Are Duplos Worth the Money? (Benifits Of Duplos)

Are Duplos Worth the Money?

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The Lego company makes fantastic toys for children and adults alike which help to unlock one’s inner creativity and allows them to make fantastic structures, creatures, vehicles, and anything else that their mind may think up.

One of their products that are made especially for younger children and toddlers are the Duplo blocks. These blocks are larger than regular Lego bricks and perfect for smaller children so you don’t have to worry about them choking on the smaller Legos. 

One worry that some parents may have is whether or not purchasing Duplos is worth the money. 

Duplos are certainly worth spending your money on as they can be used to build for many years to come. If you purchase them for one child they could conceivably be used by that child’s siblings, cousins, friends, and even their children and grandchildren in the future! Duplos will last decades/centuries so although their prices might seem high, because of the longevity of the toy they are really worth buying. 

In the rest of this article I will go into more detail about why Duplos are a great choice for your children to play with when they are too young to start using Legos. 

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The Benefits of Duplos

Duplos are an excellent choice as a learning toy and educational instrument and have been popular ever since they first came out. However, they are just popular because they are made by Lego. There are actually multiple reasons for why Duplos are such a great choice for your younger kids.


One of the things that parents worry about when buying toys for their young children is the inevitable fact that at some point, your child will grow out of the toys and no longer use them. Dumping lots of money into toys for toddlers and young kids is a valid concern, and you will be pleased to know that when you buy Duplos you don’t have to worry about how to handle this problem. 

Since Duplos will last for multiple generations even as your children start to get older their younger cousins, family, etc. will all get to enjoy playing with them. Also since Legos and Duplos will work together then even as your children age they can still use the Duplos as a starting point for their largest Lego creations. 

Easier to Handle

Because Duplos are marketed towards younger children than Legos they are also much bigger and easier to put together and take apart. Younger kids do not have full control of their motor functions yet, so having the larger building blocks is an excellent help. 

That is why the size of a Duplo block is such a fantastic benefit.

Duplo blocks being twice the size of a regular Lego brick does not just mean that children are able to hold onto the toy more easily, but they will also be able to piece them together and build things with much less finesse and effort than it would take with smaller Lego blocks

Not only are the Duplo bricks larger in size and easier to hold onto, but the studs atop each brick are also oversized, making for easy connections between the blocks. Even if a small child does not know exactly how to connect bricks together, the shapes and sizes of the blocks will facilitate building while also encouraging them to learn more.

Less Choking Hazards

Of course, one of the biggest concerns when [purchasing a toy for your child is whether or not it is or can become a choking hazard. Thankfully, this is a non-concern with Duplo blocks.

Each and every block that is released in a Duplo set has been put through rigorous lab testing in order to ensure that they are totally safe for children and unable to be choked on.

You will be quite satisfied to know that in over 140 nations around the world, Duplo blocks are considered safe and pass safety standards as a non-choking hazard for children.

Every time a new Lego element is to be implemented into a new Duplo set it goes through a very long checklist of potential hazards. After this it is then put through testing in a wide range of situations and circumstances.

Duplo sets never ever contain any small parts, and the Lego Group goes above and beyond by testing their sets far beyond what legal requirements hold. Each piece that comes pre-assembled is tested to ensure that children are incapable of pulling, ripping, or tearing them apart so they cannot be destroyed and then choked on either! 

They Are Extremely Durable

Another safety concern that parents could have is if the toy breaks easily. This is yet another strong point of Duplo blocks.

Just like the safety checks, tests, and hazard rundowns that Duplo blocks are put through in order to ensure that they are not choking hazards, Duplo blocks also undergo stress tests to ensure that they do not break under a variety of circumstances.

Not only is this a great thing to hear if you are concerned about your child’s safety, but it is a godsend as you won’t be needing to spend tons of money on replacing Duplo blocks due to breakage.

Whether they are stood upon, stepped on, smashed, pounded, thrown against walls, or dropped from tall heights, Duplo blocks are robust and durable. No matter what your child manages to throw at it they will hold up without a problem. 

Even pieces of Duplo that seem fragile have been put through extreme testing to ensure that no parts or bits can break off while a child is playing with them.

Not only are they durable in terms of their build quality, but these robust bricks have also been put through tests to make totally certain that saliva, sweat, and other factors will not fade or reduce the quality of the colors of the brick, or the print that is on the bricks as well. 

Saving money by not needing to purchase replacement toys is a huge draw, and just one of the many reasons why Duplo blocks are worth buying. 

They Encourage Creativity

It almost goes without saying but Legos and Duplos both help to stimulate the brain and encourage children to become more creative. Getting them started early is one of the best things you can do!

Some of my fondest memories of toys as a child was building things with Duplos and Legos and then crashing them against each other or dropping them and watching them break apart. You can encourage this sort of creativity in your children by getting them Duplos and Legos as well. 

They Can be Used with Standard LEGO Bricks

Perhaps the best benefit of all when it comes to Duplos, and the point that makes Duplos such a worthwhile buy, is the fact that Duplo bricks are designed to fit together with regular Lego bricks too!

That means that even when your child outgrows their Duplo sets and begins playing with standard Legos they can still use these old sets as building blocks in any creation they desire.


Duplo bricks are a wonderful toy to get your children, and with all of these benefits mentioned above you can see why it is a good purchase. Allowing your children to grow and learn from an early age without having to worry about safety hazards or injury is a great thing.

And once they begin to grow out of their Duplo bricks, they can still get use out of them alongside their standard Lego bricks too. Truly a worthwhile investment, there is no reason not to pick up some Duplos for your children.

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