Are Pokémon Break Cards Rare?

Are Pokémon Break Cards Rare?

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Collecting Pokémon cards is a hobby that has been passed down from generation to generation. As a kid, you collected Pokémon cards and now you’re helping your children build their collection. 

Now, there are so many more cards that you can collect. You have different series, booster packs, common and uncommon cards, and so much more. 

Break cards were first introduced in the XY set in 2015. The breaks cards continued showing up through the next five sets that were released in the XY era. You can find the break cards in the XY BREAKthrough, XY BREAKpoint,  XY Fates Collide, XY Steam Siege, and XY Evolutions. 

Break cards are unique since the picture is printed on the card sideways. You can play these cards as evolution cards to your normal character cards. Since Pokémon break cards are unique, are they also rare or valuable? 

While Pokémon break cards may be unique, they aren’t necessarily valuable. They are classified as rare cards in the Pokémon TCG. However, they are not so rare that it is difficult to find them if you are collecting them. 

You could find the special break cards in collector’s tins. Since collectors knew that break cards were in the tins and that Pokémon sell many tins, these cards were not necessarily rare or hard to find. 

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How Many Break Pokémon Cards Are There? 

Pokémon break cards were an evolutionary card. This series of cards paved the way for how other cards were designed afterward. 

More reverse holo and other cards were designed after the release of break cards. You could only find break cards in various collector’s tins or during the XY era. 

How many cards were released during the XY era? 

3 different Pokémon break cards were produced. You could get the different break cards when you purchase the packs of BREAKthrough, BREAKpoint, XY Black Star Promos, Fates Collide, Steam Siege, and Evolutions. 

What Is The Best Pokémon Break Card? 

If you are collecting break cards, you want to make sure that you have the best card in your collection. What is the best Pokémon break card that you can add to your collection? 

The best Pokémon break card depends on the type of cards that you are collecting. If you are collecting to play, then you would want a break card character with great strength. If you are just collecting to collect, then it’s based more on rarity. 

Here are some of the best Pokémon break cards. 

  • Zoroark BREAK: This card will boost your Zoroark up to 140hp. Once played, your Zoroark card can replicate any movement of your opponents. You don’t even need the right energy card to mimic your opponent’s moves. 
  • Raticate BREAK: Playing this card can reduce your opponent’s Pokémon to a low 10hp. While not as exciting as other cards, this can still cause damage to your opponents. 
  • Chesnaught BREAK: Chesnaught does 160 damage to your opponent’s active program. It can also do an additional 30hp damage to an opponent’s Pokémon sitting on a bench. 

Will Pokémon Cards Ever Lose Value? 

Fads come and go, but Pokémon has stayed for decades now. There have been years when Pokémon may not have been as popular as others. However, Pokémon has always managed to stay prevalent. 

There are TV shows, comic books, collector’s cards, collector’s tins, merchandise, video games, and much more that helps to keep Pokémon relevant throughout the years. 

Pokémon is something that you may have grown up playing and now enjoy sharing with your kids. You still have all the cards that you collected when you were a kid. 

It was the cool thing to take your cards to a school, play with them, and then trade them. You may have cards in your collection that might be worth something. 

However, do the cards go down in value the longer you have them? Will Pokémon cards ever decrease in value? 

While the price of purchasing new packs may vary throughout the years, the real value of the card is determined by how well you take care of it. If you purchased a rare card but didn’t take care of it properly, then yes, your Pokémon card will lose value. 

There is always a chance that Pokémon cards won’t be as popular as they once were. If interest in Pokémon diminishes so will the value of your cards. However, value is also determined by the person purchasing the card. 

If you have a card that completes someone’s collection, then what may not be as valuable to you may be valuable to someone else. 

How Do You Protect Your Cards So They Won’t Lose Value? 

Whether you’ve just started collecting Pokémon cards or have been collecting since you were young, it is important to make sure that your cards are protected. If you enjoy using the cards and playing with them at various tournaments, your best bet is to purchase two sets. 

You can have a set for playing and a set for collecting. You can play with collector’s cards; however, you run the risk of damaging them. 

Here are a few tips to follow when protecting the value of your Pokémon cards. 

  • Place your cards in a protective sleeve: Even if you plan on protecting your cards with a collector’s tin or card binder, it is still important to place your cards in sleeves. Each card will be best protected if you place them in their own individual sleeves. You can also add extra protection by placing them in a tin or binder after being placed in sleeves. 
  • Always handle your Pokémon cards with care: It is not necessary to wear gloves or anything special to handle your Pokémon cards. While the oils from your hands may cause some damage, it is not enough to ruin the value of your card. Graders typically look for tears, bends, and other damage to the card. This is why it’s important to place your cards in sleeves the minute you unpackage them. 

Final Thoughts

While break cards may not be rare and extremely valuable, they are rare in the fact that they were only included in collector’s tins and a limited XY series. 

They are also no longer active in a regular version of Pokémon, this means that their value in the game is much less than it was in the past. If you do still have some break cards, be sure to take good care of them as they could someday increase in value.

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