Can You Put A Normal Trampoline In The Ground?

Can You Put A Normal Trampoline In The Ground?

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Every kid and even some adults enjoy bouncing up and down on a trampoline. Trampolines are so popular that there are entire buildings where the floor is one big trampoline. 

If you have a trampoline in your backyard you know how much your kids love to spend the summer days outside jumping to their heart’s content. It’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt. 

With the trampoline sitting so high, someone can easily fall right off onto the hard ground. Is there a way you can put the trampoline into the ground?

You should not put a normal trampoline in the ground as the frame is not designed to hold up in the dirt. There are specialized trampolines that you can use in the ground that are designed for that purpose. 

It may seem like a good idea after someone has fallen off the bouncy yard toy to just put the whole thing in the ground so there’s nowhere to fall off of, but above-ground trampolines are designed exactly for that purpose. 

When you try to dig a giant hole for the trampoline to make it “safer” for your kids, you could possibly be making it even more dangerous. 

First of all, you probably don’t want to spend the entire day digging, and putting an above ground trampoline into the ground will need a lot of digging. For a normal trampoline to be put into the ground you will have to dig further allowing room for the trampoline to be pushed down and spring back up with every jump. 

Over time the soil will fall back and your kids will be jumping right on the dirt. A gap could form along the outside edges trapping little feet while they are bouncing. 

With a normal trampoline, air escapes underneath the trampoline but when you put it underground that air just gets pushed back up against the jump pads. So if a trampoline has good bounce to it when it’s above ground it will most likely have a pretty awful bouncing experience when placed in the ground.

That is why they make specific trampolines that are designed for underground use. They are more expensive but it is the only truly safe way to put a trampoline in the ground. 

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Is It Safe To Bury A Trampoline?  

While it may seem safe to just put your trampoline in the ground instead of risking someone falling off from its height above ground, it is not the smartest idea.

Above ground trampolines are made to be above ground and will not bounce as well once put into the ground. This could also be a safety hazard as the frame could deteriorate at a faster rate. 

With a normal trampoline, air escapes underneath the trampoline but when you put it underground that air just gets pushed back up against the jump pads. So if a trampoline has good bounce to it when it’s above ground it will most likely have a pretty awful bouncing experience when placed in the ground. 

If you put a normal trampoline in the ground it can also begin to quickly rust because of the moisture in the soil and air. 

So save yourself the trouble and if you want an inground trampoline just buy one made for that specific reason. There are in-ground trampolines that can be bought and this is the best route to take when you want a safe and fun trampoline put  into the ground.

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How Do You Put A Trampoline In The Ground? 

You took good advice and bought an in-ground trampoline. This is great because you are saving yourself a lot of time and money in not trying to put a normal trampoline in the dirt. 

Now the task of putting it in the ground.By following a few simple steps you can safely install your in-ground trampoline.

First thing you want to do is dig the hole for the trampoline. Draw a line to guide you where the hole should be and how big. 

Then grab a shovel and dig out the soil in that area. Next, put together the trampoline framework. Assemble the top and bottom sections of the frame and then put together the mat and springs. 

Then, secure the whole frame to the retaining wall.

The next step will be to place the trampoline in the hole and make sure it is the correct height. Then you can fill in the gap around it with dirt. 

Now all the difficult work is done and all you have left is to secure the vented pads to the trampoline. After this, you can start having fun jumping and bouncing on your new in-ground and safe trampoline!

What Is Safer, A Trampoline In The Ground Or Out? 

There are some things you can do to make an above ground trampoline safe like putting mats or buying a net to go around the trampoline to help avoid any falls. You can also just buy an in-ground trampoline, but even these could cause harm to some falling from a soaring height onto the ground. 

Which is safer to have, the above ground trampoline or the in-ground trampoline?

Neither trampoline is safer than the other in many ways, however there is less likelihood of falling off an in ground trampoline while climbing on or off it so it is safer in that way. 

An in ground trampoline is not necessarily safer to use than an above ground trampoline since both could cause harm if someone falls off while jumping really high.

Let’s look at some pros and cons of both types of trampolines. 

The above ground trampoline takes less time to set up and is less expensive to buy, it also provides clear airflow for good bounce performance. You can easily replace parts on it or repair what has been damaged. 

You don’t have to worry about drainage or trapped moisture issues. It is also easier to keep young children off of this type of trampoline so they don’t get hurt. 

The only con about an above ground trampoline is that it will fill up more vertical space.

On to in-ground trampolines. These blend in nicely with landscaping and are more aesthetically pleasing. They are easy for kids to access and don’t require them to climb a ladder. 

You still will want to have a safety net on these trampolines for using it safely. The cons are that the inground trampolines require a lot of expensive landscape for a pit, retaining walls, air vents and drainage. 

There is also limited air flow which makes the bouncing not as good. However you can easily access the trampoline to repair parts as needed. 

Final Thoughts 

Trampolines provide hours of fun as you bounce high into the air. Your child can release all their energy jumping around on them. 

It is not recommended for you to put a normal trampoline in the ground. If you want an in-ground trampoline it is best to buy one that is designed just for that. 

With a few easy steps you can install an in-ground trampoline. 

Between an above-ground and in-ground trampoline both are equally safe; it just depends on what you want. For safety purposes, remember to buy a net for whichever trampoline you choose. 

Then your kids can have fun bouncing and jumping on their trampoline and you shouldn’t have to worry about them falling off as much. 

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