Are Legos Cheaper At Legoland? (Where To Get Deals)

Are Legos Cheaper At Legoland?

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A dream to many, Legoland is a happy place for Lego enthusiasts both young and old. Kids (and kids at heart) will enjoy the chain of family theme parks designed in a Lego toy system construction style immensely. 

Apart from the food and breathtaking structures, patrons also love checking out some adorable Lego collectibles — from bricks to a countless variety of merchandise. 

However, many people think that Legos will be cheaper if you are able to scoop them up while you are at Legoland, but is this true? 

Normally Legos are NOT actually cheaper to buy at Legoland as they will typically sell the toys at regular retail prices. However, sometimes they will run discounts on Legos that are no longer being produced or that they don’t want to carry. 

For example, during some special or seasonal events Legoland sets up a tent sale wherein selected Lego items are priced at a significant discount (sometimes 50+%)! However those sales are relatively rare so you would have to get lucky to be able to find them. 

Legoland does not normally have cheaper prices compared to other outlets or your local/online stores either. 

If you want to find the best deals then keep an eye on the Lego shelves at your local stores. Walmart, Target, etc. will often run clearance discounts on Legos that are leftover from Christmas sometime in January so that can be a great time to pick up a new set for a discount. 

To see the current prices for the most popular Lego sets you can click here. 

Does Legoland have exclusive Lego sets?

Legoland does have some exclusive sets that are only offered to park visitors so under normal circumstances you won’t find those anywhere else. 

However, sometimes because of park closings, they will offer them for sale online as well (although this is rare). 

If you want to purchase some Lego sets that other people don’t have access to then buying Legoland exclusive sets is definitely the way to go. These sets are produced in far lower quantity since they are exclusive as well which means most Lego enthusiasts won’t have them! 

If you live near a Legoland then buying some exclusive sets can be a great way to expand your collection with Lego sets that most people won’t have. 

Top 10 Low-Cost Lego Sets

If you are wanting to save money on Legos then there are a few sets that you have to check out. They go on sale quite often and can be purchased at a pretty good price normally as well. 

Some popular cheaper Lego sets are: 

LEGO Minecraft Cave

LEGO has always been destined to partner up with Minecraft since they are both all about building! This set is filled with a variety of bricks that give kids options on what to build.

The LEGO Minecraft Cave offers easy-to-follow and comprehensive instructions. Depending on your little one’s creativity, this cave set is ideal for many great formations. 

It doesn’t have many pieces, but the bricks and other elements are just enough for kids to enjoy and exercise their skills on basic game-building techniques. 

You can find this Lego Minecraft Cave by clicking here. 

LEGO Super Soarer

If you think your kids would like to settle first for small building activities, try the LEGO Super Soarer and save more compared to having to get multiple sets. 

It is a 3-in-1 set that allows your kids to build structures in different ways. This means three times the fun and more creative ideas will come to play in their imagination.

The box comes with 2 engines, movable wings, navigation lights, large air intakes, twin vertical stabilizers, and a tinted cockpit.

You can find this Lego set here. 

LEGO Ocean Explorer

Stimulate your children’s mind and let them experience playtime where they can be an oceanographer.

Coming in 3-in-1 sets, the Ocean Explorer package can be built into a small submarine, a larger submarine, and a plane.

This falls under the category of science toys that feature a yellow submarine with movable arms, funnels, radars, antenna, navigation lights, a large captain’s bridge, and a movable crane boom. 

Your kids can explore with the other forms if they feel like maximizing the fun. 

You can find the Lego Ocean Explorer set here. 

LEGO Christmas Town Square

Perfect for holiday seasons, the LEGO Christmas Town Square set is an ideal choice to establish a fun and exciting Christmas spirit all year long. 

The set is packed with a mailbox for sending gifts, people figures, snowmen, Christmas trees, and a vendor.

There are also Lego accessories such as wreaths, cupcakes, pretzels, lamp posts, sleighs, and shop stalls.

Kids can play with the scenario of hopping aboard the sleigh to head to the LEGO Christmas Town Square. Every piece of the set is colorful and enticing for kids. 

The current price for this Lego set can be found here. 

LEGO Halloween Bat and Pumpkin

Match the trick-or-treat fun with the LEGO Halloween Bat and Pumpkin set. The bat comes with talons to hold the pumpkins, feet, ears, and poseable wings.

It also has a buildable pumpkin for kids to have quality playtime with you or their friends on a spooky night.

The parts are adjustable if your children want to try different poses. This set is a great seasonal gift you can consider that won’t leave a big hole in your pocket. 

You can find this Halloween themed set by clicking here. 

LEGO Robo Explorer

Awaken your kids’ adventurous side by giving them this LEGO Robo Explorer set. Let them take on tough terrain and get creative with the different forms: a Robo dog or a bird.

It can also be rolled around on a working track. Robo Explorer offers possible arms with a working claw and searchlight, rotating body and head, working tracks, and a robot with a set of bright green eyes.

The color scheme present on the set is grey, black, and azure, which adds to its overall magnificence.

You can find this Lego set here. 

LEGO Thanksgiving Harvest

Witness your family’s or friend’s bubbly smiles as you hand them this LEGO Thanksgiving Harvest set.

Whether they are fond of Thanksgiving or not, they will surely love this set’s features, including the turkey, a little harvest field, a tree, a car, and the farmers.

Every piece is also buildable and easy to form.

Other than the main pieces, this set also comes with a buildable scarecrow, pitchfork, bucket, collecting basket, grass area with various crops, a tree with seasonal colored leaf elements, and a classic-style carriage. 

You can find this Lego set here. 

LEGO Classic Creative Bricks

The experts of child care and developmental psychologists are likely to recommend this LEGO Classic Creative Bricks set for kids and even stressed out adults.

It is packed with various pieces and bricks that will help them explore their creativity and exercise their mind with the structures and figures that come with the set.

The LEGO Classic Creative Brick set has a brick separator for easy tear down of your masterpieces. It also comes with a sturdy storage box to keep all the pieces together after playtime. 

You can find this option by clicking here. 

LEGO Mighty Dinosaur

Introduce a historical playtime to your children  as they enjoy this LEGO Mighty Dinosaur. In this set, the kids can build a Pterodactyl, Triceratops, and a T-Rex as well! 

After the pieces are formed, these figures make for the perfect kids’ room decorations. The set is packed with parts such as heads and posable joints. 

You can find this amazing model as well as the current price by clicking here. 


Legoland is not the only outlet where you can access affordable Lego sets and most of the time it won’t be the cheapest place to buy them at. 

Online stores will also offer retail prices, discounts, and sales occasionally as will your local brick and mortar stores. 

If you are lucky enough, you can even find some Lego sets with discounts in the 70-80% off range at certain times of the year so be sure and keep your eyes out for that! 

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