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Are Pencils Washable?

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I have a son that I regularly help with homework. His spot is right next to the wall where the table meets it (because if we don’t have assigned homework spots my kids fight)! 

It’s a solid white wall with a large mirror that’s right above him as part of the room decor. However, as my son is supposed to be doing homework, if I’m not in the room or not paying attention, and he gets bored, I will often find pencil marks all along the wall where he was sitting. 

It’s one of my trials in life at this point as I try to teach him not to color on the wall. Because of this, I have had to find out if it is possible that pencil marks are washable.

Being a parent to three kids is quite the adventure, and some days I’m utterly exhausted before lunch time. I’m always trying to give them things to do, whether it’s crafts, coloring sheets, or extra work to help them learn. 

I have 2 different pencil boxes that have crayons, markers, colored pencils, school pencils, erasers, pencil sharpeners, and scissors. These are kept on the dining room table to be used whenever needed and wanted. 

Because of this easy access, my kids do lots of coloring and crafts. There are times that I might find out a little later that someone has decided to decorate more than their paper, and it’s actually on the wall! 

Now, I have had to discover how to remove different markings from different places. Yes, one of those things I have had to discover is if pencils are washable.

Thankfully, this is actually a simple answer with a simple solution. 

Pencil marks are washable! If they get on the wrong thing it’s pretty simple to remove them. Simply get a warm wash cloth or rag with soapy water, or even soap directly on the rag that’s being used, and gently scrub it off. 

If it’s a very persistent pencil mark, then don’t be afraid to use a bit more elbow grease and more strength to remove the mark. That is the simplest way to remove pencil marks. 

Of course you can use a cleaning product if it’s on a harder material, but be aware that it may stain whatever it might touch. 

If there’s pencil marks on clothing, then get your favorite heavy duty laundry detergent and maybe your favorite stain remover if you think it’s a deeply colored pencil mark and throw the piece of clothing in the washer. 

Another way to wash out pencil marks is with cold water, rubbing alcohol, bleach-free dish soap, and a toothbrush.  

First you rinse the material under cold water. You will need to make a mixture of 1/4 cup of cold water, 3/4 cup of rubbing alcohol, plus one tablespoon of the bleach-free dish soap. When mixed, you then will use the toothbrush to scrub out the mark. 

Definitely don’t use the toothbrush for your teeth afterwards! I don’t believe your dentist will appreciate chemicals being put on your teeth! 

If there’s still a very persistent mark that just won’t get off even with this solution, it’s recommended to use your favorite stain remover and simply wash the fabric in the washer once again.

One other way to clean off pencil marks is to use a new device called a dry cleaning pad. It’s a special device that’s used among the artist community. 

Artists, architects, engineers, and draftsmen use this device. It looks like a stuffed sock and works on fabric as well as other textiles. 

The way it works is to use small circular motions using the dry cleaning pad on the material, and that’s it! It works just that simply. 

Now every mom out there may be looking for this simple object to keep on hand for those times when it’s necessary to clean those pesky marks off.

With so many reasons that people may need to wash pencil marks away, thankfully, there are ways to wash it off. 

I know as a dad, I’m extremely thankful that I can wash pencil marks away. Whether you use a simple warm rag with soap, or if you decide to just throw whatever it is in the laundry, or even use a dry cleaning pad, the pencil creators definitely made sure that parents like me and people like you are still willing to buy their products!

Do Colored Pencils Wash Out Of Fabric?

If you are like me, you may absolutely love teaching your kids to color using colored pencils. You can create shading and steady lines with a multitude of colors. 

Colored pencils have been a household favorite ever since they were created in 1924. Faber-Castell and Caran d’Ache are the ones who invented a whole new way to bring color into the world. 

As they have been used on multiple different materials and products to be tested for their durability and colored proficiency. But once a colored pencil has been used on fabric, is it washable?

If you have kids who love colored pencils, this is probably a great question you may need to have an answer for. Kids love to color on anything that’s around them. 

Of course if they’re bored, they will eventually color on their clothes or the seat fabric surrounding their chair. 

I’ve once heard kids described as the greatest little inventors and scientists because they’re always testing everything around them trying to figure out their world. Honestly, that thought process has helped me not go completely crazy with the different stunts that they may try! 

With kids’ great minds as they learn and grow, they will eventually try their hand at using colored pencils on fabric – possibly adults too as colored pencils are a great tool to use!

So, now that we’ve had a little bit of wonderful craziness added to our lives with colored pencils, the question now is do colored pencils wash out of fabric? 

There are many ways colored pencils may be on fabric – freshly colored, heat-set, or even melted are a few ways colored pencils may have left their marks. So is it possible to wash out the markings of colored pencils? 

You can wash colored pencils off of fabrics. If possible, try to scrape off as much as you can first. Then you are going to need to get your favorite dish soap and work that into the fabric to gently but firmly get the marks out as much as you can. 

You can then machine wash using the heavy soiled setting on the machine. Also use hot water on your settings with your favorite heavy duty cleaning detergent. All of this should take out the colored pencil from your different fabrics.

Having colored pencils are great as you color or use them for crafting. Of course you may have those moments that you wonder why you even have them in your possession when a child may wreak havoc on your favorite couch! 

Thankfully, we do have ways to clean the marks off. It is said that colored pencil marks are definitely much easier to take off than regular pencil marks. 

This makes me even more grateful to the powers that be who created colored pencils for making my life just a little simpler. 

So don’t worry if you discover the marks! Keep those colored pencils in that handy box or drawer for easy use. You now have a way to clean them off!

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