Are Chalk Markers Erasable Or Permanent?

Are Chalk Markers Erasable Or Permanent?

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Chalk markers are becoming increasingly popular. Whether it’s for a wedding decoration or a store front announcement board, chalk markers make everything more fun and interesting to look at. 

Of course you may do things with lamination or posters, but using chalk markers are great if you have a bit of creativity and wish for a bit of eye-catching news to share. It increases your horizons by doing something that may take a bit of time, and of course color coordination.

You perhaps have seen the occasional sign that’s a bit of a doozy. Don’t worry! You can easily practice before it’s shown to the whole world or posted on social media. 

On a side note, make sure every word is spelled correctly. There’s no better way to destroy a perfectly beautiful sign like an incorrectly spelled word! 

You don’t want to be known for that! Spell check is wonderful! Use it… Ok. Rant over! 

Now, when you think of chalk, you may automatically think of sidewalk chalk or chalk used by a teacher that’s super messy and would get all over your clothes as you decorate the front sidewalk of your house or clean off those erasers. 

You might think of that math teacher you had in high school who would cover a whole board with numbers to explain a problem. Or if you ever watched Little House on the Prairie or Anne of Green Gables, you can imagine the one room school house that had the children do their work on small chalk boards as paper wasn’t cheap and easy to find all the time. 

Whichever the case may be, you know that it’s not permanent. Chalk can be cleaned off easily using water, a wet rag, or a moist sponge. This way it can be used again on a clean surface.

But what about chalk markers? 

Are chalk markers permanent or can they be erased? 

Chalk markers can be cleaned as long as they are used on non-porous surfaces. However they cannot be erased using a normal chalk eraser as you will normally need to use water and a cloth to wipe off the dried chalk. 

In order for chalk markers to be permanent, it needs to be a liquid chalk used on a porous material. These materials include: traditional chalkboards, paper, untreated wood, sidewalks, concrete, most painted walls, fabrics and clothing, corks, carpets and rugs. 

On the plus side, liquid chalk markers are practically mess-free!!! This makes for artwork with vivid colors that can be enjoyed for as long as you wish as they won’t fade. So enjoy using this as a way to have fun and get your creative ideas flowing!

To see the most popular chalk markers just click here. 

How Do You Make Chalk Markers Permanent On Glass? 

I one time received a beautiful glass cup that was custom designed by my sister-in-law. It quickly became one of my favorite cups and no one else could fight over my cup as it had my name on it! 

All of us kids received one, and we thought it was the coolest gift ever. They were very handy to have as I was one of 7 kids growing up. 

They were always put into a place of high honor, and as each of us kids eventually left the house, we all made sure that we brought our cup with us. It made a memorable gift that became very valuable to us. 

It honestly didn’t take much time to make, and the great thing was, they became family treasures.

That cute story is very true. I still have my cup to this day. Since my sister-in-law was able to make this properly, and it has survived many washings, it is proof that chalk markers can become permanent. 

With the many different types of artwork out there, chalk markers continue to be a great way to make art. The best part is of course, it is known to become a permanent art that makes great gifts.

So how does it work? How do you make chalk markers permanent on glass? 

There are a few different methods to make chalk markers be permanent on glass that I have found. 

One way that is easier (but doesn’t work very well) is to use aerosol hair spray. It’s very important to use aerosol hair spray as it produces smaller droplets so it won’t smudge the chalk or make it drip. It needs to be sprayed at least 10 inches away. 

Make sure that it’s sprayed thinly and evenly. 

However this method is said to only make it permanent if you keep the glass dry. So if water makes it come off it isn’t exactly permanent. 

Another way to make chalk markers permanent on glass is to bake it in the oven at 160 degrees for 45 minutes and then sprayed with a clear varnish. This can be done on most surfaces that have glass including plexiglass. 

What a cool way to make fun crafts using chalk markers and glass!

Out of these two options, I would probably do the baking option instead of the hairspray option. The hairspray option in my opinion is too easily taken off. 

But if you wanted a permanent option for a special event and then to take it down, I could definitely see myself using the hair spray technique. 

Whichever fits your needs, that’s what you should do! If you’ve never used chalk markers on glass before, you may want to practice it first to see what works best for your needs. 

But definitely don’t let any disappointments keep you from having fun as you use chalk markers on glass!

Can Chalk Markers Be Used On Car Windows? 

We’ve all seen the cars that have a special announcement on them. Whether it’s to celebrate a marriage, or congratulate a graduate, people love to let all those around them show how proud they are of the special occasion. 

Of course, some people wish to use their car windows as a way to boost a business. Whatever the case is, using chalk markers on car windows can be a great way for people around you to know and understand what all the excitement is about. 

Chalk markers will work on car windows but depending on which brand you buy, taking it off the windows afterwards can be a giant hassle. 

The biggest issue is that the chalk marker will get on the plastic lining around the window and stay in the cracks and crevices for a long time! 

Although some people might say it’s a bit tacky, it can also be creative and fun to do. It can be messy and take some time to clean up however, so do it at your own risk!

You can buy these markers at most craft stores, Target, and even Amazon for those of you who don’t like shopping around people. There are many different colors and chalk marker brands. 

You can easily look at reviews online to see how people like the different brands before you buy. 

Considering all this, you should be able to discern which would work best for you and your project. Plus you can use them for other crafts as you work with them. They always do recommend that you test out the chalk markers first on a small, insignificant glass corner to make sure the product works like it’s advertised.

Sharpie Water-based Ink Markers are a great option for writing on car windows. They are AP- non toxic and acid free. You can even use acrylic paint, but make sure that it’s waterproof. To get it off, you need to either simply wipe it off with a wet rag, or soak it for 3-5 minutes and then wipe it off. 

So that’s a pretty simple way to write on car windows that’s safe.

Chalk ink wet wipe markers can also be used on car windows. This way you don’t have to do paint on the vehicle windows. You can decorate your windows with a Glass Chalk White Marker. 

It is made using a non-toxic, patented formula and it can withstand rain. However, this may be a bit messy to remove. You need to use a clean razor and carefully scrape away the chalk from the window. Have a clean paper towel on hand to wipe off the razor as it accumulates the chalk substance. 

When most of it has been scraped off, then you want to spray down the window using a cleaning solution. Windex works great on glass! 

The next step is to gently clean off the window and you should have your window back to normal.

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