Are Legos Childish? (Benefits For Adults)

Last updated on September 14th, 2022 at 09:11 pm

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Last updated on September 14th, 2022 at 09:11 pm

Legos have been around for generations and this is largely the case because Legos are more than just conventional toys. In fact, Legos can even help adults cope with the stress of their daily lives  as the bricks and pieces can be formed to build anything and everything. 

However, many people still feel that playing with Legos is childish but is this really true? 

Although Legos are a toy, that doesn’t necessarily make them childish. In fact some companies are now making it a perk that they have Legos that the employees can use to release their frustrations and stress from work and social relationships! 

Lego has come up with specific designs (such as the Forma set) that not only are designed to help with stress but they are also specifically made for adults to build with! 

That means they are certainly not childish! 

Genevieve Capa Cruz, LEGO’s Audience Marketing Strategist, says adults who happen to have high-pressured jobs are using Legos to disconnect from the madness of the everyday hustle and bustle. 

Lego building can help make them feel “in the zone” while they are indulging in the calming and relaxing experience. 

There are actually quite a few benefits that Legos can have for adults which I will cover in the rest of this article. 

Benefits Of Legos For Adults

When discussing Legos and whether they are childish or not I feel that it’s important to look at the benefits that Legos can have for adults rather than simply leaving it by saying that Legos aren’t childish. 

So, let’s dive into some of the benefits that adults will get from using Legos. 

Legos Help With Better Communication and Teamwork

Playing with Legos, alone or with your children, is a good brain exercise where you can establish teamwork skills and active communication.

For adults, this can help foster their roles as team leaders in a company and in the community.

With the mechanism of building Lego, grow-ups can have a solid understanding of the importance of assigning roles and delegating tasks, creating a great strategy with a team, and learning to share (yes many adults need to learn how to do that too)! 

In 2007, the American Medical Association released a study that parents and children both showed a positive result from playing with Legos.

Children have exhibited an improvement in their language skills while the parents became more effective at work.

This proves that Legos promote development not only for the younger ones but also for individuals who face bigger circumstances in life.

Legos Build Patience and Organizational Skills

Lego bricks should be built with accurate follow-through, organizing, and planning. These skills are highly important in any goal-oriented action/ work undertaken by older teens and adults alike. 

While you are having fun completing the parts required to form a castle or other structure, it gives you a golden nugget of how the tests and exercises help the process of making decisions and coming up with a plan. 

As you likely know, Legos come with many pieces and gathering them to build a structure cultivates perseverance and resilience throughout playtime.

Playing with Legos creates a useful and beneficial association between wanting to finish the model, rethinking the original plan, and figuring out why things are not working as planned. 

Simply put, Legos are a fun outlet where you can exercise your resilience when facing tough problem solving and scheme your way to finding suitable solutions. 

Legos Inspire Adventure and Experimentation

Adventure and expiration should not be stopped just because you’re older now. Learning new things and building more creativity is always helpful to both kids and adults.

Legos give kids and grown-ups the chance to discover their creativity in many different ways. It also allows any individual to have an allowance for mistakes when things simply do not work out the way you planned. 

Playing with Legos is a safe space where you can take some time and allow yourself to try a method, fail, and then attempt another way.

Adults who think they can do everything will again revisit the common phase of excitement, disappointment, perseverance, and accomplishment with zero pressure.

Some may disagree, but many adults are still in the state of mastering this skill and through Legos, they will be reminded once again of the wonders behind the motivation to carry on even after failing and despite it. 

Legos Encourage Creative Problem Solving and Lateral Thinking

Legos come with instructions and although they might be a source of frustration for some, this is definitely not true for many adults who seek brain exercises where they can enhance their lateral thinking and creative problem-solving.

The instructions are a great jumpstart to challenge your mind in coming up with your own designs for a set. 

Learning to follow the step-by-step instructions and concentrating on the directions is a way to assemble one’s thoughts while building a set. 

Designing your creation starts by planning how the Lego pieces would go together to bring it to life.

In case a problem arises, players will have to use lateral thinking, revisit the steps, trace the problem, and plan how to fix the issue they are having. 

It will help adults to have a solid exercise in figuring out the main bug and how they can apply it at work while working on a project that experiences an issue as well. 

Legos Develop Fine Motor Skills

Another firm example of Lego benefits for adults is the development of fine motor skills. It requires very precise movements and also a high level of dexterity to maintain control.

Although this aspect is sometimes challenging to pull off, builders can improve their concentration as they connect all the pieces together.

Kids and adults alike will enjoy the fun learning experience while learning essential skills in the long run.

Also, Legos are effective modes of helping grown-ups maintain dexterity after an accident or stroke. Legos are toys that can surprisingly boost active motor skills even in serious cases.

Aside from exercising their hands, these pieces are really good items to help with worn out nerves as well. 

Increase Spatial Awareness

Legos can instill an excellent sense of spatial awareness. As you play with the pieces, it enforces your thorough understanding of symmetry, balance, shapes, and sizes.

The directions, on the other hand, sets a structural process of translating the 2D image into the real world. 

Professionals like engineers, artists, and architects will benefit greatly from playing with Lego pieces/sets. 

It exercises their mind before getting through modern drafting and planning with the use of computer-generated 3D models.

With Legos, building these things will be a lot more bearable as spatial intelligence skills are already established.  

Improve Concentration and Focus 

Doing something for a long period of time can get really boring and challenge your concentration and focus. Tasks at work are currently free filled with pressures and frustrations.

In playing with Legos, you will realize that practicing your focus and concentration does not have to be dragging and annoying.

Legos open great opportunities for you to create a positive set up where you can compete to finish a task as you concentrate on it for a specific amount of time. 

Exercising focus and concentration will become more relaxing and meditative which will help your work as well. 


Legos are fun toys that also serve as a healthy diversion for adults. Playing/building with Legos as an adult doesn’t make you childish at all. 

Lego bricks enhance children’s progress while they also can fuel the solid foundation of facing everyday life as an adult. 

Last updated on September 14th, 2022 at 09:11 pm

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