Are Regular Crayons Washable? 

Last updated on September 14th, 2022 at 09:16 pm

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Last updated on September 14th, 2022 at 09:16 pm

No one knows how to color your rooms better than a mischievous little toddler roaming around in your home with a handful of crayons. Toddlers love coloring and their love extends far beyond their coloring books and papers. 

This, of course, comes at the cost of your furniture and walls.

I understand the consequences of your peace getting disturbed and am here with the solutions you need to the crayon on your wall! 

Normal crayons are actually not washable although they do make crayons that are designed to be washable. Washable crayons will easily wipe off walls while normal crayons will require some harsh chemicals to remove it. 

Although regular crayons are not specifically designed to be washable there are many products on the market that you can use to remove crayon marks from your walls, floors, or furniture. 

The best option to remove normal crayon marks from walls (in my experience) is the Magic Eraser. This product is really like magic and will save you a ton of elbow grease! 

Just the other day my 3 year old decided that the paper that was on the end table wasn’t big enough so she would color all over the top of the end table as well. 

Of course my end tables are bright white (or were) so the colorful blues and greens from the crayon must have looked just right to her! 

I tried using warm soapy water… nope! 

I tried Goof Off… again nope! 

Finally I dug around and found the Magic Erasers and in a few short seconds the crayon marks were entirely gone! 

So even if you don’t have washable crayons you can still get the marks off walls and furniture if you have the right products. 

This article aims to help you in this all too familiar toddler-turned-decorator scenario you will find yourselves in at one point or another. 

When your toddler treats their house like their very own blank canvas, it results in a colorful disaster that you have to handle all by yourself. But don’t worry, we have the right solutions you need to remove your child’s latest creation off your walls and precious furniture.

Removing Crayon Stains

Removing crayon stains from hard surfaces like walls, tables, or hard floors is relatively easy with a Magic Eraser but what if the crayon isn’t in such an easy spot to get off?

How can you get crayon stains off fabric or upholstery? 

Crayon Stains On Upholstered Furniture

Did your little one mess up your recently bought, expensive couch with their not-so-adorable doodles? Well, here’s what you need to do.

Start by scraping off the excess crayon with a dull knife or a metal spoon. Immediately afterward, soak the stained area with warm water to melt the wax away. 

Use liquid detergent, and work it up with a brush in repeated circular motions till it is lathered up over the crayon marks. Once lathered, use a sponge or a soft cloth to wipe it all away. 

Wash off the residue of detergent with clean water and repeat if required, until the stains completely come off.

And trust us, once the area dries out your couch will be sparkling just the way it did before!

Crayon Stains On Plastic

Scribbles have a habit of landing just about everywhere when there is a toddler armed with his favorite crayons. 

Chances are that your child will decide to use their skills on any plastic material near them, especially if it is an appealing surface, like a table or your lawn chairs. 

But of course, where there’s a mess, there’s helpful information telling you how to clean up your children’s crayon creations from your plastic surfaces.

To clean your crayon-colored plastic, take a small piece of cloth and dampen it well. Next, pour some baking soda on the surface and begin to scrub away at the affected area of the plastic. 

Use a fresh cloth to wipe off the excess baking soda and continue to scrub, once again, in circular motions. 

Once most of the crayon is removed, finish it off by rubbing it with a sponge dampened in soap right on the crayon marks. This will clean off the stains once you wash them with water.

Crayon Stains On Clothing

If your child manages to color your clothing, table cloth, curtains, or sofa cushions, you do not need to panic. Everything is easy to clean (with enough elbow grease) and we are here to fix it with you.

Cleaning out crayons from your clothing will take a little more time than regular laundry takes, but at least the results are worth the trouble. 

This method isn’t complicated at all as all you need to do is soak your clothing in warm water and detergent. Wait for an hour and let the fabric soak in the detergent-infused water. 

The idea is to melt away as much of the wax off the fabric as possible. Once this is done, wash the fabric with clean water. 

All that’s left is to re-launder it.

And there you are, ready to flaunt your favorite outfit once again!

Crayon Stained Clothing That Already Went Through the Dryer

In case you notice those crayon marks on your clothing after they have already gone through the dryer, the crayon marks will be stronger and slightly harder to remove. It is not impossible and can be done if you follow the steps we give you below.

Start by scraping off the excess crayon as much as you can. Once you have done so, apply a small amount of WD-40 and begin to scrub away the crayon with a cleaning cloth until the pigment starts to come off. 

Wash the fabric with soapy water and clean the dried crayon. If required, wash it again to remove any further WD-40 residue on the fabric. 

Once dried, your stained outfit should be as good as new.

Crayon Stains On The Walls And Floors

If your little one has extended their crayon coloring to the walls and floors, you might find yourself a bit overwhelmed with the thought of cleaning it, especially if it is discovered a few hours after it was applied.

Minor doodles here and there might need just a little bit of soap, water, and a sponge to clean. However, if the stains are larger, darker, and have been there for a longer time, then you will need to get a stronger set of cleaning supplies.

The first thing you will need is the good old Magic Eraser, or in other terms the sponge made of melamine foam. 

To use it you first need to dampen the sponge with water. Wring it out well and rub it on the stained areas. 

We recommend testing the compatibility of the melamine with the paint, especially when using it on the walls. To do this, rub it out on an inconspicuous area to be sure that it does not cause harm when you apply it to the crayon-colored walls. Once you are sure that there are no ill effects, apply to the damaged part of your wall and it will be stain-free in no time.

Another helpful tip is the brilliant little WD-40 spray. All you have to do is to spray some of it right on the colored wall and let it sit for a couple of minutes. 

Watch as the product cleans off the crayon for you and wipe it off with any cleaning cloth or scrub brush. If needed, use a liquid soap to remove any WD-40 residue until your wall is absolutely clean.

No matter where the scribbles land and what method you use to clean off the stains, I hope that this article has helped you remove the stains your artful little toddler has placed on your walls, furniture, and clothing in no time.

Last updated on September 14th, 2022 at 09:16 pm

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