Do Reborn Dolls Move?

Do Reborn Dolls Move?

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People, especially budding collectors, often ask this question when they want to expand their collection of lifelike dolls or gift something precious to their kids.

You can easily find Reborn dolls that can move. The movements are, however, limited to the eyes, arms, legs, and head.

If you are wanting dolls that have more movements than this you will have to get dolls from a different company or hold out hoping that Reborn will add additional movements in the future. 

For most people this is enough movement but if you want more than you will need to go with other alternative dolls. 

To see the most popular Reborn dolls just click here. 

5 Reborn Dolls That Can Move

Below are a few Reborn dolls that can keep your kids entertained for hours while helping them acquire cognitive and social skills by moving. 

Each of these dolls are different so be sure and click the links to each one to see which doll you prefer. 

1. ZIYIUI 18-inch 45-cm Reborn Baby Doll Boy

This Reborn baby boy is a realistic handmade toy that makes an excellent gift for kids three years and above. It can wear the clothes of newborn babies.

The head, arms, and legs of the doll are made of high-quality, soft silicone vinyl. The body is made with cotton-covered fabric. 

You can move the limbs of the doll to make him sit and lie down. He can’t stand up, though. Since the doll is sleeping, his eyes remain closed.

Furthermore, this doll has hand-tied mohair that resembles real baby hair. You can style it any way you like. 

Please note that this doll can’t speak. It’s also best to avoid putting him in water.

The set includes a baby doll, feeding bottle, protective bag, birth certificate, gift box, bear doll, clothes, and diapers. It is an ideal gift for your kid’s birthday or Christmas. 

You can also buy one to spark your child’s interest in pre-school activities, nurturing games, and role-playing.    

2. Realistic Newborn Baby Dolls, 18 inch

This Reborn baby doll resembles a real teenage girl. It boasts much more details than regular dolls.

Weighing approximately 2.5 pounds, this doll is the perfect size for kids to play with and carry around. The head, along with ¾ arms and legs, is made of high-grade silicone. They can move a little. 

On the other hand, the body is soft cotton, which means she is very cuddly and huggable.

Rest assured that all materials used are high-quality, safe, and non-toxic.

3. Doll 21.6 Inch 55Cm Reborn Baby

This 21.6-inch Reborn baby doll is one of the best products out there. It weighs around 2.6 pounds, ensuring that kids can carry it around with ease and comfort.

This baby doll is made of silicone vinyl and cotton cloth. It has a cotton jointed body that feels soft to the touch. You can’t bathe it, though.

The soft vinyl head can easily turn and move from side to side. However, it doesn’t move up and down. On the other hand, ¾ arms and legs can be moved up and down but can’t be bent or straightened. That’s because the elbows and knees are not movable.

Moving eyes is the feature that makes this Reborn doll stand out from the rest. The eyes close when you make it lie down and open when it is made to sit. 

As far as the hair is concerned, this baby doll has a soft and delicate wig glued to the head. The eyelashes and nails are made by hand with love.

All in all, it is one of the best Reborn dolls that can move. It’ll add to the beauty of your collection and serve as a memorable gift for your little ones.

4. Kaydora Reborn Baby Doll

This Kaydora baby doll looks like a real baby girl. The blue eyes, eyelashes, and wig hair have been set with precision by hand. The hand-painted details make it one of the best Reborn dolls that can move.

It measures 22 inches from head to toe and weighs like a real baby. The ¾ vinyl arms and legs move easily, allowing you to make her sit in different poses. Moreover, you can make her wear the clothes of a newborn (0 to 3 months).

The little fingers of this baby doll are wrinkled, making this doll look and feel like a real baby. All in all, the silicone material ensures safety and durability, allowing kids to enjoy playing with the lifelike doll for years to come.  

5. Meacety Reborn Baby Doll

This African American baby doll is a beautiful, movable toy for kids. The head, arms, and legs are made of superior-quality silicone vinyl. All raw materials are non-toxic and imported for uncompromised quality.

The limbs are active, meaning you can make this baby doll sit or lie down whenever you like. Thanks to the all-silicone body, this doll can go in the water. 

However, it can’t speak or stand. You can’t feed her either.

Overall, the soft and weighted body ensures a real baby feel. Kids can easily carry her around everywhere. She can also fit into the clothes of babies up to 3 months.

The package includes a Reborn doll, pacifier, feeding bottle, diaper, and a suit. It conforms to the ASTM F963 and EN71 safety requirements, indicating that children over three years can enjoy a safe, playful experience with this doll.  

In addition to being a great gift for children, it is perfect for adult doll collectors looking for realistic Reborn dolls that can move.

Final Thoughts 

Reborn dolls that can move are fantastic toys for children. They are more than just cute toys that kids like to pass the time with. The benefits go beyond playing.

It’s no secret that kids love human touch – and you can’t be with them 24/7. A realistic baby doll provides comfort while improving their cognitive, emotional, social, and fine motor skills.

How great is that?

You could also use a Reborn baby doll to help your little one get ready for a new sibling!

I highly recommend the dolls featured in this article if you’re looking to get your kids a memorable present that they’ll hold close to their hearts for years.

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