Are Sharpies Good For Art?

Last updated on September 14th, 2022 at 08:50 pm

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Last updated on September 14th, 2022 at 08:50 pm

Sharpies can be used for all kinds of drawings and writings. Easy to use, you are able to pop off the cap and color away. 

A lot of people who are into comics use Sharpies to make their comic books as they are easy to write and draw with and they don’t smudge. Unlike a pencil which can be erased, Sharpie ink is permanent. 

But are they good to use for all art?

Sharpies can be used to create art because of their precision tip and multi-colored markers. However, art created by using a Sharpie will most likely fade and become discolored with time. 

Let’s take a look at the pros of using a Sharpie for art. 

Using a Sharpie to draw with is great for fine lines and 

details and you don’t have to worry about it smudging. Able to be purchased in a wide variety of colors, Sharpies are smooth to write with and if you like to doodle they are easy to grab for some quick drawing times.

Now for the cons of Sharpie art. 

We all know how strong smelling the ink is and this can produce a “high” if too much is inhaled. These markers will also bleed through paper so you will need a good surface to draw on. 

The ink in Sharpies will fade and discolor over time. So opt for a different art tool to use if you want the piece to last.

Based on these facts, you can decide if you want to use Sharpies for your art. Even though there may be better options for long term artwork Sharpies are still a favorite when it comes to quick doodles. 

They are easy to use and come in so many fun and vivid colors.

What Are Sharpie Markers Good For? 

Sharpies were invented in the 60s by Sanford Ink Company that produced ink and glue. It was introduced as a marker that could write like a pen. 

At one time or another we have all held a Sharpie in our hand and drawn letters or pictures using the tool. Sharpies can be used on paper, glass, wood, metal, plastic, and stone. 

Sharpies are a versatile writing tool that can be used on a lot of different surfaces. It’s a marker that can write like a pen to create bold and clearly seen writing.

Sharpies are useful writing tools. A Sharpies ink is permanent meaning it won’t come off whatever surface it has been applied to. 

This is good for the times that you need to fill in something on a surface with a Sharpie to make it look better by adding that color back in.

Generally a Sharpie would be used to jot down notes or reminders. They are used to write on packing boxes, gift tags, and mugs. 

On Easter you can decorate eggs with Sharpies. You can even create fun artwork with Sharpies like I mentioned earlier in this article. You can pretty much write on anything with a Sharpie.

What Are The Best Markers To Use For Art? 

Permanent marks can be used to draw on almost anything making them appealing for some material used by artists. Although Sharpies can give you quick and detailed drawings, there are markers made just for the purpose of creating art. 

If you want lasting artwork then it is recommended you buy some art markers for your drawings.

The best markers for art are ones made specifically for doing art. The most popular brands of art markers are: Copic, Uni-Posca, Prismacolor, Feela, and Faber-castell.

One of the most popular artist markers comes from the brand Copic. They sell a spectacular basic 12-piece sketch set of vivid colored art markers. 

They are more pricey than other markers but their quality makes up for the price. They are said to be similar to watercolors and they smoothly glide on paper for wonderful results. 

Copic even sells a skin tone set for all those portrait artists out there.

Another brand selling fabulous art markers is Uni-Posca. One of their products is a 16-piece paint marker pen set with a variation of colors. 

These markers are water-based making them waterproof. They also do not bleed through if water is applied to them once the ink is dried. 

Opaque ink with a felt tip, these markers deliver amazing marks for art.

Prismacolor, Feela, and Faber-castell are just a few of other brands that manufacture good markers meant for creating wonderful artwork.

Are Sharpie Art Pens Permanent? 

The most well-known permanent markers are Sharpies. They can be used on anything and for anything. 

A Sharpies ink adheres to most surfaces and is water-resistant making it permanent. Regular Sharpie markers are also sold as being permanent but are their art pens permanent as well?

Sharpie art pens are designed specially for the creation of art. They are permanent and won’t smudge. They also are water resistant so your art lasts longer.

Sharpie makes so many great options for drawing and writing including their art pens. Sharpie art pens have a fine tip for detailed work and their ink dries quickly. 

Their ink doesn’t bleed through paper and is able to help you create beautiful designs while gliding smoothly across the page. They come in a variety of vibrant colors so you can choose your favorite and begin your art piece.

If erasing a Sharpie’s marks is needed, a dry erase marker can be used to do just that. Color over the unwanted ink with the dry erase marker and remove it all with a dry cloth. 

Be careful that a Sharpie isn’t used on or around anything you don’t want colored. Even though its ink will fade over time or you can try some home cleaning remedies to remove it, it’s best to have no chance of ruining a piece of furniture with the marker.

Final Thoughts

Sharpies can be good for some artwork such as doodling or coloring fabrics. If you want something to last for years you may want to consider getting an art marker to do the job. 

Even though a Sharpie’s ink is permanent, it will still fade over time. If you are just wanting a convenient tool for some simple drawings then Sharpies are good for that type of art.

Last updated on September 14th, 2022 at 08:50 pm

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