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Do American Girl Dolls Ever Go On Sale? (& How to Save Big)?

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As the festive season inches closer, you kids start dropping hints about what’s on their wish list. American Girl Dolls often make it to this list and have a huge following amongst children and collectors alike, making them ideal Christmas presents for many.

The only trouble for most families is their steep prices. It’s why American Girl Doll deals happen to be a huge talking point as friends and families exchange their plans to shop for Christmas.

If you’re one of them, you’re probably asking whether American Girl Dolls ever go on sale. Afterall saving some money on a Christmas present like this is ideal. 

American Girl has an annual Black Friday Sale that happens once a year. During this time you can score some great deals on their sale items. 

The trick lies in staying connected to all AG doll marketing channels and in-store options.

If you’re interested in some snagging American Doll deals before the festive season, you should scroll through these budget-savvy tips.

The Big Scoop: Do American Girl Dolls Ever Go On Sale?

In all honesty, finding American Girl doll deals can feel like searching for a four-leaf clover. These popular dolls rarely go on sale. 

It’s why you need to act quickly and grab an AG doll before anyone else when you do find a sale. 

Fortunately, the mega Black Friday Sale on American Girl dolls happens yearly. If you stay put, you can get up to 25% off on your favorite AG doll, books, outfits, and accessories.

Save the date to get some amazing American Girl doll deals. These sales will typically run: 

  • Ten days before Thanksgiving Pre-Black Friday Sales
  • Black Friday + Weekend Sales
  • November 29: Cyber Monday

You can expect to save a significant amount on your total bill on any American Doll purchase from the official website and in-store sales during those times. 

These deals cover $1 AG books and $5 accessories too. This makes it easier to arrange an ensemble or dreamhouse kit for someone special at an excellent price.

Budget-Savvy Tips: How to Buy American Girl Dolls at a Great Price?

Maybe you’re looking for an off-season purchase as a birthday present. In that case, you can still save a few bucks with reasonable American Girl Doll deals. The key here lies in keeping your eyes, ears, and social media feed open for news.

As soon as you hear some buzz about an AG sale online, you can hit the store.  It’s as simple as that!

Here’s the holy trinity of American Girl sales sources:

1. Go Old-School with a FREE American Girl Catalog

Remember when catalogs and coupons held the answer to cheap deals and prizes? American Girl doll continues the tradition with its online and printed catalogs.  

You can sign up online for a free American Girl Catalog and get it delivered to your doorstep.

Each catalog contains tons of news about the latest AG doll collections, hot trends, and coupons.  

These coupons tend to offer 25% discount deals for your next purchase. You can even find sweet deals on selected items with some doll prices. 

For example, a fan favorite includes the choice between three dolls costing no more than $98.

2. Sign Up For The American Girl Newsletter  

If you prefer to receive your mail online, you can join the American Girl email list to receive their official newsletter. Through it, you’d be the first one to know about their newest products, special promotions, and exclusive offers. 

Besides online surprises, the brand even throws in-store deals, flash sales, and clearance offers from time to time.

In short, it’s a great win for thrifty shoppers everywhere as long as you remember to check your inbox.

3. Become Part of the Exclusive AG Reward Program

If American Girl items wind up on your shopping list more than once a year, you might want to become a part of their rewards program

Members earn one point per dollar spent on AG items. It includes regular purchases, sales, clearance discount deals, online shopping sprees, and even trips to the American Girl Bistro.

Shoppers receive a $10 rewards certificate (via email) after scoring 200 points in the program.

Eventually, you can earn a maximum of $50 worth of reward certificates monthly and $500 rewards certificates annually. They mark yearly certificates according to the membership anniversary of each loyal customer.

Best of all, members receive more perks than others. These include VIP access to specific sales, exclusive previews of product launches, events, and other members-only benefits.

As a result, you’re more likely to buy American Girl dolls at a discounted rate.

Can I Buy An American Girl Doll At A Retail Store?

You can buy American Girl dolls at a retail store and likely one near you. Standard options include Costco, Target, and Wal-Mart. You can even browse through Amazon to buy your discounted doll. 

The only downside of these inexpensive purchases is the lack of variety available in-store.

Most of these retail stores and ecommerce businesses have a limited collection of American Girl Dolls in stock.

Therefore, even with the discounted deals and offers, there’s a chance your favorite doll might not be up for grabs. You can navigate through these low supplies by keeping an eye out for the best deals whenever you’re on a grocery run.

Early purchases could result in better offers.

Can I Buy American Girl Doll Accessories At A Budget Price?  

If the American Girl Doll you (or your child) own needs a wardrobe upgrade, you can opt for some off-brand accessories. 

There are two options for this budget-savvy shopping tip. You can purchase clothes and accessories for 18” dolls from competitor brands or craft stores (like Hobby Lobby)

Alternatively, you can fit your dolls into preemie baby clothes. They are almost the same size, and you can purchase cute baby bundle packs from any clothing store.

If all fails, you can hit the yard sales for secondhand doll outfits and accessories. The same strategy applies to the low-cost purchases of the doll itself.

Final Thoughts

Long story short, the American Girl Dolls do go on sale from time to time. You can be the first person in line for a discount deal if you follow the right sources. 

Use our guide to buy an American Girl Doll without using all your savings. Your wallet will thank you for it, and you’d have the best gift to give on special occasions.

So what are you waiting for? AG deals are a click away. Let the subscribing begin!

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