Do Reborn Baby Dolls Poop?

Last updated on September 14th, 2022 at 08:17 pm

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Last updated on September 14th, 2022 at 08:17 pm

Reborn baby dolls are unique yet artistically designed. They look so much like a real baby that they can even be mistaken for one. If they are so much like a real baby, can they do everything a real baby would? 

Can Reborn baby dolls poop?

Reborn babies can’t poop because they do not eat any food or food like substances that would allow them to simulate pooping. However they can “drink” so they will also “pee” because of that. 

So no pooping for these realistic newborns. There are videos on YouTube suggesting that people’s Reborns have “pooped” or “actually peed” but this simply is not true. They stage it all before they shoot the video. 

Think about it. It’s just a doll. And if you aren’t feeding it real food (or pretend food), and it doesn’t have actual human organs for breaking down the food there is no way it can actually poop. 

Though some owners of these dolls like to pretend it is so.

Now, saying this, some dolls have a tub inside of it so that when you pour water down the doll’s mouth it travels through and comes out looking as if the doll has “peed”. These “Drink and Wet Reborns” are going to cost a lot more because of what they can do. 

Reborn baby dolls cost anywhere from hundreds to thousands of dollars each for the most unique dolls depending on what the artist wants to sell it for and what features it has. 

They put a lot of work into making their dolls look real and do an amazing job at it.

What Does A Reborn Baby Doll Do? 

Doll artists or reborners are skilled in making the doll look and feel just like a real baby. From its realistic eyes to its variation of skin colors these dolls truly can look lifelike.

Most Reborn baby dolls don’t do anything but look realistic. Some however may make noises, cry, pee, breathe and have a heartbeat. The Reborn baby artists try to simulate a real baby in as many ways as possible. 

By placing devices inside the doll, artists make the “baby” sound like it is crying or breathing. And like we talked about earlier some have tubs to even simulate peeing. 

It is not recommended to put real food in a Reborn doll since this can result in mold buildup inside of it and no one wants that. Especially since they cost so much.

Reborn dolls can look so similar to a human baby that there have been times 911 was called because of one left in a car, on a bench,etc. They also have been used in movies so they didn’t need to be cared for as a real baby would.

Is There A Baby Doll That Poops? 

For some reason kids seem to love gross things. From slime to pop-a-zit games and everything in between. Toy companies have realized this and answered with pooping dolls. 

There absolutely are baby dolls that simulate pooping. Currently certain Baby Alive, Baby Born, and Lalaloopsy dolls can actually pretend poop.

The Baby Alive Super Snacks Snackin’ Lily come with an adorable set of accessories. After she is fed her yummy food, simply wait while she “poops” it into her diaper. Kids love to care for her as they have watched their parents care for siblings.

Then there’s the Baby Born Surprise Magic Potty Surprise Doll. This big eyed baby doll eats, drinks, “pees” and “poops”. Surprises await after she has gone potty. She pees colorful glitter and poops surprise charms. 

She is a little less of a gross option for your kid’s doll.

Lastly, the Lalaloopsy Babies Diaper Surprise drinks water and by pressing its belly button you can check the diaper to see that it has pooped out charms. The diapers also have color changing patterns on them.

How Do You Care For A Silicone Reborn Doll? 

If you own a Reborn baby and need a few tips on how to care for it let me assure you that it is much simpler than you may be thinking. You will want to do it right but it is not like caring for an actual baby.

To properly care for a Reborn doll just keep it clean as needed and let it dry out properly if you give it a “drink”. If you wash the doll it’s a good idea to properly dry it’s hair while combing it out. 

When bathing the doll, only do so as needed. If the doll is really dirty then it will need to be washed. 

Sponge baths are best using room temperature water and a mild soap or shampoo. You could also use a soft cloth or soft bristled brush or even your hands to gently remove any dirt or stains from your doll. 

To wash the doll’s hair, be gentle and rinse with room temperature water. Some can be washed in the bathtub so your child can bathe it during their own bath time. But if the doll has batteries or devices in it be careful and only wipe down the skin when it is dirty.

The doll can then be laid out on a light colored towel ( because dark colors may bleed into its skin) and air dried. You can blow dry the hair on the low setting holding it 8 to 10 inches from the skin. Don’t get the heat directly on the doll’s skin and move the blow dryer constantly so as not to melt or damage the doll. 

The doll will dry quickly so this won’t take too long. 

To keep your Reborn baby doll in good condition, swirl some baby powder (non-scented) on a brush over the whole doll. You may need to do this every time it is dressed or every day. 

That powder makes the skin more lifelike and keeps it smelling fresh just like a baby. To get dirt out from small areas of the doll a cotton swab may be used. All in all, be gentle with the doll and take care of it so it will last.


Reborn baby dolls cannot poop. They may look real but they are not and should be used for what they are, just a doll. 

Even though they are realistic and the artists try to make them as lifelike as possible, the dolls are not designed to allow them to fake poop. 

Some Reborn dolls may simulate going potty and “peeing” but as of now there are none that simulate pooping. 

If you want a baby doll that simulates pooping, consider purchasing the Baby Alive doll mentioned above. 

Reborn baby dolls have helped grieving women who have lost babies and those struggling with mental health issues. Some people also just enjoy the hobby of collecting them and some make the dolls. 

Last updated on September 14th, 2022 at 08:17 pm

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