Are Hot Wheels ID Cars Collectible? (Should You Collect Them?)

Are Hot Wheels ID Cars Collectible?

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Hot Wheels cars have been around for decades, and one of the newer product launches has been the Hot Wheels ID cars.

Like with many toys, one popular question is whether or not these new Hot Wheels ID cars will have any value as collector’s items or if they are already collectible. 

Trading and collecting toys like Hot Wheels is a popular hobby for many people, so something as new as the ID cars have the potential to be great for kids and collectors alike but are they already collectible? 

Hot Wheel ID cars are starting to be snatched up by collectors because of their iconic styles and limited edition runs. They  haven’t increased in value greatly since they were first introduced in 2019 but the values are likely to go up in just a few years. 

Many people confuse the Hot Wheel ID cars with other Hot Wheels but the ID cars only came out in 2019 so they still have a few more years before they become more valuable and more collectible too. 

It’s likely that the ID cars will continue to increase in value and collectibility over the years because of the popularity of each of the model’s designs. 

Hot Wheel ID cars can be a valuable asset to any hobbyist’s collection and buying now is a great option since the prices aren’t ridiculously expensive yet. 

Below, we’ll go over why some of the ID cars are more valuable than others, and why they make good collectors’ items in the first place.

To see the most popular Hot Wheels ID cars you can just click here. 

What Value do Hot Wheels ID Cars Have?

Hot Wheels ID cars sell for far more than the regular Hot Wheels model cars. This is because they come with an NFC active chip, basically a small connection and communication chip, that allows the car to be linked to an app.

The cars themselves have a very subjective value. To the average consumer, and even some collectors, the Hot Wheels ID cars aren’t worth very much at all. However, they can be very valuable to some collectors and likely will be even more so in the future. 

Just like most other collections and hobbies, the value of Hot Wheels ID cars depends on the person you ask and what they think of collecting toys like Hot Wheels.

If a collector does find Hot Wheels ID cars valuable, there are a few factors that will determine exactly how valuable it is.

What Makes a Hot Wheels Car Valuable?

There are three main factors that collectors look at when they are deciding if a Hot Wheels car is worth adding to their collection: age, condition, and rarity.

Of course when it comes to Hot Wheels ID cars age doesn’t really play a factor in the price yet since they are newer models. 


Hot Wheels has been manufacturing and selling cars since the late 1960s, and collectors highly value cars from those early years.

Hot Wheels cars from the 1970s, 80s, and 90s, have sold for thousands of dollars at auctions to collectors. In fact, age is probably the biggest factor that effects the value and worth of a Hot Wheels car.

Hot Wheels ID cards haven’t had the time to age like other Hot Wheels cars yet but holding on to them for a few years may well end up paying off if trends like this continue.


An old Hot Wheels car in poor condition is still worth a decent amount to many collectors. An old car in good condition is worth even more.

Cars that are still in their packaging with an intact card or backing are worth the most, followed by opened but still pristine cars.

Cars that show physical signs of aging and damage are worth the least, especially if the damage impedes the functional ability of the car. Common signs of damage include rust, chipped paint, scratches, and dents.

To keep the value of your Hot Wheels ID cars high you will want to keep them sealed in the package and also keep the package from getting damaged as well. 


An old car in good condition is only worth so much if it’s a common model. Most models were produced in bulk, and unless they’re very old, they probably won’t be worth much to a collector.

However, if the car had a limited production run, then its value automatically skyrockets in the eyes of most hobbyists.

Even if it’s in poor condition, a rare car can be worth more than a perfectly preserved common car of the same age.

Rarity is the condition that is most independent of the other conditions. Regardless of its age or its condition, a rare Hot Wheels car is very likely to be a valuable collectors’ item.

Hot Wheels ID cars aren’t exactly rare as they are produced in bulk. However, if the line is discontinued after a couple of years (certainly a possibility) that will likely cause the prices of the models to increase substantially as they will then become more rare. 

Spotting a Valuable Hot Wheels ID Car

Since Hot Wheels ID cars are so new to the market, spotting a valuable one can be pretty difficult. 

Ideally you will want to look for one that can be purchased at retail but that has some sort of misprint on the packaging or even an issue with the way the car was produced. 

Those error cars will be worth far more than the rest of the ID cars will be so that’s the best way to find valuable ID cars as of right now. 

The only other way to make sure you get some valuable ID cars is to buy one of each model that is released. 

Very few people are likely to go this route but it is one way to ensure that you get the model that will be worth the most in the future (of course you will buy less valuable models as well). 

How to Collect Hot Wheels ID Cars

If you want to start collecting Hot Wheels, including Hot Wheels ID cars, the first step is to decide if you want your collection to have a theme. It’s not a necessity and you can always change it but deciding on a theme can help you start your collection with a plan.

You’ll also want to set up a space to keep your collection. For some people this means setting up display cases. For others it simply means finding a free shelf in their closet.

When you’re ready to start buying, you’ll have to decide if you want to resell the cars in the future. If you do, it’s a good idea to keep them sealed in the box in order to prove the age and keep them in perfect condition as well. 

This will help keep the values higher for years to come. 


Hot Wheels ID cars are one of the newest models of Hot Wheels cars, and they come with some new technological advancements and features.

Since they’re newer than other cars, they aren’t necessarily worth a lot to collectors, but they also have the potential to increase in value as they get older, provided that they are kept in good condition.

The NFC chip in Hot Wheels ID cars makes it so they are able to connect with an app on both the Apple or Android phone which can track its racing stats.

Like most Hot Wheels cars, the value of ID cars is subjective to the collector. While rare cars are generally worth more than the more common ones, the value is really left up to the buyer and seller. 

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