Are Lego Dots Compatible with Regular Legos? (Duplos?)

Last updated on September 14th, 2022 at 09:10 pm

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Last updated on September 14th, 2022 at 09:10 pm

Lego’s recent launch of their Dots line of sets has proven to be quite popular with both kids and adult fans of Lego (AFOLs) alike. The fun little builds are a wonderful way to personalize a room with a special touch of Lego themed items like pencil holders, containers, and other useful trinkets like photograph displays.

One of the great things about the Lego Dot line of sets is that they are fully compatible with any other regular Lego piece or set. Every single piece that is used in a Lego Dots set is a Lego part that can be used anywhere else and with any other previous Lego piece.

Read on if you are interested in learning more about Lego Dots and how they can be used in conjunction with preexisting Lego sets and some other interesting interactions between the various Lego lines of toys.

Are Lego Dots Compatible with Regular Legos

While the fun little sets that are Lego Dots may be a great addition to a tabletop or workspace, some Lego enthusiasts may be eyeing the sets for other reasons. 

The Lego Group has taken great strides to ensure that every single Lego Dots set utilizes regular Lego pieces, foregoing the use of anything non-Lego while still providing a great tabletop accessory.

Yes, every single Lego Dots set is compatible with regular Legos. You can use them in any custom sets you want to make, or just feel free to break them down when you no longer have any use for them and throw the pieces into your regular Lego collection.

Are Lego Dots Compatible With Duplos?

While Lego Dots are fully compatible with regular Lego bricks and pieces, one thing that they may not work very well with is Lego’s other line of products – Duplos. Because the Lego Dots sets mostly consist of flat plate pieces they will not fit well on top of Duplo blocks due to their thick size/stud size. 

Duplo blocks can, however, fit on top of the Lego Dots plates quite well, so if you ever want to use them for this purpose then you are free to do so.

Beyond the Lego Dots Sets

The Lego Group made their new line of toys compatible with regular Lego bricks and pieces, making them super accessible and usable for any sort of purpose a builder may find. Because of this, there are many Lego fans who may be eyeing the Lego Dots sets not because they intend to use them for what they were made for, but rather so that they can use the pieces included in the Lego Dots sets for their own custom builds and collections.

One of the biggest draws to the Lego Dots sets is their unique appearance and part selection. Every Lego Dots set includes tons of special flat plate tile pieces. Not only that, but the tile pieces included in a Lego Dots set tend to be angled or circular, which is uncommon for Lego tile pieces.

It doesn’t stop there, because these same tile pieces also come in a variety of rare and uncommon colors. Adult fans of Legos (AFOLs) may find these Lego Dots sets very beneficial as they can boost their collections quickly and easily. 

One thing that AFOLs love to do is construct “my own creations” or MOCs.

Having accessible LEGO sets that feature pieces that come in rare and hard to find shapes and colors is a very good thing indeed for AFOLs as it enables them to get a lot of useful Lego pieces for their MOCs at a relatively reasonable price.

Are Lego Dots For Boys?

Lego has released many different Lego Dots sets consisting of bright, cheery colors that are intended to brighten up a room and provide a happy vibe. Some may assume that the bright colors and fun vibe of Lego Dots mean that they are intended for use as a girls’ toy.

This is not at all the case! Lego Dots are made to be a fun and enjoyable toy that anyone and everyone can build and benefit from. The designs may be cute and lighthearted, but that does not mean they are made only for girls.

The great thing about Lego Dots and Legos as a whole is the fact that they can be enjoyed by anyone and everyone.

What Types of Lego Dots Sets Are There?

There are a large variety of Lego Dots sets out there for you to collect. One of the most popular Dots sets includes the photo cubes. These fun little Lego cubes can be built to hold a photo as well as other small items within them. They are also very well priced coming in at under $5 for most sets. 

You can also choose to purchase Lego Dots bracelets. These wearable toys are great if you want to make a fashion statement and show your love for Lego! They can be customized and adorned with whatever design you please, which makes them very flexible.

One set that is geared more towards girls is the Lego Dots jewelry holder. This useful set is made entirely out of Legos and makes a perfect addition to any table or dresser in a child’s room.

Students may also enjoy the Lego Dots school supply cups. You can store a variety of things within these sets, such as paperclips and staples to pens and pencils. There are even sets made specifically for students to hold their school supplies and other things they may need for homework and schoolwork.

Newer Lego Dots sets allow kids to make fun little party cupcakes, a special secret box where you can keep valuable items, a large desk organizer to hold all of your arts and crafts tools, and new and updated picture frames to showcase your photographs.


The flexibility and usability of Lego Dots have made them a great addition to the Lego Group’s already outstanding portfolio of unique series and toy lines. What makes the Lego Dots line of sets even better is their compatibility with any other regular Lego piece or set. So, let your imagination run wild and enjoy your Lego Dots. 

Last updated on September 14th, 2022 at 09:10 pm

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