Can You Use Baby Wipes On Toys? 

Can You Use Baby Wipes On Toys? 

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Your little one insists on taking their favorite toy with them everywhere that they go. That toy is being dragged to the park, to the grocery store, to grandma’s house, through your yard, and sits at the dinner table. 

Your child insists that it needs to go everywhere with them and you are ok with that for the most part. 

It’s a bit of security for your child but that toy is starting to look a little disgusting from being dragged from place to place and you need to get it clean. 

Can you use baby wipes to clean that toy? 

You can absolutely use baby wipes to clean the dirt from the toys but it isn’t going to disinfect that toy in most cases. Baby wipes are made to be gentle on an infants sensitive skin so they do not contain any sodium hypochlorite and little to no alcohol which are the main ingredients in disinfectant wipes. 

You can certainly use baby wipes to clean the dirt and grime off of that toy however you will want to use disinfectant wipes on it as well (or instead of baby wipes). 

Baby wipes can certainly come in handy if your little ones manage to drip ice cream on the toy or even smear jelly on it. They will clean that sticky mess right off of it, however if you are wanting to disinfect the toy then you will need to use disinfectant wipes or a disinfectant spray and paper towels or a washcloth. 

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Is It Safe To Use Alcohol Wipes On Baby Toys? 

Any electronic toys or toys that use batteries should not get wet so how would you clean and disinfect them without breaking them. 

It is 100% safe to use alcohol wipes on your baby’s toys. You will just need to make sure to let them dry completely before giving them back to your child. 

Your child’s favorite toy keys were flung from the stroller to the ground while you were out on a morning walk. Those keys are constantly finding their way into your child’s mouth so you’ll want to disinfect it but because they beep when your kid pushes a button you can’t wash it in spot water. 

To clean a baby toy with an alcohol wipe all you need to do is first wipe it clean with a damp washcloth or even a baby wipe. Then take an alcohol wipe and swipe it across the toy. Then allow the toy to air dry as that will give the alcohol time to kill any bacteria or viruses that have found it’s way on to the toy. 

Once the toy is dry it will be alright for your baby to play with again.

How Do You Clean Baby Toys? 

Most baby toys are made of plastic which make them fairly easy to clean. 

As long as there aren’t electronic components inside the toys you can easily clean them using soapy water, a vinegar solution, or even disinfectant wipes or sprays. 

All of these are good options but in most cases just using soapy water to clean your baby toys will work best. 

To clean your toys with soapy water you just need to fill your sink with warm soapy water and place the toys in the sink. Allow the toys to sit in the water for a few minutes to help lift the grime. 

Then with a washcloth or sponge, wipe the toy clean. 

Be sure to rinse all the soap off of the toy. You can either allow the toys to air dry or dry them off with a towel.

You would think that bath toys would be clean already since they’re in the bathtub with your child all the time but you do need to clean them as well. 

To clean your child’s bath toys, use a solution of a half a cup of vinegar to a gallon of warm water. Place the vinegar solution into a bucket with the toys that you wish to clean. 

Allow the toys to soak in the bucket for fifteen minutes then rub them gently with a washcloth or sponge. To clean the inside of the bath toy, all you need to do is suction some of the solution up into the toy and swirl the solution around inside the toy, then squeeze it out, and allow the toy to air dry.

Little ones love their stuffed toys. The soft plushness of the toy can be such a comfort to a child however, these toys can get pretty dirty! 

Our children drag them everywhere they go. They get food dropped on them. They get ice cream or jelly smeared into their fur. When kids take them outside, they get dropped in the dirt or mud. When our little ones are sick, they snuggle with their favorite toys which ends up getting them covered in germs. 

You’ll need a safe way to clean those loved plush companions. 

If the stuffed toy in question does not have any electronic parts or battery packs then you can simply toss it in the washer and then the dryer.

Many stuffed toys nowadays have battery packs, sound boxes, or electronic parts though. My kids love their dancing stuffed animals. They get a new one every Christmas and they enjoy hitting the button to watch the toy dance along to whichever Christmas song it is playing. 

Their favorite is a penguin that holds a large plastic ball. When you push the penguin’s foot she says “Merry Christmas everybody!” Then she plays Jingle Bells while the snowflake inside the ball spins and lights up. 

I can’t put this toy into the washer without ruining it. So how do you clean these stuffed animals? 

To clean a stuffed animal with electronic parts, or that is too delicate to be placed into the washing machine you’ll need a bowl of warm water, a small amount soap (I use dish soap but you could use Woolite or something similar), a washcloth, plastic bag, some baking soda, a soft bristled brush, and your vacuum cleaner. 

The first thing that you will want to do is to remove the batteries from the toy. Once you have the batteries set to the side, fill your bowl with warm soapy water. Dip your washcloth into the soapy water and wring it out well. 

You don’t want your rag to be soaking wet. 

Now gently scrub the outside of your plush toy. To rinse the toy, you will use a clean wet wash rag to wipe away as much of the soap as possible. You will need to repeat this until your toy is clean. 

Then allow the toy to air dry completely before moving on to the next step. 

Now that your toy is completely dry, take a half of a cup of baking soda and place it into a clean garbage bag. Put your stuffed animal into the bag with it and seal it shut. Make sure that you leave enough air in the bag that the toy can move around a little bit. 

Once your bag is sealed, shake it. You can even let your little one help with this process. Shake the bag up and down and in circular motions so that the baking soda gets a chance to coat the toy. 

Now set the bag aside for fifteen minutes and up to an hour (you could even leave the toy overnight if you want to but when my kids were younger, they could never go that long without their favorite toys). 

Open the bag over a trashcan and remove the stuffed animal. Use a soft bristled brush to remove any excess baking soda along with any dirt or grime that had been left behind. 

Finally, you will want to use the hose attachment of your vacuum cleaner to remove any dirt and baking soda that were left behind on the toy. Now your toy is ready to get the batteries replaced and start bringing happiness to your child once again.

While you can use baby wipes to clean a toy it might not be the best way to clean every toy, especially if a toy needs to be disinfected after a child’s illness.

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