Are Lego Dimensions Characters Universal? (Work On All Consoles?)

Last updated on September 14th, 2022 at 09:10 pm

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Last updated on September 14th, 2022 at 09:10 pm

Among the flurry of toys-to-life franchises that saturated the early 2010’s Lego Dimensions made its mark as an interesting and innovative take on the genre. You can play the game as a variety of characters from beloved franchises and enjoy them all in their Lego forms.

Since the game was launched on a variety of different consoles, you may be wondering whether the Lego Dimensions characters are universal or, in other words, if they can be used between the different console versions of the game. 

Thankfully, they most definitely can be!

If you own Lego Dimensions on more than one game console you can use your Dimensions characters on any of the consoles, as they will be scanned by the portal and work with the game no matter which console they were purchased for originally. 

The portals aren’t all interchangeable across all consoles but thankfully the characters are entirely universal. 

Read on to learn more about how this works as well as other interesting tips about Lego Dimensions.

Are LEGO Dimensions Characters Universal?

What made Lego Dimensions so appealing when it launched was the fact that you could enjoy your favorite franchise’s characters in their cute Lego form and perform all kinds of fun antics in the expansive Lego Dimensions world.

Lego Dimensions launched on all of the main consoles at the time: the Xbox 360 and Xbox One, the PlayStation 3 and 4, and the Wii U. While the game portals used to scan in the Lego Dimensions characters were different depending on the console, one thing that was universal was the characters themselves.

No matter which console version you decide to purchase you can enjoy any of the Dimensions characters so long as you scan them in using the game’s portal device. Whether you decide to play on the Wii U or the Xbox One you can scan in Gandalf or Harry Potter and run around in the game with them.

The developers of the game have specifically stated that there are also no unique or content locked characters that can only be accessed from a specific console, meaning that a character that you want to use on the Wii U can be scanned in and enjoyed on an Xbox One if you choose to as well. 

While the Lego Dimensions characters are universal the game portal itself is not. This is one thing that has been quite confusing for owners of the game. It is important to note that the physical portal device does not work across all of the different consoles.

Due to Microsoft’s peripheral certifications, the Xbox One and Xbox 360 each have their own unique game portal that only works with that console. The Wii U, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation 4 game portal can be used interchangeably between those consoles, however, since these consoles all support one game portal peripheral device.

It is important to keep this in mind when deciding which console you should get the game for since the portal device is not compatible with all of the consoles due to there being specific versions for the Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

Can You Use Lego Dimensions Characters with Lego Sets?

One of the biggest draws to the Lego Dimensions characters is the fact that they are made out of genuine Lego pieces. That means that no matter which character you purchase you can use and enjoy them alongside any regular Lego sets or pieces that you already own.

What makes this such a great feature of the Lego Dimensions toys is that their usefulness goes far beyond just being used in the game itself. The Lego Dimensions characters themselves come with a special piece containing the NTC code used to scan them into the game.

This baseplate piece is separate from the Lego Minifigure itself, meaning that once you buy a new Lego Dimensions character you can simply keep the plate with the NTC code and use the Minifigure itself in whatever Lego set you desire or simply place it in your collection.

Is Lego Dimensions Still Supported?

Fans of Lego Dimensions or those who are interested in trying the game out may be saddened to hear that the game is no longer receiving any new content packs. That means that all of the Lego Dimensions characters that you can use and find in the game are already released and there will be no new additions to the character roster or content packs for the game.

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and TT Games, the publisher, and developer of Lego Dimensions, respectively, have stated that the game did not meet expectations and that the cost of producing new character packs and content packs was resulting in financial losses so they stopped making them. 

While there will be no more new content released for Lego Dimensions the game is still supported and maintained so that you can enjoy it and hop right in even if it has been a few years since the game came out.

Can You Play Lego Dimensions Without the Portal?

You may also be wondering whether or not it is possible to play Lego Dimensions without using the portal peripheral device. 

Unfortunately it is not possible to play without using the portal since it is a key feature in the gameplay and plays a large role in the story of the game.

Throughout Lego Dimensions you will be tasked with improving and building onto your in-game virtual version of the portal. This translates into the real world because with each improvement you require in the game world you must build that specific part or addition in the real world using your physical portal.

While the basic portal is only a simple piece used to scan in your various Dimensions characters throughout the game you will find yourself upgrading it and turning it into an advanced machine that offers you tons of new benefits in the game world.

The portal device is also used specifically to scan in any new Lego Dimensions characters you may have, so without it, you would not be able to enjoy the game as it is intended.


Now you know that you can enjoy Lego Dimensions characters across any of the various console versions of the game and can even use them beyond the game and alongside your physical Lego sets. 

You can find tons of unique and collectible Lego characters in the Lego Dimensions line of products, and if you own the game on multiple consoles you will be able to enjoy them with any version of the game.

Last updated on September 14th, 2022 at 09:10 pm

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