Can You Move A Trampoline? (How Hard Is It?)

Last updated on September 14th, 2022 at 08:54 pm

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Last updated on September 14th, 2022 at 08:54 pm

Having a trampoline in your backyard is fun. Kids love to spend summer days jumping up and down on this bouncy toy. If you have ever climbed up onto a trampoline, you know how exciting they can be. 

Trampolines are used today as a kid’s toy and even for professional sports. A standard trampoline measures about 8 feet to 15 feet around with the average size being 12 feet. If your backyard features one of these trampolines and you are wanting to move it, can you? 

How hard would it be to move it? 

A trampoline can be moved and it isn’t very hard to do. You may need help, but two adults can move a trampoline just by sliding it across the yard. 

If you are moving your trampoline to a new location, (such as when moving to a new house) taking it apart is your best bet. 

Did you know that trapeze artists were the inspiration for trampolines? Yes, trampolines were actually invented back in 1936 by two men, George Nissen and Larry Griwold. These men watched trapeze artists swing about doing stunts and were inspired by them. 

The main thing that caught their attention were the safety nets the trapeze artists used. They constructed a prototype using tire inner tubes and scrap metal. To help sell their invention, Nissen and Griswold rented a live kangaroo. 

When they set up a demonstration in Central Park, New York City, they used the kangaroo as part of it. They found out that if one stood on one side of the trampoline and the kangaroo on the other and bounced up and down that the kangaroo would bounce too. 

It must have been a sight to see. But their invention took off and is found in many people’s backyards today. Trampolines are even used in the Olympics.

One day you may look out in your yard and decide that the trampoline would look better in a different area of it. You wonder if you can move it and if it is hard to move. 

A trampoline is actually pretty easy to move. But exactly how hard it is depends on how far you are moving it. It also depends on how big the trampoline is and how much strength you have. 

Most people will need someone else on the other side to move the trampoline. If it is just across the yard, you will need another adult to help you scoot the bouncy toy across the yard to wherever you would like it to be. 

Maybe you will be moving the trampoline across town or even to another state. If this is the case, you will want to take it apart to move it. It may be somewhat time consuming but if you are moving it very far then you will most likely need to stuff it into a vehicle in which the best way is to take it apart. 

Just take the pieces apart and reassemble them once you reach your destination.

Can I Move A Trampoline Without Taking It Apart? 

Taking apart a trampoline can take up alot of time. If you just don’t have the time or don’t want to worry about putting it all back together, can you move your trampoline without taking it apart?

You can move a trampoline without taking it apart if it just needs to be moved across a yard or if it will fit into whatever you will be moving it with. If going across town you likely won’t have a truck or trailer large enough to move an assembled trampoline so you will have to take it apart. 

Trampolines that don’t have to be taken apart when they are moved are kid’s trampolines or mini trampolines. These are small enough for you to carry by yourself. They are also small enough to fit into whatever vehicle will be hauling it to the next location. 

Adult trampolines, gymnastic trampolines, or regular outdoor trampolines will make you want to consider taking it apart in order to move it. These are generally too big to try to move when still together and can be awkward as well. 

The best way to move these a long way is to just take them apart and assemble them again when you have found a new home for your trampoline.

Still, you can move a trampoline without taking it apart if you are able to carry it with help to the transportation vehicle and it fits. Or if you are just placing it in a new spot in the yard, you don’t have to take it apart. 

Whether you can move one of these bouncy yard toys without taking it apart greatly depends on how big and heavy it is, and how much strength you have, and how many people are helping move it. When moving the trampoline, skipping the step where you take it apart can also depend on the distance it is going to be moved. 

Later on in this article I will discuss the difference in how exactly to move the trampoline.

How Do You Move A Trampoline For Mowing? 

So, you can move a trampoline without taking it all the way apart. This is helpful when you are mowing the yard and just need to reach that little circular space underneath it. How do you move a trampoline for mowing?

When moving a trampoline to mow under it you should be able to just pivot it by swinging it in a circle. This will allow one person to move the trampoline. 

Depending on the weight and size of the trampoline you will need to use different ways to move it so you can mow underneath it.

First, if you are strong enough, you can go move the trampoline manually. Go under the trampoline in the center of it, and gently lift it using your back. Do this carefully so you don’t injure yourself. 

If the trampoline is more sturdy and heavier then you will most likely need another strong person to help you move it. This way each person holds the trampoline equal distances from each other and can carry the weight of it evenly. Now you can move the trampoline to a different area of the yard. 

The next way to move the trampoline is to get some trampoline wheels. If you are not strong enough or don’t have anyone to help you, you can order these from the trampoline manufacturer or buy them online. They are affordable and will help make moving the trampoline a lot easier. 

Just attach the wheel to the legs of the trampoline and drag it whenever you wish to move it. After you have moved it, the wheels can be easily removed. 

You shouldn’t leave the wheels on the legs because it can be dangerous. If you leave the wheels on, it could be a safety hazard for those jumping on it and you do not want to cause any accidents. 

Another way to move the trampoline is to just slide it across the yard. If you apply some WD40 under the legs it will make it easier to slide wherever you want to move it. If you need more strength, ask someone to help you. 

Moving a trampoline long distance without taking it apart won’t always work out but if you have a big enough vehicle to transport it, you can do it. Try using a truck or trailer to haul your trampoline to the new location. 

Once the trampoline is in its new spot, inspect it to make sure everything is attached correctly. If you find any damage be sure to address it. Along with the inspection, you may need to clean, tie down, or winterize the bouncy yard toy.

Final Thoughts

Moving a trampoline can be easy to do if it is not too big and if you have the strength and additional people to help move it. If the trampoline is very large you will need some help in moving it and will most likely need to take it apart. 

There are some ways where you won’t have to take the trampoline apart but if it is a big trampoline the best way to move it is to just take it apart and put it back together after it is in its new place. When mowing under the trampoline follow all the tips on how to move your trampoline. 

In all, moving a trampoline isn’t all that hard to do and you can do it if it isn’t too big for you to carry and you have the strength to tackle the task. It will also make it easier if you have a couple of extra people to help you with the move.

Last updated on September 14th, 2022 at 08:54 pm

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