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Do Barbie Accessories Fit Elf On The Shelf? (Which Ones Do?)

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Elf on the Shelf is one of the Christmas traditions that parents and their kids bond with over the holidays.

It is believed that the Elf on the Shelf is a special scout from the North Pole sent to different homes to promote children acting especially good during that time of the year. 

Elf on the Shelf, as Santa’s little helper, is tasked to watch the kids each day and night. After gathering reports for naughty and nice kids, Elf on the Shelf then returns to the North Pole. 

Parents and children have tried experimenting with Elf on the Shelf and found out that it also looks good wearing many different  Barbie apparel collections.

Barbie accessories and clothes will both fit Elf on the Shelf dolls, considering that the two dolls have relatively the same size and body structure. They also have the same shoe sizes too so you can even change the Elf’s shoes! 

From the usually pink dresses, gold crowns, dollhouse cars, and other Barbie stuff, it looks like Elf on the Shelf is made to match all of your Barbie toy’s accessories. 

In the rest of this article I will go into more detail about which accessories fit the Elf on the Shelf and how exactly they fit. 

Barbie Accessories That Fit Elf On The Shelf 

Some of the specific Barbie accessories that fit the Elf on the Shelf really well can be found below. 

Barbie Clothes

Elf on the Shelf fits perfectly in Barbie’s clothes.

If you are wondering who wears it better, you can try to grab some of your kid’s toy dresses collection and see the special scout transform from a cute little helper to a fabulous and stylish doll character.

Moms have been posting photos on Pinterest that have garnered a ton of attention. 

In some photographs, Elf on the Shelf is dressed in Barbie’s vintage pink gown, flaunting lace, gold buttons, and silky fabric.

The Christmas character is still wearing its red hat, but now looking like royalty in Barbie’s outfit. 

Ken Doll Clothes

Perhaps Elf on the Shelf’s standard appearance might be identified as a boy or a girl elf by a specific family. 

If your Elf is a boy then using Ken’s clothes will work great as well. 

Many parents have posted DIY Elf on the Shelf ideas wherein they dress the elf in a Ken doll’s clothes.

Evident in the photographs shared by parents, Ken doll’s clothes fit well on Elf on the Shelf. 

The stripey shirt and denim pants transformed Elf on the Shelf into a boy-next-door doll that undeniably matches Barbie.

Ken and Barbie doll’s clothes are ideal alternatives to dress your Elf on the Shelf since you do not need to buy different sets of toy clothes.

Plus, the selection is wide enough to choose from that you will never have to reuse the same outfit again. 

Barbie’s Bathing Accessories 

Get creative and never let your Elf on the Shelf get stuck on a boring corner. Elf on the Shelf deserves a break after finishing Santa’s task.

Have her experience her relaxing ‘me time’ with Barbie’s bathing accessories.

You can set up your Elf on the Shelf in Barbie’s bathtub and place the stickers for the cucumbers, cotton balls, and shaving cream. 

To make it more fun, you could even display Elf on the Shelf dolls near the sink or washroom to perfectly complement the theme.

Your kids will enjoy the creativity and you will get to bond with them too. 

Barbie’s Stylish Hair 

Did you ever wonder what the Elf on the Shelf would look like with long hair? Try it for yourself and give the elf a new hairstyle with Barbie’s extra wig.

Before you do this at home, make sure your Barbie doll’s hair is removable or changeable, because you do not want to scare the kids by balding their favorite toy permanently! 

Depending on the available Barbie hair colors, Elf on the Shelf will definitely appear ‘girly’ on such accessories.

It’s also good to consider the skin shade of your elf to set a coherent display as one of the holiday decors. 

Barbie’s Camp RV 

While dressing your Elf on the Shelf with the sparkly cocktails are fun, it’s maybe not as amazing when you let it try Barbie’s Camp RV.

As it is also the season to get creative with your decor, it will be refreshing to the eyes to see the Christmas tradition scout hang out in Barbie’s pink and stylish Camp. 

You may add some company and gather the dolls in the RV if the little elf wouldn’t mind. Set up lights and you already have yourself a day and night Elf on the Shelf decor.

Instead of leaving the elf sitting with the gifts under the tree, place it outside with Barbie’s RV to watch out for naughty and nice kids. 

Barbie’s Cosmetics 

Your Elf on the Shelf doll deserves her own beauty corner too! If you have a packed out dollhouse at home or your Barbie set has make-up kits, then you’re good to go.

Simple yet creative, giving your Elf on the Shelf a makeover with Barbie’s lipstick, eye make-up, and other beauty essentials will be a big head-turner for your family and relatives. 

You can also spice up the decoration set with Barbie’s hair care accessories such as a comb, clips, pins, and the like, creating a full makeover for Santa’s hard working elf. 

Barbie’s Shoes

Believe it or not, Elf on the Shelf can rock Barbie’s shoes and they even fit! 

Barbie toy packages always come with different pairs of shoes and it’s time for the little elf to try them all before she goes back to the North Pole wearing her boring boots.

Set up this fun decoration near your shoe rack and let your visitors giggle as they witness Elf on the Shelf being torn between Barbie’s pink stilettos or yellow pumps. 

It’s way easier to build this decor idea compared to having to set up some usual Christmas elements. You can even transfer Elf on the Shelf from one spot to another.

Don’t forget to carry the little one as she is still getting the hang of those heels! 


Elf on the Shelf brings delight to every family during the holiday seasons.

Parents and children could use the chance and make the Christmas tradition more fun and memorable by giving the elf a nice and creative decoration set up with Barbie’s trendy and classy accessories.

Not only are you encouraging your kid’s creativity, but you will also save money since you will keep from having to buy new clothes for your dolls each day. 

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