Can you Fix Broken/Bent Nerf Darts/Bullets?

Last updated on September 14th, 2022 at 10:02 pm

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Last updated on September 14th, 2022 at 10:02 pm

Nerf bullets can be expensive, given that they often end up bent or lost after the game. Even if you play one game with your friends per week, you will end up using a few dollars worth of Nerf darts, and that too when every player is responsible for bringing their darts.

After every game, you and your friends can save on this constant expenditure by finding the used Nerf bullets and collecting them even if they are bent or broken. 

Don’t worry if you find them bent or broken too. Bent or broken Nerf bullets can be easily fixed.

Here’s how it’s done:

There are two methods to fix bent Nerf darts. One requires you to use drinking straws, and the other requires you to use a hairdryer. However, both methods require adult supervision and help. 

Let’s take a look at them in detail:

Fixing Nerf Bullets With A Drinking Straw

You will need the following equipment to carry out this method:

• Bent Nerf darts

• 5-6mm drinking straws

• Heavy-duty cutter

• Ruler

• A piece of paper

• Pen/pencil

Once you have everything ready, get started on fixing the bullets by following these five steps:

• Measure the Nerf darts and write the measurement on a piece of paper. From the value of the length, subtract 2cm on paper.

• Measure the result on drinking straws’ length. As most Nerf darts are 7.1cm in length, you can measure the length of 5 or 5.1cm on the drinking straws. Mark this length on the straws with the pen.

• Next, ask an adult to cut the drinking straws in the marked length. If you are under the age of 18, you should never use a cutter by yourself. Always have an adult supervise you. While you can use a regular cutter, we recommend using a heavy-duty cutter to ensure precise and swift cut.

• Insert the freshly-cut piece of drinking straw inside the bent Nerf dart. Make sure you push it all the way through and have it as close to being in the center as you can.

• Proceed to cut more pieces of the drinking straw and insert them in the bent Nerf darts. You will be able to utilize these for a few more games.

Fixing Nerf Bullets with Hair Dryer

This method requires the following equipment:

• Bent Nerf bullets

• A large paper gift bag or a pillowcase

• Hairdryer

The step-by-step method to follow is:

• If you are using a pillowcase, roll the open end on the outside. Keep rolling until the pillowcase looks like a sack. Rolling the pillowcase halfway usually works well.

• Place the bent Nerf darts in the pillowcase. You can begin with one dart if you will be performing this method for the first time. If you are using a paper gift bag instead, you can begin by simply placing a single bent dart inside the bag.

• Ask an adult to plug in the hairdryer. Before you turn it on, ensure that the setting is turned toward warm or hot air. Some hair dryers can also throw cold air. You would want to avoid using cold air on your bent darts as it can bend them further.

• Once you have ensured that the hair dryer’s setting is fine, switch it on. Switch the power to the lowest setting possible.

• Now, you can hold the bag or the pillow-sack, and the adult can put the air inside it. Ask the adult not to direct the hot air at the dart. Directly blowing air on the dart can also cause it to bend further.

• Keep the blow dryer on for about 25 seconds. You can time this step by simply looking at a manual wall clock.

• Turn off the hair dryer but let the dart stay in the bag or sack. It might be too hot to touch at this point.

• Once it has cooled down, you can take it out and use it in your Nerf gun in about three to five minutes.

• You can also proceed to fix the rest of the bent darts. If the adult believes the bag or the pillowcase is big enough to fix multiple bent darts at once, you can go ahead with it. However, you will have to time it accordingly. 

If you are fixing five to seven darts together, make sure to keep the hair dryer on for 50 seconds to up to a minute.

• We suggest not fixing more than seven bent darts at once.

You will be able to utilize these darts a few times. If they get bent again, feel free to repeat the fixing method. But please don’t try to do it on your own if you are a child. 

Adult supervision is necessary.

How To Fix Broken Nerf Bullets?

If the bullet body or head gets broken into more than one piece, it cannot be fixed and needs to be disposed of. However, if the bullet is broken so that its head gets separated from its body, the broken dart can be fixed by using some strong glue.

Here’s the method with all the details:

Fixing Nerf Bullets with Glue

You will need the following equipment for this method:

• Good glue

• Broken Nerf bullets

• Napkins

The method involves following these steps:

• Scratch all the dried glue present around the separated bullet head. You don’t need any special equipment for this step. It can be done by using your fingernails. Once the bullet heads look clean, scratch the dried glue around the separated bullet body from the end where it was attached to the head.

• Apply the glue directly around the sides of the bullet head on the shaft that stands out. You need to apply it in the same spot from where you cleaned it in the previous step.

• After applying a moderate layer on all sides, twist one end of the body delicately on the glue to attach it to the shaft. Keep twisting both ways as delicately as you can to let the bullet body reach the end of the shaft. We recommend using the same end of the body to attach to the shaft from where you cleaned the dried glue earlier.

• Place the other end of the bullet body on a flat surface to make it stand. Press the head gently for a few seconds.

• Leave the glued bullet for the glue to dry. Once it’s dry, clean the extra glue around the body gently with a napkin.

While the last method may seem easy, it would be much safer to carry out under adult supervision. 

Last updated on September 14th, 2022 at 10:02 pm

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