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Do Duplos Fit On Lego Plates? (Are They Compatible?)

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The Lego Group has been making wonderful toys which inspire creativity and nurture children’s (and adult’s!) minds for nearly a century, and one of their best and most popular creations for the younger generations are their Duplo line of products.

These bricks are twice the size of standard Lego bricks, and are a great toy for children below the age of five. But one thing that people may wonder is whether or not they can fit onto Lego base plates.

Duplos and Legos are designed to work with each other so you will be happy to hear that Duplos do indeed fit onto Lego plates. However, some of the odd shaped Duplos or Duplo mini figures will not click onto the Lego base plate. 

If you want to know more about exactly how Legos and Duplos fit together then you will want to keep reading the rest of this article.

Are all Legos/Duplos compatible? 

Legos and Duplos have been around for quite a while but many people are still not sure whether they are all compatible or if some fit together and some don’t. 

In general, all official Legos and Duplos will fit together except for a few odd shaped blocks and some of the minifigures. However, generic building blocks will NOT fit together with Legos or Duplos as they are designed differently and have different connections on them. 

Sometimes when people talk about Legos or Duplos they are simply referring to all building blocks not just those that are made by Lego so if you want to know if all of the different generic building blocks will work together… they won’t. 

However, since Legos and Duplos are both produced by the same company (Lego) then they are compatible in almost every single case and you can easily stack Legos on top of Duplos or vice versa. 

How Duplos and Legos Fit Together

Some individuals may not be aware that their Duplo bricks actually are capable of fitting onto standard Lego bricks. In fact, not only are they capable of doing so, but they are designed specifically with this feature in mind!

The Lego Group had a great idea in mind and with foresight and ingenuity came up with a way to keep these toddler toys from becoming useless after your child outgrows them. This feature is not only a great way to ease a child into playing with regular sized Lego bricks, but it saves parents money in the long run as their child can use these toys all throughout their childhood.

Duplo and Lego bricks actually share the same system of locking together and fitting, as we discussed earlier. With studs located on top and hollow portions where the studs can lock into placed on the underside of each brick, these two products were made for each other, quite literally.

Fitting Duplo onto a Lego Base Plate

To put Duplos on a Lego base plate it is actually quite easy; all you need to do is build as you would normally! Because the undersides of Duplos are built to lock in with Lego bricks and Duplos alike, they will fit comfortably and securely upon any Lego plate that you wish to place them on.

Just ensure that the studs of the plate are aligned with the base of the Duplo bricks and then stick it right onto the plate as you would with any other regular Lego piece. Not only can the Duplo pieces fit on Lego plates, but you can fit them together with regular Lego pieces, as well.

Any Duplo block that has hollow studs on top will be able to accommodate a Lego brick. This means that you and your child can stack these pieces together to your heart’s content, as long as the studs atop the Duplos are hollow.

Thankfully, the only Duplo pieces that have solid studs on top of them are the baseplates.

While Duplo bricks are made to be stuck together with Lego bricks, there are a few limitations that sadly cannot be avoided.

The Limitations of Duplos and Legos

Now that you know that Duplo pieces can, and are designed to, be used on Lego plates it is time to go over some of the unavoidable limitations that come with this compatibility.

Although Duplo blocks can fit atop Lego plates it is important to keep in mind that they may be a bit loose if placed on top of Lego parts that are smaller. In addition to this, they cannot accommodate Lego plates.

Yes, even though Duplos can be placed on top of Lego plates it does not work the other way around. The plates are too shallow to lock in securely on top of the studs of a Duplo block, and will fall off easily.

Finally, Duplo parts can only accommodate Lego parts that have an even number of studs on its underside. This means that blocks such as 2×2 and 2×4 will fit fine on the top of a Duplo block, but a block with a size of 1×2 or 2×3 sadly will not fit.

These limitations are a bit sad, but the fact that Duplos and Legos fit so well with one another for a majority of their pieces is already a great feature, and will make your experience with these blocks a much more enjoyable one. 

Do Mega Bloks and Legos work together? 

Now that I have gone into depth of whether Legos and Duplos work together, I wanted to quickly mention Mega Bloks and whether they are compatible with Legos as well. 

Since Mega Bloks are popular because of their cheap prices many people have them for their younger children and then upgrade to Legos later, but will those Mega Bloks work together with Legos? 

Mega Bloks and Legos do actually fit together however the fit is never “quite right” so either the connections will be so loose that they truly aren’t “together” or so tight that you will never be able to pull them apart! 

Honestly the quality of Mega Bloks just isn’t anywhere close to what Legos/Duplos are so while they are a great option for kids toys, putting them together with Legos just doesn’t work out very well. 

Because of the cheaper construction the Mega Bloks will often be incredibly loose which in turn means whatever you are building is super easy to be knocked over or destroyed while Legos/Duplos are a much tighter fit and thereby stay together much better as well. 

That isn’t to say that you shouldn’t buy Mega Bloks as they are a great choice for many people but if you want them to work well with Legos… they really just don’t. 


Now you know that Duplo blocks are totally able, and made specifically, to fit on top of standard Lego plates. By design they are a great fit, and many types of blocks and pieces can be fit together to create spectacular creations.

Just make sure to keep in mind that not all Lego and Duplo parts are compatible. Pieces such as plates and baseplates of one another will be unable to fit together, and Lego blocks which have an odd number of studs on their tops will also not work with Duplo blocks and pieces.

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