Can You Mail Toys With Batteries? 

Yay! It’s that time of year again, Christmas! You are looking for that perfect toy for your niece, nephew, “adopted” child that you haven’t seen in forever, etc. You’ve scouted all of the websites and toy stores that you can possibly find, and you finally found it; but, guess what, it needs those blasted batteries that just don’t come with the toy. 

What do you do? You buy a pack of course! But, can you send them in the package with the toy?

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While there may be some restrictions that exist for shipping lithium cells and batteries, you can still send them. Just be sure and read the labels and make sure that they do not contain more than 1 gram of lithium content per cell. 

You are also required to complete the delivery and return address before sending anything with batteries. 

Most batteries are allowed for delivery nationwide (at least in the USA) whether with or without the equipment it will be paired with. Now when it comes to international shipment, that can depend on the country. 

Simply contact the service you will be shipping with when shipping internationally to double check about that. 

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How Do You Mail Something With Batteries? 

There are several rules and regulations when it comes to mailing something that contains batteries. Due to elements that batteries contain and the way that they can react in certain situations certain rules have been put into place to best avoid something going disastrously wrong and to make sure that they get your package to its final destination without any issues. 

When shipping a toy with batteries there are a few important things that you have to do. 

  • Know what type of battery you are sending
  • Protect the batteries (if loose)
  • Pack the batteries (or item with batteries in it tightly
  • Always check with the carrier. 

These steps can ensure a safe delivery of your package to its final destination

All batteries need to be protected against short circuits, movement within the outer packaging, and accidental activation of the lithium powered device. 

Probably the best way to protect batteries would be to keep them in their original packaging. If they are not in their original package, you can cover them with tape and put them in a separate bag. 

Next, you must not package them loosely or with any metal objects. Put them in a strong outer package and just double check with the shipping provider as they may require some additional paperwork or special labels for your package.

Does It Cost Extra To Ship Batteries? 

We all hate that extra cost of shipping when purchasing an item online, but do we feel the same way when we want to ship something ourselves? 

You may have the question in your mind about cost when you send a toy in the mail, but did you think about the cost of shipping batteries along with it?

When you ship lithium ion batteries, the shipping service must take extra care with the package. They need to make special labels for the box as well as filling out extra paperwork. Due to all this extra work, there will normally be an extra cost to shipping a package that contains batteries.

When you ship batteries, it is a risk. 

Incidents with lithium batteries is not a rare thing which is why carriers have taken extra precautions to keep a terrible incident from occurring. 

When the heat is excessive, the batteries could explode or catch fire; this is why the risk is higher than just a normal package. 

So, while you are allowed to ship batteries or toys that have them, you should also consider the risk and extra cost that comes along with it. It may also take a bit more time to get your package to its destination since normally they won’t be able to use air shipment with batteries. 

Can You Ship Toys (Or Other Items) With Batteries Already In Them? 

What if I buy something (a toy or other item) that already comes with batteries, you might be curious. Do the same rules apply to sending batteries in their own package? 

I mean they are protected, as they should be and it could even be shipped straight from the retailer but what does that mean when you are shipping it?

Most of the time, carriers will allow batteries to be shipped when they are already inside of a toy or other item. The same rules will apply though, make sure they are secure and protected and the cost will likely be a bit higher too.

In the event that you can’t have an item shipped by the retailer, you are allowed to ship MOST items that contain batteries in them. This can include power banks, laptops, phones, etc. So don’t sweat it when it comes to purchasing that item that already comes with batteries.  

Can You Ship Alkaline Batteries In The Mail? 

Which batteries are best and easiest to ship? I know lithium batteries are hazardous and are risky to ship; but, what about alkaline?

Alkaline batteries are actually considered not hazardous, so it should be a lot easier to mail them with the items or toys they go with.

As opposed to Lithium batteries, alkaline batteries (also referred to “dry cell” batteries) are much safer to send in the mail. 

You may still need to check with your carrier, but as for worry and hassle you shouldn’t have to worry as much when shipping them to someone.

Why Do Lithium Batteries Explode? 

Are you wondering why it’s so risky to ship batteries with an item or why it costs extra, or even why it’s just more trouble? I mean, what is so special about batteries that make them a hazard?

Lithium batteries have the potential to explode in heat because they contain highly flammable solvents. This is why extra precautions and time is taken in order to make sure that your toy can make it to where it is going along with everything else near it. 

Remember too that no more than three lithium ion rechargeable batteries should be shipped together.

While this may seem dangerous, it’s not as bad as it sounds. 

As long as you and the shipping company are careful when handling the batteries and the packaging, you have nothing to worry about. Just follow all directions given to you and take your time. Don’t cut any corners.

Alkaline Vs. Lithium Batteries: What’s The Difference (And Does It Matter?) 

When you go to purchase batteries, just like every other product out there, there are many different kinds, variations, and brands to choose from. When it comes to batteries. There is one big thing to consider, what element is in the battery?

There are mainly two types of batteries, alkaline and there is lithium. 

The biggest difference between alkaline and lithium batteries is just in performance. The lithium battery will typically be rechargeable and will also last a lot longer than alkaline batteries will. 

Each type of battery has different materials and construction and each can work better than the other depending on the situation you use them for.

As to shipping them, this should not change much when considering which ones to buy. If you are not sure which ones to buy, think about the task you need to perform.

All in all, batteries are allowed to be shipped either in or with the toy that they are for. You just have to let the shipping company know so that way they can take the proper precautions and send it using the right methods. 

Just always keep in mind the potential risk of it and take good care of the item while packaging it and getting ready to send it. 

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