to be moving them, using storage boxes, and three-ring binders with a dozen of nine-card pockets will work wonders to protect them. 

Transferring the newly purchased cards from their sealed package to your preferred card storage method is sensitive and crucial and should be done carefully but as soon as you buy them as well. 

If you happen to scratch a card or dent the corner that will affect the overall value of the Barbie trading cards both short term and long term as well. 

Store your Barbie cards in dry & cool places

Humid or hot places can cause the Barbie trading cards to stick to each other or even to get moist and destroy them. You will want to choose a spot in your home that is a climate-controlled area such as a spare closet. 

Avoid storing the cards in the attic or basement and any other places that humidity and temperature are likely to vary a lot over time. 

Any sun exposure of the Barbie cards can cause their colors to fade and damage their condition which will severely damage any value that they did have. 

Displaying the cards

The most exciting part of getting collectibles is when you are ready to display them. This is also true with your Barbie trading cards.

Considering that it is likely your most prized cardboard item, you should provide a protective display to ensure that they retain their value. 

Again, make sure that where you display your cards isn’t in direct sunlight and is also climate controlled. 

Card Preservation

Collecting items calls for thorough protection and preservation so if you don’t have a place in your home that you can place the Barbie cards then you will need to make one. 

Pick a wall whose side is facing inside your home to minimize the chance of sun hitting them. Putting them in some sort of case will also help prevent any accidents from damaging them as well. 


Barbie trading cards are still present in the market but they aren’t extremely valuable (although they do have some value). 

As they get older and become more vintage, rare, unique, and nostalgic, it is likely that more and more collectors will start to pick them up thereby driving up the prices. 

The key to a well-preserved Barbie trading card involves proper maintenance, stable temperatures, and secured storage so make sure you have all of those things for your cards before you start collecting them. 

Last updated on September 14th, 2022 at 09:09 pm

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