Do Pokemon Regain Hp/Heal Over Time?

Last updated on September 14th, 2022 at 05:31 pm

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Last updated on September 14th, 2022 at 05:31 pm

The monster battling game of Pokemon has many versions. From the classic trading card game to the animated television series and Pokemon Go mobile game Pokemon is a well known game of unique creatures trained for matchups to see who is the strongest Pokemon. 

One thing that many people wonder about is healing their Pokemon. Do they heal over time? 

To revive or heal a Pokemon you have to use potions. The only other way would be to evolve the Pokemon.

Every Pokemkn has their own set of stats in the game. Some can gain higher Hit Points referred to as HP. Once a Pokemon gets struck or damaged they lose some of their HP that must be regained later after the battle.

A Pokemon needs to be healed so that it can regain its strength for the next match.

There is no way your Pokemon can naturally heal in the game. You have to use special Hyper Potions to heal the Pokemon if they get injured. 

In the mobile game Pokemon Go, Pokemon can level up, open gifts, or visit the PokeStops or Gyms to gain more HP. A Pokemon does not just gain HP or heal over time. There are things you have to do for this process to happen. 

How Long Does It Take For Pokémon To Revive?

Pokemon aren’t invincible. If a Pokemon is injured it will cost you in-game currency to revive them (or potions if you have them). Some battles will be more challenging than others and that’s all in how the game is played.

If your Pokemon has fainted how long will it take for them to be revived? 

Pokemon can be revived in a matter of a few minutes. If you need potions or revives to heal your Pokemom then this may take extra time as you get the resources you need to bring it back.

By reaching certain levels you can gain extra stats. At Level 5 you can start receiving potions and revives. And at Level 30 you get Max Revive. 

In the game Pokemon Go, the Pokemon refresh every five minutes allowing you to continue with the game.

The more advanced you become in the game, the more you will be able to revive your Pokemon. As well as training the Pokemon, you must care for them and bring them back to good health. 

The fastest ways to do this are as mentioned earlier in this article by leveling up, receiving gifts, or visiting the Pokestops or Gyms. 

Which Pokemon Should I Evolve?

In the game of Pokemon humans capture and train the Pokemon creatures for battles. A Pokemon can grow more advanced as you play the game and fight them in matchups. 

Pokemon can also evolve into a better species with more abilities that make them stronger at fighting in battles. But which Pokemon should you evolve first? 

Ideally you will want to evolve your Pokemon that you use the most first. As that Pokemon becomes more and more powerful you can start to evolve others to help them catch up. 

Evolving is good for a Pokemon. It helps them grow and you should try to evolve all the Pokemon you can for better battles.

Evolving a Pokemon will make it a new species. It also will increase its moves and abilities and will make it stronger. 

Always evolve any Pokemon you are training when you are able to. This will help you in battles. The stronger the Pokemon the more victories you will get.

Boost in experience points will also give the Pokemon a higher Combat Power or CP and HP. The more you use and train your Pokemon the better it will be on the battlefield. 

Evolving is a good way to up your scores and come out with the win.

How Do Pokemon Regain HP?

When a Pokemkn goes into battle it takes its set of moves, abilities and points with them. In the fight, if they are injured they will lose those hit points. The HPs must be restored before future battles. So how are they regained?

Pokemon regain Hit Points through either using potions or evolving it into a stronger Pokemon.

HP or Hit Points are a Pokemon’s lifeline. Think of them as their stamina or health. When a Pokemon takes damage from an oppong Pokemon then it loses some of its HP and must regain it back again. 

Hyper Potions can help heal the wounded Pokemon. These potions cost about 1200 Pokemon dollars.

If a Pokemon loses all of its HPs it will faint and can only be restored by using revives. At level 30 you will gain Max Revives and they will be helpful in the event that your Pokemom does end up fainting during the battle.

You can improve your Pokémon’s HP by powering up or evolving it. Some Pokemon can gain a lot of HP. Here are the top twenty:

  • Eternatus has 255 HP and is a type of dragon Pokemon and when evolved can be a strong monster on the battlefield.
  • Blissey has 255 HP and is a normal type of Pokemon with a special defense.
  • Chansey has 250 HP and is a normal type Pokemon and able to run fast.
  • Guzzlord has 223 HP and is a type of dragon Pokemon. It is big and scary and can gobble up mountains and whole buildings.
  • Zygarde has 216 HP and is a type of dragon Pokemon that radiates high powered energy that eliminates everything.
  • Redidrago has 200 HP and is a type of dragon Pokemon that uses high and special attacks.
  • Wobbuffet has 190 HP and is a type of psychic Pokemon with great endurance. These Pokemon try to outdo one another.
  • Wailord has 170 HP and is a type of water Pokemon. It is the largest Pokemon as blue whale swimming and eating large amounts of food.
  • Alomomola has 165 HP and is a type of water Pokemon that brings wounded Pokemon to shore.
  • Snorlax has 160 HP and is a normal type Pokemon that eats and sleeps a lot.
  • Slaking has 150 HP and is a normal type Pokemon that spends the day laying around storing its calories for a higher HP.
  • Giratina has 150 HP and is a ghost/dragon Pokemon. It is a massive legendary Pokemon that is hard to take down.
  • Drifblim 150 HP is a ghost and flying Pokemon that uses souls of dead humans and Pokemon for the raw materials of gas in its body.
  • Hariyama has 144 HP and is a fighting Pokemon that uses powerful moves like close combat and also has a Sheer force hidden ability to increase its attack power.
  • Wigglytuff has 140 HP and is a normal/fairy Pokemon that uses moves and abilities for a competitive match.
  • Lunala has 137 HP and is a psychic/ghost Pokemon that has a special attack.
  • Sogaleo has 137 HP and is a psychic/steel Pokemon that is well balanced with high base stats.
  • Muncklax has 135 HP and is a normal type Pokemon with a special defense, physical attack and special moves.
  • Melmetal has 135 HP and is a steel type Pokemon that is very tough and a physical powerhouse.
  • Vaporeon has 130 HP and is a type of water Pokemon that is really fast and can do a lot of physical damage with special attack stats and special defense.

Many people love the hobby of collecting Pokemon cards or playing Pokemon go. If you put your Pokemon in battle and it gets damaged, losing some of its hit points, there is no way it will naturally gain them again over time. 

Potions, revives, and Hit Points must be purchased or earned by leveling up. After getting more health for your Pokemon you are ready for the next monster battle.

Last updated on September 14th, 2022 at 05:31 pm

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