Are Legos Cheaper At Target Or Walmart?(Advantages Of Each)

Last updated on September 14th, 2022 at 09:11 pm

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Last updated on September 14th, 2022 at 09:11 pm

When deciding where to buy a new Lego set one of the first things you may want to do is identify where you can obtain the set by spending the least amount of money needed. For many Lego enthusiasts, there is no Lego store nearby, and even if there is, they may not have a particular item available or their items may not be on sale (and thereby pretty expensive). 

Many looking to buy Lego products will find themselves deciding between Target or Walmart when making their purchase decision and of course the cheaper option is what you will want to go for. 

Most of the time you will find slightly cheaper prices for Legos at Walmart. However, the prices for Legos at both Walmart and Target can vary greatly so there isn’t a clear cut winner every time. 

One thing that you should be aware of is that both stores will put Legos on clearance multiple times a year (when old sets are being phased out). If you wait to buy your Legos at that time then you will get Lego sets for far cheaper at both places. 

Typically the discounts will be greater at Walmart when older sets are being removed from the shelves than they will be at Target but if Walmart runs out of stock quickly than slightly higher prices at Target is better than paying full price.

The fact that the prices vary at each store might seem to be good news, as it means you are not trapped into purchasing Lego sets from one store, but others may want a more straightforward option for where they can always pick up their Lego sets at cheaper prices. 

You will want to keep reading if you are interested in learning more about these two stores and where you can find cheaper Lego sets in general. 

Getting The Best Deal On Legos

As mentioned earlier, there is no definitive answer for where you can find the cheapest Legos. Generally, you can find great deals on Lego sets at either store depending on whether or not you are able to catch them when they are holding a sale/clearance. 

In general, the prices of Lego items at Target and Walmart are going to be nearly identical. This is because a standard retail price is set and both stores tend to stay quite close to that price. However, the fact that both retailers implement clearance sales can change up the price of items quite drastically.

It is also important to note that Target tends to hold brand sales, cutting the price of all products under the Lego brand, whereas Walmart will typically place individual Lego items on sale, rather than the entire brand itself.

Both Target and Walmart hold clearance sales on their products multiple times throughout the year, so it all comes down to catching the Lego sets you want to get when they are on sale. 

Each retailer also offers some benefits beyond the simple pricing of their Legos, which I will go over in a moment.

Generally, you can find deals and discounts on Lego sets throughout the year at Walmart in addition to their summer and winter clearance sales, whereas Target tends to only hold their clearance times twice throughout the year, rarely straying from their assigned clearance schedule.

So, if you are a frequent patron of Lego sets and want to increase your chances of finding a cheaper deal then you may want to patronize Walmart a bit more than Target, as the chances of finding a cheaper Lego set there tend to be a bit higher throughout the year. 

Advantages Of Buying LEGOs From Walmart

As we mentioned previously, Walmart typically will hold a major clearance sale during the summer and then once again in the winter (usually a week or two after Christmas has ended), but in addition to these prescribed clearance times, they will also place many Lego items on sale throughout the year.

This is a very good thing to know if you are in search of a good deal and want to get your hands on a cheaper Lego set even if the store as a whole is not holding an official clearance sale. This is mostly due to the fact that the toy managers at Walmart have more of a say in the pricing of their items and when to drop the prices on items that aren’t moving. 

That means that when a Lego set or item is at the end of its life cycle and a new set is scheduled to be released, the toy manager at Walmart may step in and decide to place that specific Lego set on clearance sale in order to clear up shelf space for new products.

Walmart is also notoriously inefficient in stocking their Lego sets and many times some Lego sets get misplaced or forgotten about for quite a while, so you may get lucky and find old Lego sets on clearance sale that are at the wrong spot on a shelf.

Some of the various places that you can check when looking to score a good deal at Walmart include the Lego aisle, the clearance aisle for toys, and the store clearance aisle. You can also take a look at the ends of aisles as clearance items can sometimes be displayed in these locations.

It is quite easy to spot Lego items that are on sale as there are usually large tags above the shelf section displaying the price of items or announcing that the items within that aisle are on clearance. This makes it very easy to find a good deal on a Lego set with minimal effort.

One thing to keep in mind is that Walmart does not have a strict schedule for placing their Lego items on clearance. It seems to be more of a guessing game and finding a good deal comes down to getting lucky and catching a clearance sale at the right time.

The Perks Of Buying Legos From Target

Target is also another popular store where Lego sets can be purchased. Unlike Walmart, they tend to only hold clearance sales twice a year. Target also keeps their items much better stocked and things tend to be quite a bit cleaner and better organized than Walmart as well. 

The fact that Target does not usually hold sporadic clearance sales throughout the year does not mean that you should skip out on them entirely since their clearance sales tend to be quite good (sometimes up to 70% or even higher). 

You can also save a bit of time scouring their store for deals since you have a rough idea for when they will place their Lego sets on sale.

Target is also known to increase the amount of clearance discount they place on an item the longer it stays on their shelves. Unlike Walmart which will often leave their discounted Lego items on the shelf indefinitely, Target will actively increase the discount you receive when purchasing the set in order to incentivize you to buy it.

This is very advantageous as you can hold off on purchasing a Lego item if you notice that the shelf is stocked full of them in the hopes of snagging a better price later on down the line when Target increases the discount.


Now that you know a bit about what each store brings to the table in terms of sales and discounts you can make a more educated decision in where you want to purchase your Lego items from. Walmart and Target have very similar prices for their Legos most of the time and both offer good deals and are great options for getting cheap Lego sets. 

But if you want to get an even better deal on your Lego purchase, you can try to catch them during a sale which is when Walmart wins since they run sales on Lego sets all throughout the year. 

Last updated on September 14th, 2022 at 09:11 pm

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