Can You Buy Lego Minifigures Separately? (Which Ones Can You Buy?)

Last updated on September 14th, 2022 at 08:09 pm

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Last updated on September 14th, 2022 at 08:09 pm

Arguably one of the best and most innovative children’s toys that has ever been released, Legos are a great tool for boosting the creativity of a child.

Included in many Lego sets are small characters known as minifigures, which add playability to each set.

Many people probably will wonder if you can buy these characters separate from a Lego set as they are a lot of fun to play with and also easy to lose the accessories for. 

Many Lego minifigures can be bought separately on Lego’s website via their “Bricks & Pieces” service. However, most licensed minifigures can not be purchased via that method and can only be purchased used on the secondary market such as on eBay, Amazon, or BrickLink. 

You can find the Lego minifigures that are currently available via set number, item number, or design ID on Lego’s website by clicking here

If instead you want to browse (or don’t remember those numbers) you can see all of the currently available Lego minifigures on Lego’s website here.

Assuming that the minifigures that you want to buy aren’t available on Lego’s site the next best option for most people is eBay, Amazon, or BrickLink (as mentioned above).

You can find many different Lego minifigures on eBay for between $3-$6 however many of those aren’t official Legos and are instead knock off products so you do have to be careful on the secondary market. 

To learn more about how you can buy Lego minifigures by themselves and also why some are not available for individual purchase you will want to keep reading the rest of this article. 

Can You Buy Lego Minifigures on Their Own?

For whatever reason you may want to purchase an individual minifigure or two. Perhaps you want to boost your collection or maybe you need to replace one that has broken or been lost.

Thankfully, you are totally able to do so! Albeit there are some limitations.

If you are looking to get a hold of Lego minifigures from proprietary Lego  collections (meaning collections and Lego sets that are created and owned by the Lego Group) then you should have no problem finding the Lego character that you want even on Lego’s website. 

These proprietary sets include collections such as Lego City and also the Knights and Pirates collections. Because Lego owns these sets as their intellectual property, they are able to sell the minifigures individually.

For certain collections and brands that the Lego Group does not own, however, they are unable to sell minifigures separate from a Lego set. These figures that the Lego Group are unable to sell on their own can come from Star Wars, Nexo Knights, DC, Marvel, Disney, etc. 

Due to these collections being licensed by their respective owners and brands, minifigures from them are typically not available for sale apart from a boxed Lego set unless they are sold by individuals. 

There are some exceptions, however. Lego has a series of mystery bags which include one Lego minifigure inside of each bag. These are known as the Lego Minifigures Series, and they have new releases every so often.

For the Lego Minifigures Series bags you can find minifigures from brands and series such as Marvel, DC, Harry Potter, Disney, The Simpsons and more. While there is no sure way to know exactly what you will get, you still will receive an individual minifigure with each purchase.

Ways to Buy Specific Lego Minifigures

If you are looking to get a hold of a specific minifigure then you have a few options. You can either purchase the specific figure online (if it is available) via Legos proprietary Bricks and Pieces service, or you can buy one that is being resold via other websites as mentioned earlier (there are of course many other sites that sell Lego minifigures as well). 

Using the Bricks and Pieces service you will need to know either the item number, design ID, or the 4-7 digit set number in order to see all bricks included in that set. From here you can see whether or not Lego can supply you with a new minifigure or not. 

You may order your minifigure here and wait for it to be shipped right to your door.

Of course, you may not be able to get a hold of minifigures that are licensed by other brands, as discussed earlier, so your best bet to get a specific minifigure would be to visit other websites. One popular one that many people use (not mentioned earlier) is Brick Owl.

On Brick Owl you can buy minifigures straight from individuals reselling their own used figures, or from stores that have gathered new minifigures and are selling them off. While this is not an official method of attaining minifigures, it is one that you can use if you really want a specific character without buying an entire Lego set.

Other Ways to Buy Individual Minifigures Separately

As stated previously, the Lego Group has a product known as the Lego Minifigures Series. This series consists of mystery bags which each contain a unique Lego character within them.

Lego works with other brands to bring special minifigures to the market here, and some minifigures can only be found within the Lego Minifigures Series.

If you simply want to grow your collection of minifigures then this is a wonderful way to do that without buying an entire Lego set. This is also the only official way to get new characters separate from buying a Lego set without using the Bricks and Pieces service.

While it is never a sure thing of which character you will get when you open the bag, it is still a good way to grow your collection. You can also get exclusive minifigures from DC and Marvel Superheroes, The Simpsons, Disney and other collections that are not otherwise available using this method. 

Lego Minifigure Sets

Aside from being able to purchase minifigures individually, Lego also offers sets which feature multiple minifigures as the focus of the set. Rather than being a Lego set that features a buildable structure, vehicles, or other sort of creation, these sets come with multiple minifigures and accessories, with a very small buildable creation included.

These Lego sets can be likened to trading cards, as they act akin to a booster pack of cards. Rather than coming with any big buildable model they rather come with many small characters.

You can purchase these types of sets to bolster your minifigure collection. The previously mentioned brands such as Star Wars actually have multiple versions of these minifigure “booster packs” available. 

This is one of the more popular ways that collectors and Lego enthusiasts accrue a large collection of minifigures. Generally, these sets come with 4 minifigures, but some can come with many more if they are special editions.


There are many ways that you can buy Lego minifigures separate from an entire Lego set. Whether you are looking to buy them from the official Lego store or from a reseller you can always find a way to get your hands on the ones that you want/need. 

For collectors and those who are aiming to grow a large assortment of characters the various minifigure sets and the Minifigure Series line of products will definitely be a great choice.

People who are looking to replace broken, lost, or damaged minifigures, on the other hand, may have better luck utilizing Lego’s Bricks and Pieces service available on their website. You can get the exact piece you need so long as it is still in production or isn’t a licensed figure. 

Last updated on September 14th, 2022 at 08:09 pm

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