Do Pokémon Fall In Love? 

Do Pokémon Fall In Love? 

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Pokémon was created as a sort of comic strip in a magazine back in the ‘80s. Originally called Pocket Monster, Pokémon ended up going from a column in a magazine to a TV show. 

The show began in 1997 in Japan. The main character was named Satoshi after the creator. Once the show’s viewership went worldwide, Satoshi was renamed Ash. 

Ash has been the same age since the show’s beginning. Instead of aging the show around the world, it stays the same for many generations of children to enjoy. 

While the Pokémon Universe may not age, do the character storylines develop and fall in love?

Since the series is mainly focused around Ash and his Pokémon there isn’t much of a storyline for love. The show is geared mainly toward children and love isn’t too big on their minds. 

However, there have been supporting characters that have had quite a crush on Ash over the years. 

  • Misty: One of the best “love interests” that has been portrayed in Pokémon is Ash and Misty. The first several seasons of the show were based around their will they/won’t they relationship. Even though Misty was gone from the show for a few seasons, many fans still hold out hope for Ash and Misty reuniting. 
  • Melody: Melody was brought on as a rival character for Misty. She had a very forward personality that many fans did not care for. Ash was also not a fan of Melody’s forwardness either. If anything, Melody helped in promoting the “relationship” between Ash and Misty. 
  • Serena:  She is the closest Ash has come to having a girlfriend. She has made her interest in Ash clear as well. Her entire storyline, while she was a part of the series, was based on her crush on Ash. In her last part of the show, she was seen giving Ash a goodbye kiss. While many fans still prefer Ash and Misty, Serena is also a good alternative. 
  • Latias: Her character is a unique one. Originally a Pokémon, Latias, took on the appearance of a girl named Bianca. She took on the form to walk among people and developed a crush on Ash. Even though she was a Pokémon species, it was clear to fans that she had a crush on Ash. Even though producers tried to bring a relationship between her and Ash, fans did not care for it. After all, Bianca was just a Pokémon. 

While none of these relationships turned into a love for Ash, that doesn’t dismiss the idea that there will never be love in the Pokémon Universe. 

There is also a theory that Professor Oak and Delia Ketchum, Ash’s mom, are quite the item. They always seem to be together, but many fans do not accept this. 

Since there is no word as to who Ash’s father is, many fans are still holding out hope that he’s out there somewhere. 

Ash does have a great deal of love for his Pokémon. He loves them in the way a pet owner loves their cats and dogs. He makes sure to care for them and lovingly protects them. 

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Is Catching Pokémon Cruel Or Kind? 

Some see catching Pokémon as cruel. If we were to find animals in our world and capture them and store them in little balls, it would be considered animal cruelty. 

The trainers even use their captured Pokémon in battles. What about Pokémon in their universe, is it cruel or kind to catch the Pokémon? 

There are animal activists that do believe catching Pokémon promotes animal cruelty in the real world. They believe that since the animals are ripped from their environment and held in Pokéballs. 

In the actual Pokémon Universe, the trainers cannot force the Pokémon to do anything. They cannot force the animals into battles they do not want to participate in. That makes people feel that Pokemon enjoy battling and it isn’t cruel. 

The trainers are held to high standards when it comes to capturing and training their Pokémon. 

Do Pokémon Want To Get Caught? 

Pokémon and humans live together somewhat peacefully in the world of Pokémon. Pokémon are considered animals or monsters within the Pokémon Universe. 

Since the whole goal in the Pokémon Universe is to catch Pokémon and train them for battle, are there some Pokémon that want to get caught? 

Pokémon can choose to get caught. They can also choose to not be caught as well. If they feel a trainer is not worthy then they will evade capture. 

Pokémon can also choose whether or not to obey their trainer as well. 

What Are Ash’s Strongest Pokémon? 

Since Ash has gathered up quite a few Pokémon over the years, he has plenty of strong Pokémon to use in battles. Though all the Pokémon are useful, he relies on a strong crew to help win the majority of his battles. 

Here are some of the strongest Pokémon that Ash has in his collection. 

  • Pikachu: Though Pikachu has never evolved, it is still one of Ash’s strongest Pokémon in battle. Pikachu has defeated some of the strongest Pokémon such as Tapu Koko and Drake’s Dragonite. 
  • Charizard: Ash has had much success in training Charizard to be one of the most powerful in his collection. At first, Charizard was difficult to work with since it refused to listen to Ash. Charizard is one of Ash’s most reliable and trustworthy Pokémon when it heads into battle. 
  • Greninja: This Pokémon is not only very strong but also moves incredibly fast. 
  • Heracross: It is known to be very strong in battle. Though it does have a quirky personality, it can get pretty serious when it needs to and be strong in battle. This Bug/Fighting Type becomes very combative. 
  • Melmetal: This Pokémon is fairly new to Ash’s collection. During its short time in the series, it has shown its worth and is extremely powerful. 
  • Dragonite: Dragonite has been shown to help get Ash out of a few tight spots in tough situations. Its monstrous size helps when fighting against its opponents. 
  • Infernape: This fire and fighting type creature is very useful in battle. Its unevolved form of Chimchar is already a fan favorite for its cuteness but proves its worth in battle when it evolves. 
  • Gengar: This mischievous character is a force to be reckoned with. Gengar is one of the most powerful Ghost-Types that proves to be very strong in battle. 
  • Sceptile: It is great in battle, it is so powerful it has defeated Darkrai. This is a great ally for any trainer to have in their arsenal for battle. 
  • Snorlax: The Snorlax is a Generation 1 Pokémon. It has a humorous personality and is known for its constant hunger. It is also very strong and athletic when used in battle. 

Final Thoughts

Even though there may not be actual “love” between the characters or Pokemon in the Pokémon Universe there are some crushes between some of the main characters.

Ash does have a great love for all his Pokémon like we love our pets. He has caught many Pokémon that were out in the wild and shown them love like a pet. 

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