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Can Reborn Dolls Get Wet Or Go In Water?

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Reborn dolls are artistically made and are meant to look like real babies. Everything from their hair to their skin looks very realistic. Some even feel like a baby to the touch. 

In fact, these Reborn dolls can seem so real that they have been mistaken for real babies before when left in vehicles and there’s been times when 911 has been called because someone thinks a baby has been left somewhere like on a park bench!

These dolls are usually made out of vinyl or silicone. If the doll gets slightly wet it is fine but it should never be submerged in water.

Reborn dolls should never be put into water since this can ruin them. When handling a Reborn doll one should always be very gentle and only get them damp at most when cleaning is needed. 

When caring for a Reborn baby doll, keep it out of direct sunlight or heat. Also, stay away from any colors or dyes that may transfer onto the doll’s vinyl or silicone skin and discolor it. 

You may need to pre-wash its clothing first as well to avoid this happening. 

Keep the doll out of reach of kids or pets if you want it to stay in good condition. Finally, if it comes with magnetic parts you will have to keep it away from hearing aids, pacemakers, or metal implants. 

When in doubt on what to do, check with the manufacturer. They will know the proper way to care for the doll since they are the ones that made it and they know the materials they used to make it. 

If they say you can set it in water for washing then it is fine to do, but for the most part you should not put the  Reborn baby doll into water to clean it. Always be very gentle with your Reborn baby and only clean it when it’s dirty and then with mild soap and water. 

Can You Bathe Reborn Babies? 

Taking care of a Reborn doll is important as you can make sure it will not get really dirty. It is not like having to give a real baby a bath and like I mentioned earlier you cannot actually give a Reborn doll a full bath. 

Submerging it in water may ruin it so sponge baths or a quick wipe down with a damp cloth are best.

To bathe a Reborn doll, use a soft damp cloth to gently wipe the doll. NO scrubbing or force should be used when trying to get your Reborn clean and they should never be set into water in a tub or sink. 

The best way to bathe a Reborn doll is to use a soft cloth to wipe it down. Putting the doll in water isn’t a good idea because you can damage it. 

If the doll has soft parts, don’t put it in water. Only fully silicone dolls may be submerged in water and it is still recommended that you should just spot clean the doll to avoid having an even worse problem such as mold buildup.

Can You Use Baby Wipes On A Reborn Doll? 

I’ve covered how to clean a Reborn doll when it comes to water and not submerging them. The next question that many people have is wondering whether they can use other cleaning items such as wet wipes or baby wipes to clean Reborn dolls. 

Baby wipes can be used to clean Reborn dolls but be sure when you do so to dry it off quickly after. When cleaning the doll with wipes or any products, it is recommended not to use anything with alcohol in it. 

You don’t want to chance ruining the baby doll’s skin and having alcohol content (such as rubbing alcohol) could do that. When cleaning a Reborn doll, just a little bit of mild soap and water should be all that you use and only when needed.

How Do You Clean A Reborn Doll? 

If you own a Reborn baby and need a few tips on how to care for it let me assure you that it is much simpler than you may be thinking. You will want to do it right but it is not near as difficult as caring for an actual baby.

For cleaning a reborn doll all you need is some warm soapy water and a soft cloth. Once your doll is clean just dry it off using a soft towel and then let it sit so it can dry completely. 

When bathing the doll, only do so as needed. If the doll is really dirty then it will need to be washed. 

Sponge baths are best using room temperature water and a mild soap or shampoo. You could also use a soft cloth or soft bristled brush or even your hands to gently remove any dirt or stains from your doll. 

To wash the doll’s hair, be gentle and rinse with room temperature water. Some can be washed in the bathtub so your child can bathe it during their own bath time, but if the doll has batteries or devices inside be careful and only wipe down the skin when it is dirty.

Make sure to check your manual to see if all water is bad for your Reborn doll or what their recommendations are for your exact model. 

The doll can then be laid out on a light colored towel ( because dark colors may bleed into its skin) and air dried. You can blow dry the doll’s hair on the low setting holding it 8 to 10 inches from the skin. Don’t get the heat directly on the doll’s skin and move the blow dryer constantly. 

The doll will dry quickly. 

To keep the Reborn baby doll in good condition, swirl some baby powder (non-scented) on a brush over the whole doll. You may need to do this every time it is dressed or every day. 

The powder makes the skin more lifelike and keeps it smelling fresh just like a baby. 

To get dirt out from small areas of the dolls a cotton swab may be used. Also, a duster may be used if the doll becomes dusty.  All in all, be gentle with the doll and take care of it so it will last. 

Why Are Reborn Dolls So Expensive? 

Every Reborn baby artist puts in a lot of work and effort to make their doll look as real as possible. They put in several hours creating the dolls for people who are fascinated with them.

Some of the most expensive Reborn baby dolls can cost hundreds to thousands of dollars. It all depends on what the artist wants to sell them for, but why are they so expensive. 

Reborn baby dolls are often very expensive because of all of the work that goes into making the doll and the materials used to make it also cost a lot. Anytime anything custom is made the price will be higher and a custom Reborn doll is no different. 

The doll’s can have a large range in price depending on what the doll can do and how lifelike it is. Some reborn dolls that are less lifelike and aren’t custom made can be purchased for $30-$50 but anytime customized skin color, eye color, hair color, etc. is wanted the prices quickly rise. 

In this article from Banydoll about the Reborn dolls they said, If a doll has micro-rooted hair that takes an exceptionally long time to do and the price of a doll can definitely be $200 or $300. In contrast, if you are going to buy a bald doll or a doll with painted hairs it will cost far less than fine and high-quality haired dolls.” 

If one is adding in each strand of hair separately by hand, the process can take up to 30 hours to complete! That explains why these dolls can get so expensive. 

The materials to make a Reborn doll are typically very pricey as well. If the doll is larger than it is going to require more materials to make and will cost more. 

That is why the purchase price may be so high. It’s a very time consuming hobby that can take weeks to finish. 


Reborn dolls are a hobby for their makers and calming for their owners. They help people with anxiety and dementia. 

These lifelike dolls don’t get too dirty if they are taken care of but if they do end up needing a clean then soap and water is typically the best option. 

If they do need to be washed, stay away from submerging it in water and just spot clean it with a cloth instead. If cared for often, it will stay in good condition.

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