Are Board Games Still Popular (Or Are They Dying)?

Are Board Games Still Popular (Or Are They Dying)?

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Board games were a part of many people’s childhood (including mine). We enjoyed pretending we were a detective solving the mystery in “Clue” and making our way across the Candy Cane forest all the way to the Candy castle. 

Or we played Checkers and Scrabble until they were worn out. But are people still enjoying playing board games today?

Board games are still popular however, they may not be the same games you played with as a kid as there are many new board games that have become very popular in recent years. 

With online shopping and the ability to purchase merchandise at the click of a button, board games have never been easier to get. The internet has also advanced board games popularity through the use of websites, blogs, and social media. 

Online shopping has continued to skyrocket and you can find just about any board game online new or old. 

Playing board games is a great social activity that can bring people together for a fun time. If you have a group of people over grab your favorite board game and play. 

There are also a ton of board games you could choose from. Now, many people are inspired from daily life to create their own board games and it seems the games just keep getting better and better.

Take advantage of the chance to unplug and get out a board game. 

Since most people enjoy being indoors they can opt for a good old fashioned board game (or one of the new ones) to play. Playing a board game reduces screen time and helps you communicate with those around you while challenging you to a little competition. 

And who doesn’t like competition?

Board games are timeless and their fun never ages. Popular games even lead to further exploration into the board game world by the invention of games that are similar to the old ones. Some even have really cool designs and materials.

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Are Board Games Making A Comeback? 

With the pandemic forcing people to stay inside they needed something to keep occupied and what better thing than a board game? It gets the whole family involved and can be lots of fun.

The popularity of board games is increasing especially recently. It is believed that the board game market will continue to grow in the next few years as more and more new games are released. 

Even in a day and age where video games are popular, board games are still played a lot. 

In the article on Global News Wire they state that, The market has been experiencing popularity and acceptance among players despite intense competition from digital entertainment sources.”

Maybe people are bored of the same thing, so with new games coming out it is appealing to play them. 

Here are the top most popular newer board games that have recently come out. 

  • Cosmic Encounter – the best overall game/strategy and comedy
  • Photosynthesis – the best board game for families/offers a lot of competition and fun
  • Pandemic – the best cooperative game/expansion potential
  • Jaipur – best 2 player game/competitive but not combative
  • Wavelength – best party game/great for non-board gamers
  • Ticket To Ride: New York – best inexpensive game/fast-paced but easy to learn
  • The Quest For El Dorado – racing board game/more interesting than rolling dice
  • Quacks Of Quedlinburg – simple to play game/really fun
  • Wingspan – strategy board game with a solo option/appealing and addictive
  • Splendor – best game for new players/easy,inexpensive that you can keep playing
  • Azul – interior design game/fun and easy to learn
  • Survive: Escape From Atlantis – cute but mean game/easy to play
  • Mysterium – Bets mystery game/satisfying and funny with great design
  • Dead Of Winter – zombie survival game/play is different every time
  • Jaws – movie-based game/play as the shark or the human
  • Flamme Rouge – simple game/strategy each turn
  • Men At Work – building game/fun for all ages
  • Tiny Towns – beginner game/simple and cute with strategy
  • Fog Of Love – couples game/2 player, learn as you play and may get intense
  • Isle Of Skye – bullying game/out-thinking opponents

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What Is The Best Selling Board Game?  

Board games are enjoyed by people all across the world and most households own at least one. There’s just something special about everyone gathered around a table playing one of their favorite board games.

The best selling board game of all time is a close call between Chess and Monopoly, although there are several that make the top of the list these are by far the most popular. 

Here is a list of the top best-selling board games and you won’t be surprised by most of them:

  • Chess – move along the board and capture you opponents king
  • Checkers – jump over opponents pieces to have the last one left 
  • Backgammon – a game of tactics and probability
  • Monopoly – purchase property and prosper
  • Scrabble – make words to earn points
  • Clue – Use your reasoning skills to determine “who-dun-it”
  • Trivial Pursuit- get your trivia skills ready to advance in this game
  • Battleship – destroy your opponents battleship
  • CandyLand- follow the path all the way to the Candy Castle
  • The Game Of Life – head out on the road of life and earn goals
  • Rummikub – use all of your tiles to win points
  • Othello – colorful game and observation skills needed
  • Pictionary – draw a picture and let your team guess away
  • Risk – get out your strategy and negotiation skills for this game
  • Catan – build your “settlement” and gain points to win
  • Stratego – battlefield strategy with an option for kids and another for adults
  • Mancala – ancient game where you move your stones into holes around the board
  • Blokus – fast-paced strategy
  • Cranium – involves different types of skills and uses the whole brain
  • Connect Four – line up four in a row of your color and win

The need for human interaction and family time calls for a good board game. Did you know that board games also have healthy benefits such as strengthening your brain and even decreasing stress and making you happy? 

Skills such as goal setting, patience, and problem solving are some additional benefits to playing a board game. 

When life gets too full of technology, you can always pull out a board game to play. New ones are popular and entertaining but you can never go wrong with the good old fashioned board games.

Even though board games may not be played as often now since technology takes up so much of our lives, board games are still popular and people still enjoy playing them. 

Their sales are actually increasing thanks to online shopping and the latest board games being so fun to play. You can never go wrong playing a board game around a table of family and friends.

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