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Can Paint Markers Be Used On Glass?

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A paint marker is a marking pen that is used to make permanent markings on various surfaces, such as paper, metal, stone, rubber, plastic and glass. A paint marker is enjoyable to use because it is so versatile.

A paint marker uses an oil based ink. The ink generally requires shaking before use, similar to the use of an aerosol can. 

The paint is very opaque and will not fade during exposure to ultraviolet lights. The paint from paint markers can be removed using paint thinner, pressure washing or acetone.

Paint markers are a great way for children to occupy their time, although they are not recommended for children under 3 years old.

Paint markers can be used on glass. In fact their primary and original purpose was for painting advertisements on business windows. 

Restaurants and stores will often hire professional artists to paint with the markers on their windows advertising sales and or discounts.

Crafters also use paint markers to decorate glass home decor. A paint marker with a large chisel tip can be used for thin and also thick lines.

Temporary paint markers can be used on glass white boards. They are useful for business meetings, writing down ideas, or illustrating something to your business team.

Permanent paint markers can be used on windows, but also for decorating mirrors, jars, ceramics, and drinking glasses.

How Do You Use A Paint Marker On Glass?

When buying a paint marker, you will most likely receive instructions in the package. Sometimes the instructions are not included, or may not be clear enough to understand. 

The instructions on how to use your product may vary with different products, but there are a few common instructions that can be used with any paint marker.

Before you start to use your paint marker, it’s a good idea to clean the surface on which you will be using the paint marker. A clean surface can be achieved by using a soft cloth dipped in a bit of rubbing alcohol and wiping in circular motion on the surface of the object until clean.

Draw your design on the surface of the object with the paint marker, then wait until the paint dries. This can take a few hours. To ensure the paint is dry, you may want to leave the paint to dry overnight. 

At this point you could draw on top of the first design, either to make the first design darker in color, more vivid or to add more artwork to the first design.

After your design is finished you may want to make the design permanent. If so, you can put your object in a kitchen oven before you turn on the heat. After your object is in the oven, turn the oven to 365 degrees fahrenheit and bake your object for about 30 minutes. 

After the object is baked, turn off the oven but leave your object in the oven to cool down. The object is likely to break if exposed to cool air too quickly. Baking the paint on your object will also cause the colors to be more vibrant.

After your object is finished, you may want to wash it. Remember to wash it with a soft cloth by hand. Avoid the dishwasher. 

Washing it in the dishwasher will cause the paint to fade, or even to wash off. It would be very disappointing to have all your hard work washed away by making this simple mistake.

Some people do use a varnish seal product to seal their artwork on the glass. This can be done after the paint has been baked on. The only drawback to this varnish is if your object is a plate, cup or drinking glass you won’t be able to use it for eating or drinking, since the varnish is toxic when ingested.

What Are The Advantages Of A Paint Marker?

One of the biggest advantages of a paint marker is it tends to be less messy. There won’t be the cleanup process that a traditional paint brush and paint would require after a project.

Another advantage is that people feel like they have more control over where the tip of the paint marker is painting versus the bristles filled with paint on a paint brush. 

Some paint markers even have reversible tips so you can use two different styles of writing or painting with just one paint marker. The paint markers that have these tips usually have small tweezers included in the packaging. 

The process of turning the tip around might require a little patience and fine motor skills, so an adult might have to take charge of this activity if younger children are doing an art project.

What Kind Of Painting Techniques Can Paint Markers Achieve?

The effectiveness of a paint marker will most likely be determined by the quality of pen you are using. A good quality paint marker can be used for many painting techniques.

A paint marker can be used for layering colors. You can put one coat of paint on top of another after drying each coat.

A paint marker can be used for blending colors. If you want more of a blended transition between your colors you can do the blending while the paint is still wet. This may actually save you from having to purchase colors that you would not need except for one time. 

A paint marker can be used for highlighting details. After your project is completed you may want to go back and highlight some of the features that you want to stand out. 

Fine tip paint markers are great for this technique.

A paint marker can be used for filling in images you’ve drawn. After drawing your outline, you can go back and fill in the spaces you want to with color to give your project some depth.

Remember when using paint markers your designs are very personal. It’s good to do a bit of research to discover which paint marker tips and colors will best suit the overall effect you are hoping to achieve.

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