Can Dry Erase Markers Be Used On Paper? 

Can Dry Erase Markers Be Used On Paper? 

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You can use dry erase markers on a wide variety of surfaces. Typically, whatever surface is written on, the ink can also be erased. What about paper? 

Can you use a dry erase marker on paper? Could using it on paper dry out the dry erase marker faster? 

You can use a dry erase marker on paper. If you are in a pinch and have no permanent markers on hand, then you can use a  dry erase marker in its place. 

While dry erase markers may not be permanent on a few surfaces, on paper the ink is permanent. Dry erase markers won’t work like pencils when used on paper. 

Whatever you place on paper with a dry erase marker will be permanent. 

Also, using dry erase markers on paper won’t dry out your markers any faster. The fastest way to dry out your markers is by not properly taking care of them. 

Make sure to store your dry erase markers tip down. This will allow the ink to stay close to the tip of the marker and prevent it from drying out. 

Also, be sure that your cap is on securely. If you don’t hear the snap after closing the cap, then it isn’t closed. This can lead to drying out your dry erase marker rather quickly. 

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What Surfaces Do Dry Erase Markers Work On? 

Dry erase markers can serve several different purposes if you know how to use them. They can be more than just a tool for teachers to use while teaching at the whiteboard. 

You can even find creative uses for dry erase markers around the house. These markers are very versatile. 

So, what surfaces do dry erase markers write and erase on? 

Dry erase markers will work well on any non-porous surface. That means you can use them on mirrors, glass, whiteboards, plastic, metal, etc. 

Below are a few popular places where many people will use their dry erase markers


As kids, did you ever write on a foggy mirror? Maybe after a bath, you would spend time writing a message on the mirror. Eventually, the message would disappear because the fog cleared up. 

With a dry erase marker, your message can stay until your family sees it. If you want to leave a sweet message for your significant other, you can. 

If you want to let your kids know you are proud of them, leave a message on the mirror. Whatever your reason for leaving the message, you can now leave it on your mirror with dry erase markers. 


If you are having a party and want to make sure glasses don’t get mixed up, use a dry erase marker. You can write on the glasses with marker and at the end of the night, wash it off. 

You are planning on bringing a dish to the potluck and know you need your name on it. You feel tacky baking at home in a dish with your name on it; you can use a dry erase marker to write your name. 

What if you want to show support for your community? Write on your windows with dry erase markers. The possibilities of writing on glass are endless. 


Similarly to a baking dish, you can use dry erase markers on your tupperware. If you have colored tupperware, it may be difficult to look in the fridge and remember what’s inside. Or you reuse other containers like sour cream and butter containers for leftovers. 

Whatever tupperware container you use, you can write what the leftovers are on the outside of the container. Not only can you write what the leftover is, but also the date that you placed it in the fridge. 

This will help you avoid opening any moldy leftovers in the future. If the date is too far in the past, throw it away and get some more containers. 

Are Dry Erase Markers Permanent? 

Dry erase markers are one of the greatest and most versatile writing instruments. You write something down and can erase it away. 

Are there any surfaces where a dry erase marker could end up being permanent? 

There are at least two surfaces where a dry erase marker can be permanent. These markers cannot be erased from paper or fabric. 

Once you write something on a piece of paper with a dry erase marker, it stays forever. If you happen to get dry erase marker ink on your clothes, it could end up staining. 

If you do not take care of the ink right away, it could set in and become permanent. 

Can Dry Erase Markers Remove Sharpie? 

Dry erase markers come in various sizes and colors. Sometimes. one can mistake a thinner dry erase marker for a Sharpie or vice versa. 

If someone has used a Sharpie on your whiteboard, can you use a dry erase marker to remove it? 

Even though something may have been written in permanent marker, the writing is not permanent. You can use your dry erase marker to remove permanent marker ink from Sharpies

All you need to do is trace what was written on the whiteboard. Be sure to cover every inch of writing that was made with the permanent marker. 

Once the writing has been covered or retraced with a dry erase marker, you can then erase it. 

Both markers should erase at the same time. If there is still some of the permanent marker on the board just repeat the process. Your board will soon be good as new. 

What Can You Use Instead Of Dry Erase Markers? 

Dry erase markers are the ideal writing instrument to use on your whiteboard. What if your dry erase markers have been misplaced or dried out? Worse yet, what if the tip has been pushed in from pushing while writing? 

Are there any other writing instruments you can use on your dry erase board without damaging it? 

Crayons can actually be used to write on your dry erase board. Using a crayon may help children form their letters easily.

Instead of their hand slipping around from the easy-glide of the marker, their hand will stay steady while writing. When you use a crayon, it also won’t matter how hard your child pushes while writing as it does with a dry erase marker. 

You can clean your whiteboard with just a microfiber cloth. If your child does tend to push hard while writing, you can also use a dry erase spray to remove the thicker chunks of crayon that was left behind. 

Final Thoughts 

If you reach for a dry erase marker instead of a permanent marker while crafting, no worries; the dry erase marker becomes permanent on paper. 

Good luck with finding new places around the house to leave surprise messages with your dry erase markers. 

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