Does Barbie Dream House Come With Furniture?

Last updated on September 14th, 2022 at 10:46 pm

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Last updated on September 14th, 2022 at 10:46 pm

It’s no secret that the Barbie Dream House is one of the most popular toys for any child below ten. Your kid has to assemble the Barbie Dream House if they want to play with it so this toy improves your child’s motor skills as well. 

But what exactly is included with the Barbie Dream House? Does it include the furniture? 

The Barbie Dream House comes with its furniture, flooring, and accessories. You’ll find yourself mesmerized, even as an adult by the intricacies of the architecture that goes into making a Barbie Dream House.

Barbie dream houses are a work of art. Back in the day, these toy houses challenged norms by letting little girls build the house for Barbie. 

Little girls were the targeted demographic of Barbie back in the day because many people still believed Barbies, dolls, and dollhouses to be restrictive to the female gender. However, Barbie Dream Houses required motor skills and technical thinking. 

There was an underlying message which resonated and said, “Barbie makes her own house. You can too.”

Unlike other Barbie toys, which are about performance, imagination, and creativity, the Barbie Dream House is more than just a model that you could place in your room. It is interactive, you have to build it, and Mattel did a wonderful job with these dream houses. 

I remember being seven- years old and learning the concept of lighting and electricity because I had to install lights on my sibling’s Barbie Dream House. I can only imagine what other kids might have learned.

Does the Barbie Dream House Come With Accessories?

The Barbie Dream House is not just a toy that lets you assemble it. It is a fun toy to play with too. But does it include all the necessary accessories with the purchase? 

The Barbie Dream House comes with accessories, furniture, and flooring. Which accessories it comes with will change with every model but accessories are always included. 

The Dream House is very realistic as it tells little kids about everything they would have to do if they had a house of their own. 

It teaches them about the process of building a house from start to finish. Usually, little children have very little to do with the placement of objects in their house or even in their rooms.

The reason behind this is that most kids don’t really care about things being in harm’s way, and they haven’t yet developed an aesthetic sense. 

However, the Barbie Dream House comes with accessories that let their imaginations run wild. Even the smallest of the Barbie Dream Houses come with fences, furniture, flooring, and lighting. 

A child can decide if they want to keep a table in the courtyard or the middle of their room. The Dream House can provide them with a location to act out their fantasies. 

With the background of the Barbie Dream House, there could even be an entire war that’s being waged between Ken, Barbie, and all of the other dolls.

The accessories let your kids be in charge of their aesthetic which is why all of the Dream Houses made to date come with them. 

You don’t want the child to feel like they’ve built a house that no one is going to be using. Though the Barbie dream house doesn’t come with a plethora of accessories, it’s one of those things where you can add accessories, and they’ll fit right in.

Does the Barbie Dream House Come Assembled?

If you are wanting to get a Barbie Dream House for your child or grandchild for the holidays, birthday, etc. you might be wondering whether it comes assembled or how exactly that works. 

The Barbie Dream House doesn’t come assembled, and that’s perhaps the best part about it. That allows the child to build their own house to their own specifications. 

However, if the child is younger it not being assembled means that an adult will have to spend a good amount of time putting it together. 

Barbie Dream Houses take a lot of time to assemble. Most of them have pieces that are large enough that you can leave your 5-year old to assemble them on their own. 

However, more often than not, your child will come to you for help. It’s a great way for you to spend some time with your children as you’re assembling the Dream House together. 

You will also get to watch your child go through a learning curve as they decide which pieces they need to put together. The box comes with instructions that are easy for a child to read. 

It comes with infographics that will tell the child about the total pieces in the box and allows them to keep track of their materials. 

The Barbie Dream House condenses the many phases of home construction into a single toy. It’s clear that this toy doesn’t recreate the process of building a house exactly. Still, it features many intricacies that will make your child think about their own house. 

Your child is more likely to ask you questions regarding buildings and construction after this.

The Barbie Dream House challenges your child intellectually while also being an aesthetically pleasing item. They manage to do something that most toys don’t; they’re not condescending. 

They treat children as people and honor their needs.

Barbie Dream Houses can also be used with other Barbie toys like the Barbie Dream Closet and the Barbie camper. Your child can create a whole Barbie Girl in a Barbie World aesthetic using these toys.

Is the Barbie Dream House Worth It?

These Barbie Dream Houses don’t come for cheap. One house can retail anywhere from eighty to hundreds of dollars. The Barbie Dream House is a great toy, but it’s not inexpensive. 

The Barbie Dream House is pretty expensive but most people feel that it is worth it since their kids will play with it for many years. The hours spent playing with their Barbies, accessories, and the Dream House makes it worth the higher price. 

Most Dream Houses come with several rooms and garages. They take up a lot of space in a room as well so if your child’s room is already cramped then this likely isn’t a good purchase. 

Final Thoughts

The Barbie Dream House comes with furniture and provides your children with a great opportunity to design their own dream house.  It challenges your child’s intelligence and enhances their imagination and motor skills. 

You can use a Barbie Dream House as a way to spend time with your child as you help them assemble it or even play with it after assembly. 

It’s more tangible than some of the other Barbie toys you would get for your child since you have to make something instead of playing pretend. It’s relatively easy to assemble, and even your child can do it if they are a little older. 

Your child gets to feel a rush of accomplishment as they complete their Dream House. However, the Barbie Dream House can be a little bit on the expensive side. 

So, make sure you carefully consider how often it will be played with and how much room there is to put it before buying one for your child.

Last updated on September 14th, 2022 at 10:46 pm

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