Do Lego Base Plates Work with DUPLOS? (Are They Compatible?)

Last updated on September 14th, 2022 at 08:55 pm

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Last updated on September 14th, 2022 at 08:55 pm

People of all ages have loved playing with Legos since they were first developed and released on the market. Children young and old have spent hours playing with Legos, much to the chagrin of parents who worry about littler ones swallowing the tiny pieces. As a kid, my siblings and I had fun building all kinds of Lego sets, but my parents were always watching very carefully to make sure my younger brother wasn’t shoving any bricks up his nose or into my sister’s sandwich.

These tiny Lego bricks were also often hard to maneuver for younger kids without fine motor skills yet, which meant I spent a lot of time putting bricks together for my brother and sister and not a lot of time putting together my own sets. 

As I got older, I always wished there was a way for me to have my own, grown-up Lego sets while my little siblings still had versions to play with so we could all build together without having to worry quite so much about their safety.

The DUPLO line is the perfect answer to my childhood Lego woes. These thicker built Lego blocks are designed for little kids who love to play but need a safer and larger building block to play with. Colorfully designed and built with a sturdier base for extra support and grip, DUPLO bricks are a great addition to the Lego family. However, many people with both Lego and DUPLO sets in their collection might be wondering if the two sets are interchangeable. If you’re wondering if Lego base plates work with DUPLOS, I have the answer for you below! 

Lego base plates do actually work with most Duplos! However, Duplo minifigures, animals, and a few specialized Duplos will typically not fit on a Lego baseplate. 

In the rest of this article I will go into more detail about the compatibility of Duplos and Legos as well as well as some important information about each of them. 

DUPLO Blocks

DUPLO blocks can be purchased in a variety of shapes and sizes, but all of them share a few common denominators, they are bigger than Lego blocks and also come with a wider and sturdier base. Each DUPLO block measures about three quarters of an inch tall, making them slightly taller than regular Lego blocks. Minifigures are usually about one inch tall as well. 

Each block has two studs on each side (the round raised circles on top that help your blocks lock together when you are building with them) and creates a supportive and secure base for you to click blocks together. 

DUPLOS come in a number of different colors and sets based on your preferences and the types of experiences you want to enjoy. 

You can pick out DUPLOS for machine lovers, airplane designs, train tracks, birthday parties, animals, construction equipment, carnivals, and much much more. While DUPLO blocks don’t cover the same range of individual designs and control that Legos do (for example, you can’t bulk buy individual DUPLO blocks like you can Lego blocks) they still create plenty of opportunities for building and creating within specific designs or for you to create a world of your own! 

Lego Base Plates

One of the best parts about Lego blocks are the firm and sturdy bases you can build any design that you like on top of. Whatever you’re creating can anchor firmly to one of many different sized and colored Lego base plates. Each base plate comes with studs of their own for you to firmly click Lego blocks onto for sturdy support. 

Whether you’re building detailed and tall structures or simply recreating scenes or your own miniature worlds, having a large base to lock into will help support your build and let you assemble it however tall or wide that you want to! 

Standard Lego base plates are designed to accommodate all sizes of Lego bricks, but for those who are beginning to transition into Lego and DUPLO building, you might be wondering if a Lego base plate can double for both types of bricks. 

So let’s look at that next. 

DUPLO and Lego Brick Compatibility

DUPLO and Lego bricks are made by the same parent company and are designed to work together in almost every single case. DUPLO and Lego bricks are mostly compatible, but there are a few major limitations that are important for you to know. 

Since DUPLO bricks are bigger and have wider studs that are spaced wider apart, Lego bricks will generally lock on top of DUPLO bricks and not the other way around. Some DUPLO bricks will work on top of larger or wider Lego bricks that have been assembled, but if they’re used with smaller Lego bricks they could slip off fairly easily.

Minifigures or other accessories typically aren’t interchangeable, so you can’t lock DUPLO figures onto Lego base plates or bricks and you can’t click Lego accessories into DUPLO designs. 

According to the Lego company, Lego bricks can securely click onto any DUPLO brick with hollow studs on top. Interestingly enough, Lego bricks also need to have an even number of studs along the side to fit on top of DUPLO bricks. A Lego brick that measures 2×2 studs can click onto a 1×3 DUPLO brick stud, but a Lego brick that’s 1×3 could not fit onto a DUPLO 1×3 brick.

Lego Base Plates and DUPLO Bricks

While each DUPLO and Lego brick and base are different, some of them are compatible and able to be used together as needed. The majority of DUPLO bricks can connect to the regular Lego base plates, meaning that your little children and teens can build together on the same bases. However, not every DUPLO brick can connect to the basic Lego plates.

Round bricks, minifigures, or animals from the DUPLO line will not connect to Lego base plates (and you could break them if you try, so be careful!).

Lego bricks will not connect to DUPLO base plates because they don’t have hollow studs, and as we know Lego bricks need hollow DUPLO studs to be able to connect securely to each other.

DUPLO Bricks and Lego plates are occasionally compatible, so overall they are extremely versatile tools in your Lego building journey. Whether you’re starting a little one off with Legos for the first time and need to begin with the simpler and exciting DUPLO bricks or graduating to older and smaller Lego bricks, knowing whether DUPLO bricks are compatible with Lego base plates will help you pick the perfect tools to keep your building journey going strong.

Last updated on September 14th, 2022 at 08:55 pm

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