Do Fabric Markers Wash Out?  

Do Fabric Markers Wash Out?  

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Fabric markers are specifically designed for use on fabric. These markers contain a special ink that is made with the purpose of sticking to fabric. 

Fabric markers are a permanent marker designed to not be washed out and to not fade over time once they are dry. If you messed up on your design and the ink is still wet you can remove it however. 

To remove wet fabric marker, you can use your favorite stain remover or even hydrogen peroxide or rubbing alcohol. Dab a little on the color that you want to remove and rub at it. 

Do this until the marker is gone, then wash it. Most of the color should come off but some of it may linger.

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How Do You Keep Fabric Markers From Fading In The Wash? 

After you have created your design, you probably want to know if it is safe to wash your new shirt, or whatever it was that you created. You should always check the manufacturers directions on the packaging of your fabric markers to see what the recommendations are for that particular marker. 

Typically, when you are finished creating and coloring your design with your fabric markers you will need to let it dry for twenty-four hours. After 24 hours (or whatever the marker manufacturer recommends) then you should be able to wash without fading. 

Some fabric marker manufacturers also want you to heat set the ink before you wash it. To heat set your design you will want to use your iron on a medium low heat. 

Make sure that you do not use any steam. 

Then iron on the opposite side of your design for three to five minutes. Make sure to check your packaging for specific directions. 

What do you do if you designed something that cannot be ironed? 

Perhaps you designed something on a baseball cap or even a shoe and the manufacturer directions recommend that you heat set the color? 

What can you do? 

You can toss the item into the dryer for about ten minutes. Once your design is set you can wash it and it will be fine. 

I recommend turning the item inside out when washing. Fabric markers should not fade in the wash since it is a permanent ink.

How Do You Get Fabric Markers Out Of Clothes? 

What do you do if you accidentally get fabric marker on your jeans or shirt while you were working with your markers? Can you get it out? 

To remove fabric marker out of your clothes you will need rubbing alcohol and paper towels. Dip your paper towel into rubbing alcohol then dab around the fabric marker stain. 

After dabbing around the stain, you will then dab the stain directly. You should see that the ink is transferring to the paper towel. 

You will need to change out your paper towel for a fresh one quite often. Dip the new paper towel in rubbing alcohol and repeat the above steps until the stain has been removed. 

Once the stain has been removed, toss the garment into the washer and wash as normal.

Do Sharpies Bleed On Fabric? 

Sharpies are a popular permanent marker. My oldest child loves to use Sharpies. She says they glide better on her paper than other markers do and she does not ever seem to have a problem with them smearing across the paper. 

A few years ago we went to a back-to-school event at a local store where they had a tie-dye table set up. We stopped at the table expecting to find the usual tie-dye setup but instead we found a colorful array of Sharpie markers, a spray bottle with rubbing alcohol, and some rubber bands. 

The lady running the table gave her a t-shirt and some Sharpies. She was able to select the colors that she wanted and draw any pattern that she wanted on the shirt. 

Then they had her twist the shirt and use rubber bands to secure it into the twists. She took the rubbing alcohol in the spray bottle and sprayed the shirt down. The rubbing alcohol caused the ink from the Sharpies to run in a manner similar to tie-dye. 

We were warned before we went home to make sure that her new Sharpie tie-dye shirt did not go into the washer with any other items. 

Sharpie markers that are not designed for use on fabric will bleed, especially in the wash and might even snag on the material as it will not glide across it as well, causing some uneven splotches of color. 

However, Sharpie did release a collection of fabric markers called Sharpie Stained Fabric Markers. These markers have a smooth brush tip that produces thick or thin lines. It is designed for use on several types of fabric. 

Sharpie boasts that you can use these markers to design your own one-of-a-kind clothing items such as shoes, shirts, backpacks, hats, and more. 

Sharpie Stained Fabric Markers have an ink that will resist fade during washing and will not bleed. They only come in eight different colors; black, blue, green, yellow, pink, purple, red, and orange.

How Do You Wash Clothes After Using A Fabric Marker? 

The first thing you need to do before you use your fabric markers is to wash the items you are planning to design on. You want to wash them ahead of time so that they will not shrink after you create your design. 

Once your item is washed and dried you can begin to create your design. 

I recommend using a fabric pencil to lightly draw your design onto the fabric. The pencil will wash out once you are finished so you don’t need to worry if you mess up. 

In fact, if you do mess up while drawing your design with the fabric pencil you can just toss the material into the washer and then start over with a fresh slate once you’re done drying it. 

After you have sketched out your design in pencil, select the fabric markers that you wish to use and trace over your pencil drawing. 

These markers should not bleed through the fabric but it might not be a bad idea to put a piece of cardboard in the middle of the shirt to separate the layers of the fabric or to place cardboard or paper under whatever you are drawing on if you are concerned at all about any bleed-through. 

You can outline your design or even color the design in. There is really nothing stopping your creativity here. 

Allow your new one-of-a-kind clothing item to dry for twenty-four hours. Not all fabric markers need to be heat set after use but it is not going to hurt to heat set your item even if it isn’t required. Just toss it into the dryer for about ten minutes on the high setting. 

You can now wash your item as normal on a cold setting and tumble dry on low or hang it out to dry.

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