Do LOL Dolls Have Real Hair?

Last updated on September 14th, 2022 at 11:31 pm

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Last updated on September 14th, 2022 at 11:31 pm

LOL dolls have inarguably been some of the most attractive dolls out there. How can someone not fall in love with those big eyes and cute, sassy outfits?

The only thing missing was the hair.

Much to many people’s excitement, a new collection of LOL dolls was introduced to the LOL Surprise world a few years ago, and it had what people were looking for…

Hair they can comb and style with ease – and flair!

Soon enough, this raised another question, do LOL dolls have real hair? 

The LOL Surprise #Hairgoals collection gave the dolls a fabulous makeover, adorning them with hair but it’s not actual human hair. It’s synthetic hair just like most other dolls on the market will have.

Although this added hair took the level of adorableness to 100, and invited more people to buy LOL dolls as collectibles it isn’t real human hair. The hair is attached similar to how human hair is (so not a wig) and it’s easily combed like real hair. However the hair actually isn’t real. 

4 Things You Should Know About The LOL Dolls With Hair

Make sure you read this section until the end before purchasing a LOL doll with hair for your little one or your doll collection.

1. Hair Doesn’t Mean It Will Grow

It may be obvious for some of you, but LOL dolls with hair don’t experience hair growth. You can’t expect hair to continue growing after it’s separated from the scalp, right?

This is because hair cells need nutrition from blood to divide and grow. Dolls don’t have the blood supply needed for hair growth.  

This means if you give your LOL doll a haircut, you’ll have to live with its shorter hair.

2. LOL Dolls With Hair Are Included In The #Hairgoals Makeover Series

The #Hairgoals LOL doll series launched towards the end of 2018. This spa-themed collection features 12 dolls. You get a cute hairspray can capsule as a “surprise ball”.

3. Only 10 LOL Dolls Have Hair

Surprisingly, only 10 out of the 12 LOL dolls in the #Hairgoals series have hair. The two hairless dolls have glittery bodies and outfits.

Please note that when you purchase a LOL doll from the #Hairgoals makeover series, you wouldn’t know whether it has hair or not. 

Call it a risk or your luck, but it is how it is. So, it’s better not to get your child’s expectations up before making the purchase. 

Let them open the surprise can and be SURPRISED!

4. The Hair Is Attached To The Dolls’ Heads

LOL dolls with hair have the hair strands attached to their scalps. The attachment is secure enough to prevent the tresses from shedding easily. They can withstand rough combing as well.

However, it’s best to comb your doll’s hair gently with love and affection, just as you’d do for your child.

That being said, LOL dolls with hair were first introduced in the LOL Bigger Surprise. These dolls had flat hairdos. The real hair was used as wigs that could be exchanged with other dolls.

Thankfully, the dolls in the #Hairgoals makeover series have the hair attached to their heads, so it can’t fall off or be removed.

Can You Wash A LOL Doll’s Hair?

Of course!

Since it’s individual strands of hair, it can be washed and styled however you like.

It’s natural for the hair to get messy, tangled, and stiff after play. While regular brushing helps keep it smooth, it eventually needs some washing to stay soft.

6 Steps To Washing A LOL Doll’s Hair With Baby Shampoo

Follow the steps below to soften and smooth your LOL doll’s hair in no time.

Step 1: Fill A Tub With Water

First and foremost, get your hands on a bowl or tub large enough to hold your doll’s hair. Fill it up with water.

The ideal temperature of the water depends on the hair texture. If your doll has curly hair, you should use cold water. Hot or warm water will cause the curls to fall out.

Step 2: Add Baby Shampoo

Once you’ve poured the water into the bowl, add a quarter teaspoon of baby shampoo to it. Mix it well until the shampoo has completely dissolved in the water.

Important Note: Do NOT use regular shampoo in place of baby shampoo. Baby shampoo is formulated to give the hair a gentle wash. Hence, it’s safe for washing doll hair. 

If you can’t find a baby shampoo, you may get away with a mild shampoo made for sensitive skin or dyed hair.

Step 3: Wash, Wash, Wash

The bath is prepared. It’s finally time to wash your LOL doll’s hair! The best way to go about this is by holding your doll upside down and dipping its hair in the solution. Swirl it around until it’s fully wet.

Next, use your fingers to work in the shampoo and massage the doll’s head until a small lather is formed.

Step 4: Soak The Hair In The Solution For Some Time

Once you’ve shampooed your doll’s hair, place it in the tub and set it aside for 10 minutes. This will give enough time for the shampoo to untangle the hair and leave it soft, shiny, and smooth.

Step 5: Rinse The Hair

Now, take the doll’s hair out of the tub and set it aside. Empty the tub and fill it with clean water. Then, rinse the doll’s hair.

As soon as the water turns soapy, rinse the tub again and repeat this step at least three times. Make sure you get all the shampoo out. 

You can wash the hair under a running tap if need be. Even a tiny bit of shampoo residue can cause long-term damage to the doll’s hair.

Step 6: Dry And Brush The Hair

Hang your doll upside down to air dry the hair for a while. You can also pat it dry with a towel. Avoid using a hairdryer as it can damage the strands.

Once the hair is damp, you can start brushing it with a wide-toothed brush. Go slowly to avoid breaking or damaging the hair. If the hair still has tangles, you can use your fingers to work them out.

Final Thoughts 

Now that we’ve answered your question, “Do LOL dolls have real hair?” and explained the process of washing the tresses, you can go ahead and buy one for your little one.

Keep in mind that there’s no way to ensure you’ll get LOL dolls with hair when you place your order. You’ll only know when you open the surprise can!

Last updated on September 14th, 2022 at 11:31 pm

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