Are Bath Toys Dishwasher Safe?

Are Bath Toys Dishwasher Safe?

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Imagine you are enjoying the sweet moment of bubbles, giggles and “rubber ducky, you’re the one” lyrics when you glance down and spot something on the toy your child has just stuck in their mouth! 

You reach down, pick it up and see how dirty it has become. You need to clean it – NOW! 

But you know there isn’t enough time to scrub away the grime. How can you clean bath toys quickly while also knowing that it will clean it well? 

The dishwasher!

There are many ways you can clean your child’s bath toys but the quickest is to throw them in the dishwasher and let it do all the work. Using the dishwasher to make the bath toys sparkling clean again is a great idea! 

Washing your bath toys in the dishwasher is fast and easy so you can worry less about scrubbing each and every bath toy with your hands and spend more time with your kids.

So, now that we know it’s ok to wash them in the dishwasher, the next question is… how often? 

It is recommended that you should clean your bath toys at least once a week. 

Just simply place the toys on the top shelf, run the dishwasher with whichever detergent you desire and then let them air dry. If your machine has a Sanitizing setting it would be a good idea to use it. 

This method of cleaning bath toys in the dishwasher not only cleans them well but saves you time in the process.

It’s safe to use the dishwasher for most plastic and rubber bath toys since they are designed to be used in warm bath water and with soap. Washing toys in the dishwasher is perfectly fine but if you have any doubts you can always check and see if the item is dishwasher safe. 

To help avoid melting of the toys, place them on the top rack of the dishwasher.

If the bath toys you have allow water inside of them you do have to make sure that no there is no mold or mildew inside of them as a dishwasher won’t get that out and must be done by soaking them. 

To see the most popular bath toys on the market just click here. 

Are Munchkin Bath Toys Dishwasher Safe? 

Perhaps the most popular brand of bath toys is Munchkin. Their products are PVC phthalate-free with no BPA meaning they don’t have any of the harsh chemicals used to soften the plastics of other bath toys. 

Plus they are super cute and affordable!

Munchkin bath toys are dishwasher safe. Not only that but they also sell a basket made just for that purpose. This nifty dishwasher safe basket can be found on Munchkins website. 

Munchkin sells so many cute bath toys it will be hard to choose between the Bubble Bestie, Bath Crayons, and the Octodrum 3-in-1 Musical Bath Toy. If you want a toy that encourages learning they also have a Learn Bath Letters and Numbers! 

This company sells most every bath toy you could think of from traditional squirters to bath time activities.

The best thing is that they all can be cleaned by placing them into a dishwasher. Who doesn’t want to use a faster way with sometimes better results? 

By following the rules of how to wash the toys in the dishwasher you will be on your way to a cleaner playtime.

How Do You Get Mold Out Of Bath Toys? 

Oh the dreaded mold. It’s gross and can grow on your baby’s bathtime treasures sometimes without you realizing it. The warm water is a perfecting breeding ground for bacteria so it is always a good idea to regularly clean your bath toys. 

Squeezing all the water out after each use will help prevent the spread of mold. You should use bleach, vinegar, or even boil water to soak the bath toys in to clean them well. 

Scrubbing the inside with a toothbrush can also be helpful along with placing them in the dishwasher for an extra good clean. 

Mold collects in bath toys if not cleaned often and not allowed to dry properly. 

Humidity and dirty water also encourage mold growth so you should store the toys in a safe spot away from the bathroom and wiping down each bath toy after each use is always a good idea. 

Disinfectant wipes are also perfect for that quick effortless daily clean. 

Other ways you can clean bath toys include using 1⁄2 cup of bleach or vinegar in a bowl to thoroughly clean the toys or even to let them soak in the cleaner before dishwasher cleaning. 

For more ideas on how to clean these bath toys you can go here.

How Often Should You Throw Out Bath Toys? 

You probably are wondering when you should just pitch your old bath toys and how often? You don’t want your child handling dirty toys because their health is important.

When you absolutely cannot get your bath toys clean using a variety of methods then throw them away and buy a brand new one. A good rule to have is to toss old bath toys after every two to three months to avoid bacteria building up and being harmful to your child.

Cleaning the bath toys regularly may seem time consuming but it is essential for the health of your child and even if you want the toys to last longer. 

That’s why using the dishwasher is the perfect way to quickly clean them.

Now most of us can’t possibly buy new toys every month or two so if affordability is something you need then Amazon has a lot of fun ideas. The Hot Wheels Splash Rides Blastin’ Sub, Boon Cogs Water Gears, and Munchkin Barnyard Friends toys are all under $10! 

So, if you’re wanting a cheaper toy there are so many fun choices.

All in all, if you keep up with the regular cleaning and maintenance of the toys your children will enjoy many bathtimes playing with them. 

It’s just one of those small things that makes life a little better. 

Squeaky clean bath toys are easy to get when you can just throw them right into the dishwasher and know they will be just fine. Now your kids can splish and splash with their favorite rubber ducky for many baths to come!

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