Are Sharpie Pens Permanent?

Are Sharpie Pens Permanent?

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Sharpie permanent markers are a common household and office writing utensil. We use them to write on anything that needs bold lettering and they write smoothly on almost anything and they won’t smudge off. 

Freezer bags, kids toy boxes, and house organization as well as notepads, documents, and office supplies may all feature the bold marks of Sharpie ink so you know what the time is and so on. Sharpie also sells pens for fine tip writing that is bold yet perfect for usage in regular paper. 

Is the ink in these Sharpie pens permanent just like the markers?

Sharpie pens are permanent. Their permanent ink can write on all kinds of surfaces for a smooth and smudge-free writing experience.

You can have your choice from among Sharpie fine point pens as there come selections of rollerball pens, felt-tip pens or gel pens. 

Let’s start by looking at the rollerball pens. These pens are mentioned as being high-performance on Sharpies website. They are designed to be sleek and look professional. They are easy to use at home or in the office. 

Next, there’s the felt-tip pens that are great for artists who are drawing and writing. They come in different colors and dry quickly. 

The fade-resistant ink of these pens means they won’t bleed through the rapper. 

Finally the gel pens, said to be for vivid writing. There are so many styles and ink colors to pick from and they don’t bleed through the paper making writing easy and exceptional.

To see the most popular Sharpie pens just click here. 

How Long Does A Sharpie Pen Last? 

If you have a good pen you want it to last forever. Especially if you are using pens to write every single day. 

It’s nice to reach from a pen knowing it will work without it running out of ink only a day later, or even to know the writing will be a smooth princess. 

Sharpie pens are perfect if you want a pen that you can trust. But how long do these pens last?

Sharpie pens last for about 2 to 3 years with normal use. The pen will dry out quickly though if it is left without a cap on but when it is unopened it can last for a couple of years.

Saying this, it seems that Sharpie pens last for quite a while. So you can buy less pens and write more. 

With every stroke of a Sharpie pen you know you have a writing tool you can trust to deliver good writing. Just be sure to replace the cap after using it to help it last longer.

Sharpie pens are permanent so your important notes won’t smudge off or erase. If you use pens daily at your job or at home you know how important it is to have a pen you can trust instead of beginning to write and no ink coming out of the pen. 

Sharpies are great pens that write smoothly too. 

Do Sharpie Pens Wash Off? 

Maybe you have used a Sharpie pen on something that will be washed a lot. Or maybe you slipped when writing and got a huge mark across your shirt. 

Can you wash out the ink and will the ink fade over time with all the washing?

The ink from Sharpie pens can fade if you wash the item it is written on a lot. This is good if you have accidentally marked your clothes with the pen but bad if you want it to last forever. 

To remove Sharpie pen, first blot out the ink on the stain. Then test the solvent you are using to see that it won’t damage the fabric further. 

Use rubbing alcohol, nail polish remover, hairspray, hand sanitizer or a cleaning solution, rub it on the stain and let it sit for a while to work on getting the ink out of the fabric.

Depending on what product you are using you likely won’t have to leave it for long. Some products will soak into the stain and you will see that it is no longer visible.

Then rinse the stain with cold water and wash as you normally would in the washing machine and air dry the clothing. This should remove any unwanted marks from your clothing or fabrics that have accidentally been written on.

Is Sharpie Permanent On Plastic? 

Do you like to write names on plastic water bottles? Maybe initials on solo cups is something you do when the whole family is over for dinner. This is smart to easily know whose cup is whose. 

Will the Sharpie pen stay on the plastic?

A Sharpie marker will be better to use than a Sharpie pen on plastic although a pen will work fine on dry plastic.

There are numerous reasons why you would have to write on plastic. If you have to write on plastic with Sharpie pens and want to wash the plastic then this will most likely cause it to fade. It is better to opt for a Sharpie marker to write on the plastic with. 

Even with using a Sharpie marker, the ink may face over time There are some ways to keep it in place however. 

Try sealing the ink with Mod Podge or nail polish. Just apply over the marks to seal it in place so it won’t fade. Sharpie makes some oil-based markers that work great on plastic as well. 

Alcohol makers will fade so if you want the writing to last choose oil-based Sharpie markers. By doing this and sealing the marker ink on the plastic, you don’t have to worry about the ink fading.

Final Thoughts

Sharpie pens are great to use for writing at home or at work in the office. They provide clean even strokes and smooth writing so you can jot down notes quickly and easily. 

Their ink is permanent and cannot be erased. If you wash the item the ink is on a lot then over time it will fade however. 

To keep the ink from fading on certain items like plastic try using a Sharpie marker instead and seal it with some of the things mentioned above. For regular writing the Sharpie pen is a good choice that writes really well and is permanent for all your important notes and writings. 

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