Are Lego Minifigures Worth Collecting? (Minifigure FAQs)

Are Lego Minifigures Worth Collecting?

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As the years go by, Legos continues to evolve. Even through today, there are different Lego sets and variations that people can choose from to find the perfect one to enjoy. 

More than just simple building blocks, there are now many Lego minifigures that portray different characters or professions. There are builders, workers, and even Superheroes or villains.

Lego minifigures have garnered a lot of hype and praise, both by children and collectors alike and they will often find a home as a prized collectible. 

However, just because Lego minifigures are cool and have many different variations doesn’t mean they are worth collecting… or does it? 

Lego minifigures are worth collecting for two main reasons. They can be sentimental pieces that allow fans to remember their childhood memories and they can also be worth a large amount of money!

Lego minifigures (especially rare ones) can be bought and sold at prices far above what they originally retailed for so investing in them can be great. 

If you buy and collect Lego minifigures, their value can increase in the long run and you can potentially sell them to other collectors and make some decent money. 

They could also never increase in value too so it’s far from a sure thing. 

The best reason to collect Lego minifigures is so you can enjoy the fun of playing with the Legos and remember a simpler time when you weren’t stressed from everyday life.  

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What is the rarest Lego minifigure? 

When looking at Lego minifigures and specifically collecting them, it’s important to know which ones are the most rare so you can keep your eye out for them when you are scouring the Internet or local sales. 

Unfortunately the rarest Lego minifigure only had two of them produced so it’s unlikely that you will ever find one of them in the wild. 

The rarest Lego minifigure is the Boba Fett gold and silver reproduction that was made in 2010. They were given away at the Comicon and Celebration V Star Wars. 

There were actually three minifigures in the two sets with 3 versions of Boba Fett. The regular plastic minifigure, a silver one, and a gold one. Since there were only two sets made so only two of the silver and gold Boba Fett minifigures were made, those are by far the rarest ones that Lego has ever made. 

How much is the first Lego minifigure worth? 

Now that we’ve covered whether Lego minifigures are collectible as well as which are the most rare, let’s take a look at the value of some of the other Lego minifigures. 

When you are looking to collect Lego minifigures there is really one that is the “holy grail” and that is the first Lego minifigure… but how valuable is that one? 

Surprisingly the original Lego minifigures from 1978 aren’t worth more than $10-$20 currently.  Since they were mass produced they aren’t exceptionally rare so they also haven’t increased in value a lot either. 

Although that might be disappointing to you if you have been collecting Legos for years if you just started collecting then it’s a great thing! You can get Lego minifigures that are over 4 decades old for incredibly cheap! 

Being able to create a collection of Lego minifigures through the years including the original ones from 1978 won’t cost you a large fortune (although depending on how many minifigures you buy it might be a small fortune). 

How much do Lego minifigures sell for? 

If you are just getting into collecting minifigures or if you are just wanting to buy some for you or your kids to play with you might be wondering how much you should expect to pay for the minifigures. 

Although the amount that minifigures will cost will vary there is a pretty specific amount that you can expect to pay for normal minifigures. 

In general when buying Lego minifigures individually you will pay right around $5 per minifigure. If you buy them in bulk you can often get them for $2-$3 each. 

Of course how much they sell for can vary a lot depending on which minifigure it is and whether it is extremely rare or collectible or relatively common. 

For most people, collecting more common Lego minifigures is a better use of their money since they can get a lot of minifigures for the same price as one rarer one. 

What is the oldest Lego minifigure? 

Legos have been around since 1949 so of course many people think that minifigures have been out that long as well… but is that true? 

The oldest Lego minifigure is actually from 1978 as that is when they were first released. It’s surprising to many people that Lego minifigures weren’t released until 30 years after the first Legos were! 

What is unsurprising is that Lego minifigures have been extremely popular ever since they were released in 1978. Even through today, Lego has continued to put out minifigures of many different styles which allows children to vary their play based on the different minifigures they are playing with. 

Lego minifigures are likely to continue to be made until Lego stops producing them despite the fact that Lego didn’t make minifigures for the first 30 years of their production. 

What is the most popular Lego minifigure of all time? 

There have been thousands of different minifigures released since 1978 and most people would think that one would be far more popular than another, however that is difficult to determine. 

The best selling Lego set that included minifigures was the Millenium Falcon which included a variety of Star Wars characters. However, there is no specific data on individual minifigure purchases as most of them are either sold in sets or in blind bags (so you don’t know which minifigure you are buying). 

Based on the sales of the Millenium Falcon set it stands to reason that the minifigures that were sold with that set are also the most popular however there is truly no way to know if one of those Star Wars minifigures is more popular than another or if a different single minifigure would be more popular if they were able to be purchased separately. 

Since Lego minifigures are virtually never sold separately (at least the branded characters) it’s virtually impossible to know for sure which Lego minifigure would have sold the most units if they were sold separately. 


Lego has changed the game for children and collectors alike by adding minifigures to their sets. Minifigures can now be collected and sold  or simply collected and held for many years to come. 

With all of the minifigures on the market you are incredibly likely to find a certain one or style of minifigure that you love and will want to collect.s 

It’s kind of like an investment that really pays off in the long run whether you buy them to resell or simply to enjoy. 

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