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Are Dry Erase Markers Refillable?

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Blue ink marking up the whiteboard forming letters and numbers. A slight screeching noise reaches your ears as the ink is drawn, its mission to help you learn visually. 

We all probably have experienced dry erase markers sometime in our schooling or office life. The familiarity of their purpose as well as their strong smell brings memories of lectures and meetings. 

You may even recall the times they ran out of ink. Holding it in your hand you may have wondered if they make refillable dry erase markers?

You cannot refill regular dry erase markers however some companies make dry erase markers that are refillable.  If your dry erase markers are not branded as refillable then unfortunately you can’t refill them. 

Do you tend to use dry erase markers often and they seem to run out of ink fast? How about instead choosing a better brand of marker? 

Expo markers are top of the line when it comes to dry erase markers and will give you quality marks that erase well and last longer than cheaper brands. 

If you want to make the most out of your marker and it seems dried up, placing it tip down in a bowl of hot water or placing the tip in isopropyl alcohol like acetone or nail polish remover can help you gain more use from it. 

Looking for a dry erase marker that is refillable? 

Look no further than the Pilot V Refillable dry erase markers. These markers with their bold colors are made from recycled material. 

Another choice for refillable dry erase markers is the Auspen brand. This company sells some refillable markers that come in assorted colors and they even sell a case for easy storage.

What Is The Liquid In Dry Erase Markers? 

Gliding smoothly across its white background, the dry easter markers ink doesn’t look as well as it sounds. Contrary to permanent markers it can be easily wiped away with an eraser giving you a fresh whiteboard. 

What makes the liquid in this marker so special?

Dry erase markers contain Alcohol-40 which is a form of ethyl alcohol or ethanol, isopropanol, and resin. All of these ingredients work together to make the marker write on the board and be easily erased.

When dry erase became popular in the mid-1990s, they were the perfect alternative to messy and chalk dust filled blackboards. Their ink was easy to use and wipe away and notes on a board created by them were easier to understand because of their clean appearance. 

Dry erase markers should also be stored correctly with the caps pointed down to prevent them from drying out faster.

Dry easter makers are similar to permanent markers. Yet, their ink is not permanent. 

The ink is slippery because of an oily silicone polymer. Ethanol used in dry erase markers is actually used in some alcoholic beverages as well as cosmetics and household products. 

This dry erase marker ingredient is the reason they smell. All the ingredients work together to provide the user with low pressure marks for their presentations.

What Are Dry Erase Markers For? 

We’ve all seen the dry erase marker in use. A teacher is explaining a complicated math problem to their class when they whip out one of their handy dry erase markers so they can illustrate the problem on a whiteboard. They draw the letters and numbers showing each part of the problem and the students visually take in how to get the answer. 

Then there’s the office meeting. The boss needs a visual representation of what is going on and uses a dry erase marker to better display his thoughts so that the employees can take their notes from the markings on the board. 

Dry erase markers are used to write on white boards or dry erase boards. Their ink can quickly be wiped clean when the subject or idea changes. 

Like mentioned before, dry erase markers contain alcohol but they also contain a resin or polymer making the ink able to be erased. This way dry erase markers can be used to write on non-porous surfaces and then erased for more writing. 

No ink residue is left behind so the whiteboard is clean for the next illustration. 

Dry erase markers generally last for about two to three years without much use. The life of these markers will depend on how often their ink is used up. 

It is also best to store the dry erase markers properly. When not being used, replace the cap tightly and place the marker cap side down. 

If they seem to be drying out  you can revive them by placing the markers in a bowl of hot water tip first. Let them sit for about five minutes. Place them uncapped on a dry towel for at least twenty-four hours.

What Is The Difference Between A Wet Erase Marker And A Dry Erase Marker? 

Dry erase markers are invaluable and cannot be dissolved in water. There is no need to use a damp cloth to remove its markings. 

A wet erase marker on the other hand can be dissolved in water. Its markings are meant to be somewhat permanent and must be wiped clean with water. 

Dry erase markers and wet erase markers are generally used for different things.

Dry erase markers erase well when used on the right surfaces. They can be used on whiteboards and glass and are alcohol based making the ink easy to wipe clean in the classroom or office. 

They are used for writing notes on a board that can be erased for new scribbles quickly since the market is alcohol based. 

On the other hand the wet erase marker is water soluble and can be removed with a damp cloth. Their ink is semi-permanent and resistant to heat, making them perfect for use on black marker boards, illuminated boards, and projector lamps. 

Restaurants may use these markers for displaying their menu or you may see them on outdoor signs. The ink of wet erase markers is water-based.

Final Thoughts 

The only way you can refill a dry erase marker is by purchasing one that is made as such. Some companies sell these refillable markers and also sell the ink to refill the marker. 

Using a dry erase marker is a must for any classroom lecture or office meeting and if you need one that lasts consider buying a refillable one or opt for the better brand such as Expo dry erase markers. 

This way you can display your thoughts without worrying about running out of ink.

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