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Can A King Take A King In Chess?

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Originating in India in the seventh century, chess is a popular and challenging board game. Each board has 64 squares of alternating colors and each player has 16 pieces. 

The pieces each player receives include 1 king, 1 queen, 2 rooks, 2 bishops, 2 knights, and 8 pawns. 

The goal of the game is to move the pieces around the board to try to checkmate the opponent’s king. To checkmate you must trap your opponent’s king to where they have nowhere else to go and no other pieces to protect them.

But what if you’ve played the game for a while and have ended with only the two kings left on the chess board? Can a king take a king? 

In chess, a king can never take the enemy’s king as by trying to take the king you will put yourself in check thereby losing the game. If in chess you ever get down to just two kings then the game is a draw. 

You win the game of chess by trapping the king, not by capturing it so technically no game ever ends in taking a king. The game ends when your opponent’s king has nowhere to go to escape an attack which results in a checkmate. 

Your opponent cannot take your king because if it is trapped and has nowhere else to go, or can’t move out of the check (or have it blocked by another piece then it is checkmate and the game is over. 

When the king is in check you must move it or block the attack. If you do any other move, it is illegal and you forfeit the game. There are times you will be able to move out of check if you capture one of your opponents pieces and make a move that doesn’t put you back into check.

The standard rules of chess state that you cannot make a move that places your king in check. When a king is in check and capturing another piece can get him out of check then he is able to do so. The king can capture any piece except for the opponent king.

Since kings are only able to move one square at a time then for a king to get close enough to another king without putting themselves in check is impossible. Hence when only the two kings are left the game is a draw. 

Can You Move A King Next To A King In Chess? 

Chess has so many rules and many pieces and each has their own unique abilities. The king can capture other pieces but can only move one space at a time.  

Is it possible to move your king directly next to your opponent’s king? Is there ever a time that your king can take the other players king?

You cannot move a king right next to another king. The reason why is this will put your king in check which means you lose the game. You actually cannot move any piece that will cause your king to be put in check. 

A king can never be in space adjacent to the other king as moving it next to that king would make you lose. Moving a king next to a king in chess is an illegal move because of this. 

You might want to try to move your king next to the opponent’s king but then they could take your king on the next move thereby winning the game. 

So you cannot put your king next to your opponents or you lose the game. 

When Can A King Take A Piece In Chess? 

So, a king cannot take another king and cannot be moved right next to it. But can a king take other pieces?

A king can take any adjacent enemy piece as king as doing so wouldn’t put the king into check. So as long as there isn’t another chess piece protecting that one then the king is free to take it.  

If it isn’t protected by one of its other pieces and is directly adjacent to your king you can take the other piece. It doesn’t matter what the piece is, except for like I said before it cannot be the other king. 

If the game is played correctly you won’t be put in a position where the king is next to the other king. But if your king is in a position to take another of your opponents’ pieces then this is entirely legal.

If there is an opposing piece that is protecting that piece then you cannot take the piece as that would be putting yourself in a checkmate. 

A king can take a piece if it is not in check or if it is in check, it doesn’t matter as long as the king moves to get out of check. If taking another piece is a way the king can get out of check this can be done.

Can A King Ever Take A Queen In Chess?  

The king is the most important piece in a game of chess, because you want to keep him protected from an attack. If your opponent traps your king in a position where you cannot move then the game is over. 

You must always make sure that you know where your pieces are and how to use them to your advantage. 

While the king is the most important piece, did you know that the queen is the most powerful chess piece? This piece has the ability to move to more squares than any other piece. 

Saying this, can a king capture a queen?

A king can capture a queen that is next to it in chess. That is assuming that there is no other piece protecting the queen . If there is a piece protecting the queen then the king cannot take it. 

The king can only move one square at a time and in any direction. The queen can move to more spaces than any other piece on the board. As long as there are no other pieces in the way a queen can move vertically, horizontally, and diagonally.

The queen has the combined power of the rook and the bishop. In some cases, a pawn can even be promoted to a queen if the pawn is moved to a player’s furthest rank. The queen is the most powerful piece in a chess game.

So, can a king take a queen in a game of chess? Well, it is not something that easy to do. Because the king is restricted to limited movements and the queen is able to move so much, it is hard for a king to capture a queen in chess. 

But it is possible. If the queen is left unprotected then the opponent’s king is able to capture it as long as he doesn’t put himself in check.

Final Thoughts

Chess is a fun and mind challenging game. It’s familiar checkerboard and medieval-like pieces are made in a variety of styles. 

The rules of the game state that you may never take your opponent’s king with your king and they should never be put in that position. 

By following the rules of chess you will have a fun game that goes smoothly. Strategy is important to be the winner by checkmating your opponent’s king and trapping them so that they cannot move anywhere. 

Playing chess is a good way to use your brain. Have a strategy for winning and enjoy! Chess is truly a timeless game.

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