Can You Buy Mcdonald’s Happy Meal Toys Without The Meal/Food? 

Can You Buy Mcdonald’s Happy Meal Toys Without The Meal/Food? 

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McDonald’s Happy Meal toys are the things that little kids (and if we’re honest a lot of adults) dream of. How many times have you heard a little one beg to go to McDonald’s to get a Happy Meal once they have new toys out? 

It doesn’t even matter if you were just at McDonald’s two days before! Once those toys are released, everyone wants to get their hands on them! 

Your kid will beg to go again and again just to see if they get a different toy this time because they have to have all the toys in the collection. Or they need a very specific toy, their favorite character and of course your child wants it right now! 

Of course, you can’t eat out every day. Wouldn’t it be easier if you could just purchase the toys without having to buy a Happy Meal?

Then here is some great news! 

You can actually purchase a Happy Meal toy without the happy meal! All you have to do is ask for a Happy Meal toy at the counter or drive through. 

That certainly makes things a little simpler as you can swing by McDonald’s on your way home from work to surprise your little one (or treat yourself) with a new toy from the collection that they have been wishing for. 

Want to treat your kid to something special after the dentist or doctor but don’t want to load them up on sugar or junk? You can make a quick stop at your local McDonald’s to pick up a Happy Meal toy or two. 

What kid wouldn’t love to get a toy?

In my home I have a little one who can’t have gluten due to medical reasons so being able to purchase the toy without the Happy Meal means that I can surprise him with it. When there’s a toy that I think he’ll enjoy I can run to the nearest McDonald’s and purchase a toy for him. 

Then at home I can make him a gluten free version of the Happy Meal. Chicken nuggets, French fries, apple slices, and a juice box on the table for him with the toy waiting as a surprise.

With being able to purchase these toys without the meal you can even buy a few throughout the year and use them for stocking stuffers or prizes throughout the year. 

A teacher could use them as incentives for completing work in the classroom. You could host a mini family carnival or game night. Since they’re always coming out with new toys there could be a constant new rotation for prizes!

If you want to buy some older Mcdonald’s Happy Meal toys you can find them by clicking here. 

Is The Toy In A Happy Meal Free? 

To a child there is nothing better than getting a Happy Meal from McDonald’s as not only do they get to enjoy their favorite food and drinks but they also get a toy to go with it! 

But is that toy really free? 

When ordering a Happy Meal, the toy is included in the price of the meal (although with what they charge that hardly makes it free). If you want just the toy though it will cost you a couple of bucks. 

One of the things that makes a Happy Meal so special for little kids is knowing that a toy comes with the meal. 

How many times have you ordered a Happy Meal just to have your kid go straight for the toy, ignoring the food until it gets cold? However, if you wish to purchase the toy without the Happy Meal, you’ll have to pay for it. 

No, purchasing a Happy Meal toy separately is not free. The cost of just the toy is currently around two dollars which isn’t bad at all considering the amount of happiness you’ll be giving someone with that toy. 

You will need to check with your local restaurant to see if the price is different where you live.

Can You Request A Specific Happy Meal Toy? 

Since you can order just the toy without the Happy Meal, I’m sure you’re going to want to purchase all the toys in the collection that you desire as soon as possible but don’t rush out to McDonald’s just yet. 

Unfortunately you can not ask for a specific toy. They have to give you a toy from the box that is currently open. 

The employees are not allowed to open a new box just so you can get a certain toy or one that you don’t already have. If there are six different toys in a collection and you order six toys in the hopes of getting the entire collection, you’ll more than likely be out of luck. 

There is a chance that you might get a few different toys from the collection but you probably won’t be getting each toy in the collection in that one visit. 

You’ll have to go back on a different day to try to complete the set. You can always ask them which toys they are currently handing out so that you don’t get a repeat purchase.

What Happens To The Unsold Happy Meal Toys? 

Have you ever wondered what happens to the unsold Happy Meal toys? Maybe you wondered if you could get a couple extra since you thought they would throw the toys away. 

If there are only a few leftover toys the store may decide to mix them in with the new collection of toys that is being released next. Sometimes, a worker might even offer a choice to the customer as to which toy they prefer. 

However, if there are a lot of toys leftover when it is time to switch to the new collection, they’ll put them in their storage room to be used if at any point they run out of toys. 

I’m sure we’ve all had that happen to us at one point in our lives, ordering a Happy Meal expecting to get a toy from one collection and receiving one from another. 

Typically, once a year there is a “clean up week” where the supplier does not send out any shipments of new toys for a few weeks. During this time McDonald’s will use the toys that they have in storage and in the warehouses. 

This can be an exciting time to get a Happy Meal toy because you might even find one from a collection that is a few years old that everyone has forgotten about. 

Happy Meal toys that have not been sold will eventually be used when McDonald’s does not have a current collection to go into the meals.


It is really very easy to get a Happy Meal toy without purchasing any food at McDonald’s. Happy Meal toys have been around since 1973, making a trip to McDonald’s something special for the young and young at heart. 

Now that you know that you can buy a toy without the food it will be a little easier to collect all the toys in the collection that has caught your eye. 

You can get them all for you little one and even buy a second set to put up for yourself. These toys can last the test of time as well. 

My kids currently play with some of my Beauty and the Beast Happy Meal toys from when I was a child.

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