Can You Repair A Trampoline Mat Or Net?

Last updated on September 14th, 2022 at 08:08 pm

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Last updated on September 14th, 2022 at 08:08 pm

Jumping on a trampoline is a lot of fun. Along with being so enjoyable, it’s also good exercise. If your trampoline has seen many days of all this jumping and exercise it could put a lot of stress on its mat or net. 

Eventually there will be signs of wear and tear due to how often the trampoline is used for playtime. You may start to notice that they are ripping. 

When this happens, can you repair a trampoline mat or net?

You can repair a trampoline mat or net by patching it up. Just make sure you use the right products so that the mat or net doesn’t continue to rip. 

When you see that your trampoline mat or net has seen better days and features some holes or rips in them, try repairing them. There are several ways you can go about doing this. 

The best is probably for you to purchase a trampoline repair kit and follow the instructions it gives you to fix the mat or net. You can buy these trampoline repair kits many places online as well. You can also sew a patch on the mat or net or get a no sew adhesive patch. 

Or if it is a big hole, you can try to just sew it up with a sewing machine. 

The fastest way to repair the trampoline mat or net is to use flex tape. It may also work on the trampoline mat or net to repair that hole. If the hole is unrepairable by you, you can always hire a professional to fix it or you could even purchase a new trampoline mat or net. 

Make sure to always take good care of the trampoline and bring the mats inside during the winter. By periodically checking the trampoline for damage you can catch the rip sooner and fix it before it gets too bad. 

Can You Repair The Trampoline Mat? 

You’ve had your trampoline for a while and almost every day your kids love to head outside to jump on it. As you are out in the year one day you notice that the mat has a hole in it. Can you repair the trampoline mat?

You can repair the trampoline mat in several different ways. The best is to buy a trampoline repair kit.

When you buy a trampoline repair kit it already has everything you need to repair the hole inside of it. Now, you can buy your own supplies but it will often cost more in the long run than buying one of the repair sets. You can also use patches to patch up the hole. 

Another way is to fix a trampoline mat by sewing it by hand. Cut the patch found in the trampoline repair kit in a circle. Run a match or lighter around the patch to prevent fraying in the future. Pin the patch in place and sew around the patch with a cross-stitch or whip-stitch pattern. 

If the hole is really big, a sewing machine may also be used to sew up the mat but you will need one that is strong enough to sew through thick fabrics. Adhesive patches or Flex-Tape also will work great. 

The Flex-Tape will be the fastest and easiest way to repair the damage. Try these repair tips to fix the hole in your trampoline mat. If you cannot fix the hole, the best option is to consider buying a trampoline mat replacement so you know that your mat is hole-free and ready for all the bouncy fun.

Can You Repair A Trampoline Net? 

What if there is a hole or rip in the trampoline net? When examining your trampoline, you see that the net also features some damage. Can you repair it?

You can repair a trampoline net by some simple sewing techniques.

To fix the hole or rip in your trampoline net, grab a needle and some upholstery thread. Some heavy duty upholstery thread will securely mend your broken net. You can also use some fishing line. 

You don’t need a needle for this since the fishing line is thick enough to use by itself. Both of these ways should help to stitch up the tear in the net.

If your net is starting to sag, it is because there are holes in it. Follow the required steps to repair holes in the net.

Fixing the hole should help the net not to sag and if it still is check the poles. Sometimes the nuts and bolts can come loose so all you have to do is tighten them to help with a sagging trampoline net. 

If it seems that the net is beyond repair, you can purchase a trampoline net replacement.

When Should I Replace My Trampoline Mat? 

So it seems that the trampoline mat is unable to be fixed. You have tried all of the steps from patching to sewing or tape and nothing is working. Well, it may be time to just buy a new one. 

How do you know when to replace the trampoline mat?

It is recommended that you replace your trampoline mat every 2 or so years. To keep your trampoline in good condition, replace the trampoline mat every couple years.

Over time your trampoline gets some wear and tear and loses some of its bounce. You should replace it if you notice that it is damaged. 

There are some things you can do to help preserve it a little longer like getting a trampoline repair kit and mending the rip or hole. But once you see that it cannot be fixed, it is best to just buy another one. 

Trampolines are fun to bounce on but need to be maintained and safe for use. To keep your trampoline in good condition keep these things in mind:

  • You should make sure to bring your mat inside during the winter.
  • Use a UV protective spray in the spring to protect from the sun.
  • Don’t let gravel or sand get on the mat.
  • Replace the springs immediately when they start to over-stretch, rust, or pop out.
  • Repair holes you see immediately when they appear and before they get bigger.
  • If a trampoline mat is more than ten years old, don’t try to repair it.
  • Don’t go over the weight capacity of the mat, one at a time is best.
  • Take shoes off before jumping on the trampoline.
  • Put a safety pad over the springs so you can protect both the springs and jumpers.
  • Use the right length of springs by knowing that shorter springs are fine for kids and longer springs are needed for more weight.

It’s important to know more about how you can fix a hole in a trampoline and other safety tips so you can keep your trampoline in good condition and be safe while using it.

Final Thoughts

You can repair a trampoline mat or net. There are several ways you can repair the mat or net if it is otherwise in good condition. Use some of the tips mentioned in this article to help you fix the wear and tear that has happened on your bouncy yard toy. 

Replace the mat or net if it is too damaged. It is safer to buy a new one and will save you time in fixing it. 

Follow important safety and maintenance rules to keep it in good condition so you can enjoy more hours of bouncing and having fun on the trampoline.

Last updated on September 14th, 2022 at 08:08 pm

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