Can Barbies Get Lice? (Steps To Take)

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Lice are pesky little things that infest our scalps and multiply tremendously. They’re insects that suck blood from our scalp and cause our heads to itch.

Lice find their home in anything with a head full of hair, as this is the environment that they like to thrive and multiply in.

So does that mean lice can be present in your Barbie dolls too?

In order to survive, lice need a live host whose blood will provide them with the nutrients and organic matter they need to live.Because Barbies don’t have blood and are not living things, lice cannot live on them long term. 

However, when a Barbie doll or any object comes in contact with a head full of lice, they can become infested temporarily. The lice will then jump or crawl onto another live host.

What this means is that if one person who has lice has played with Barbies the lice might be in the Barbie’s hair and could spread to someone else who plays with the Barbie doll. 

However, lice cannot live without a human host for more than 24 hours so if you are worried that some Barbies have been infected just put them away for 24 hours and then clean/disinfect them and they should be good to go. 

How Long Can Lice Live on Your Barbies?

In order to survive and thrive, lice need a human host where they can suck blood and lay their eggs. So they will not be able to survive long term on non-living objects.

That doesn’t mean, though, that your Barbie is safe from lice. These insects can live off a human head for 2 days.

Although they do not lay their eggs on a Barbie, they can dwell there for a short period of time (up to 24 hours), waiting for a human host to infest.

Your Barbie will not be infested with lice unless it consistently comes into contact with a human being with a lice problem.

Anything that is touched or comes into contact with a person who has lice can be infested. Though they cannot thrive in such environments, they can crawl onto another human head and spread if not removed for 24 hours. 

People get head lice because of coming into contact with others who have it or items that have been touched by a person with lice. This includes Barbies, toys, linen, and other objects.

How to Get Rid of Lice on Your Barbies

Regularly cleaning and disinfecting your toys, furniture, and dolls is a good practice in order to prevent the spread of diseases — and of course, to stay hygienic.

This is especially true when a person with a lice problem comes into contact with these objects. Luckily, there is a way to get rid of them.

Anything that was touched by a person with lice, including Barbie dolls, should be avoided. These items should be placed in a plastic bag that’s tightly sealed.

The bag should be kept sealed for 24-48 hours. The lack of air will cause the lice to die as will the lack of blood from a human host. 

After this period, no harm is done in taking more proactive steps to ensure they’re clean again. 

You can opt to wash the toys and disinfect them as an added precautionary measure. But when working with Barbies, make sure that you’re cleaning them carefully.

Reduce the risk of damage to your Barbies by taking a soft cotton rag and wiping the Barbies gently. Make sure not to immerse the Barbie in water to prevent damaging it (if it’s hollow). 

Using gentle rubbing alcohol can also help disinfect your Barbies. To reach joints and hard-to-access areas, use cotton cue tips. 

You can wash your Barbie’s hair using shampoo, but make sure not to wet her head or the back of her neck. Use warm water to remove the lice that may have infested your Barbies.

Air-dry the Barbie’s hair or use a hairdryer but make sure to set it to cold air to prevent softening the vinyl and damaging the doll or her hair. 

In addition to that, the entire home needs to be cleaned as well, as lice can hide and survive anywhere the infested person has been.

So to fully address the root of the problem, the infested person should get a lice treatment and the home should be cleaned and disinfected as well.

To get rid of lice, take these steps:

  • Comb the hair with a lice comb.
  • Use a lice shampoo to kill the insects and their eggs.
  • Take the lice comb and comb every strand of hair again.
  • Check for any more lice daily, making sure to comb every day.
  • Maintain a head free of lice by checking every now and then and combing using a lice comb.

Once lice have been eliminated from the head, take these measures to ensure that your home is free of lice:

  • Remove pillow covers, curtains, blankets, and other objects of the like and place them in a sealed plastic bag. Place the items in the dryer and turn it on high heat for 45 minutes.
  • Vacuum mattresses, couches, and other pieces of furniture.
  • Buy lice spray and spray it all over the furniture, especially the bed and frame.
  • Vacuum the entire house, including furniture and plush items.
  • Take all articles of clothing and put them in a dryer. Turn them on high heat for 45 minutes.
  • Mop the floors using a solution of warm water and floor cleaning solution.
  • Take all hair accessories such as ponytail holders, combs, headbands, brushes, etc., and soak them in a hot water and lice shampoo solution.
  • Wipe your car with a warm cloth and spray lice solution.

Taking these precautionary measures can help prevent getting infested again and will also make your Barbies safe to play with again. 


A lice infestation is a huge headache that can not only be unhygienic but also very uncomfortable. Although lice need a human host to survive, they can also dwell on other objects including Barbie dolls but for shorter periods of time. 

If your Barbie has been infested with lice or has been touched by a person with a lice problem, you need to take the necessary measures to rid them of these pesky insects.

That also goes for other objects in the home that have been exposed to a person with lice.

When cleaning and disinfecting your Barbie, make sure to be careful so as not to damage the doll. Focus on washing Barbie’s hair and merely wipe her body with a soft rag and warm water.

Cleaning everything after a lice infestation is important to prevent the problem from coming back over and over again. So take the necessary measures needed to get rid of them once and for all. 

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