Are Duplo and Playmobil Blocks Compatible? (Who Are They Best For?)

Last updated on September 14th, 2022 at 08:56 pm

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Last updated on September 14th, 2022 at 08:56 pm

Duplos have been around since the 1970s and it is a toy that has been played with by multiple generations of children since then. Although Duplos are popular and have been for quite some time there are still a lot of questions that come up about them that many people don’t know the answer to. 

In this article I will be discussing Duplos and Playmobil blocks and whether they are compatible or not. 

The Duplo Building Blocks and the Playmobil Building Blocks are actually not compatible due to the difference in the designs of each block. Therefore, the two types of building blocks are not interchangeable and can not be used to build something together. 

Besides the differences in sizing the other main difference between the two are the age range they target marketing to. Duplo blocks have a target audience of 1 ½ years old up to 5 years old while Playmobil has a target range of 5 years old to 12 years old.

Since the Duplo blocks are typically a transition block that children will get when they are too young for  the Lego blocks, the age span that is recommended for Duplos is much younger as children are typically ready to start playing with the smaller Lego blocks around the age of 5 in most cases. Since Playmobil doesn’t have a smaller set of blocks that people can move up to then they say that theirs are for older children as well.

Playmobil building blocks have different edges, corners and heights which make them incompatible to be used with the Duplo Building Blocks. Their target consumer differs as well, as Duplos are designed to get people to transition to the smaller and more popular Legos while Playmobil wants the children to continue to use their products for many years. 

Duplo Building Blocks Target Group and Usage

Duplo Building Blocks are an extension of the Lego’s, just for a younger age group. As already stated, Duplos were designed for the 1 ½ – 5-year-old age group. They are double the size of a standard Lego for safety measures to prevent accidents such as choking.

Duplo Building Blocks can aid in the development of fine motor skills, social skills and imagination which are vital to childhood development. Overall building blocks are often used in daycares, preschools and as therapy aids as well. 

Duplo Building blocks are a starting point for the Lego Company as the overall target age group for Lego is well into adulthood. The Lego Company wants to transition target groups to more expensive and complex builds as each age milestone is met, so ultimately their marketing never stops.

Playmobil Building Blocks Target Group and Usage

Playmobil Building Blocks have a similar vision, but the target age group is lower. The target age group  for Playmobil blocks is from 5-12 years old. The features are the same and the target is the same, but the components can keep being built upon.

Playmobil Building blocks have three target types, not pertaining to age. Some are more targeted to girls; some are more targeted to boys and then some are a mix for any gender.

Playmobil Building Blocks have no target range for adults, and this is what gives Lego the gigantic edge when it comes to popularity. This gives Playmobil a smaller group to target with their marketing, but that could always change as competition grows.

Playmobil has one differing component to their building sets that Lego does not have. With Playmobil the building sets can keep being built onto with additional sets. An example is a dollhouse, after that is built there is then furniture that can be added and so forth.

Where Are Both Duplo and Playmobil sold?

Playmobil Building Blocks and Duplo Building blocks are often sold in the same stores as each other such as Walmart, Target, Amazon, eBay, etc. Of course which items they carry for the different brands will vary from store to store. 

Lego has an upper hand in regards to selling platforms though, as they have the Lego flagship stores that have bins upon bins of building blocks as well as the standard boxed building sets that people can purchase. 

Both Duplo and Playmobil have a marketable product but are quite a bit different in the actual components and the shape to make them their own individual product.

What Other Markets are Duplo/Lego and Playmobil Involved In?

Both Duplo/Lego and Playmobil have extended their product and target audience reach to include some theme parks which span around the world.

Duplo/Lego has LEGOLAND which is a theme park designed and organized around Duplo Blocks and Legos. This gives children and their families the opportunity to enjoy the love of Legos and Duplos in full scale models while also enjoying playing with the normal sized blocks. 

Legoland is not fully owned by Lego but their vision is a key factor in the creation and entertainment of this theme park. Legoland added rides as well so the atmosphere is not just about the toys that Lego is known for.

At Legoland, a train set made from Duplo blocks was made so Legoland is much closer to a theme park that is built around the signature Lego Blocks.

Playmobil is involved with Funpark International and is based more on family recreation than an amusement park. It is centered more around full scale Playmobil building sets but has attractions such as a giant bouncing pillow and a climbing area.

Playmobil Fun Parks are located internationally but they also offer hotels, shopping and almost endless exhibits. They offer a family atmosphere, and their motto is “not waiting in lines”. This Funpark is age specific and geared more to the younger children as their Playmobil blocks also are.

These two brands are epic in the way that they bring children into active play with their families and technology has very little to do with these toys which many parents and grandparents love. This process brings children together with their parents in an activity that the adults can identify with, as they used to play with these as well (or still do!). 


Even though these two brands cannot be interchangeable in regards to using their building blocks, they have created a similar atmosphere of imaginative play, creativity and activity-based play. There are benefits of each and as each one is designed to grow children’s innovation and help it develop at a steady pace.

Marketing strategies are used by both companies and while Duplo/Lego has a broader age span that they supply to, Playmobil has a marketing strategy that keeps their building sets expanding and growing through add-ons.

They also have the same type of vision in the amusement sector, while each are different in their own way the same outcome is presenting itself. Simple building blocks are creating togetherness and family interaction that at times most of us thought was gone based on the constant changing of our world.

Last updated on September 14th, 2022 at 08:56 pm

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