Does Barbie Have A Baby/Kids?

Does Barbie Have A Baby/Kids?

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If you or your kids love Barbie there might be some questions about her that you can’t find the answer to anywhere. One of those questions is whether or not Barbie has any children. 

Barbie doesn’t have a baby or other kids and never has. She does have younger siblings but no kids of her own. 

There are several reasons why Mattel chose to make the creative decision of making Barbie not be a parent of any children. 

When Mattel originally introduced Skipper into the Barbie Universe, it was thought that the younger and smaller dolls could be Barbie’s offspring. However, Mattel explained that Skipper is Barbie’s younger sister. 

Barbie is a shorthand for Barbara, and her family relations include her mother, father, and siblings. There have been versions of Barbie playing parts in movies where it could have been inferred that she gave birth. 

However, in the Barbie Universe, Barbie is childless.

Barbie is a doll aimed at a specific demographic — little girls. The demographics have changed now, with many parents opting for more gender-neutral toys. 

However, the demographics for Barbie still stay dominated by young girls who use them as representatives in their fairyland. Every Barbie has a theme, which influences young girls.

Even when Mattel first introduced her, Barbie’s narrative involved being a career woman and not a homemaker. She always came with the best clothes and the best hair, all of which are bought with money.

Barbie is designed to be whatever a child wants her to be, and so, her existence concerning other members of the Barbie Universe – except for Ken — is not something children get to witness, and this is an intentional move by Mattel.

Today, I will be going over some of the reasons for Barbie not having kids and why she likely won’t have them in the future.

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Why Does Barbie Not Have Kids?

Mattel is the company behind Barbie, and it has never come out with a statement or a doll that puts Barbie anywhere near motherhood.  This strategic move could have been because of several reasons. I will list some of the reasons below.

1. Barbie Is A Younger Doll 

Barbie’s age is never mentioned. Even when Mattel has released versions of Barbie that come with a wedding gown, she’s never mentioned as a married doll. 

We can assume here that she is young, somewhere around 18 or 20. So, to place her in the role of motherhood could raise questions that Mattel wants to avoid such as whether adults should have kids that young and even who the father is. 

2. It Restricts Children’s Creativity 

Releasing a playset or merchandise in which Barbie is the mother to a child may cause some children to not want the doll. To a child, Barbie is a representation of their self-image, and playing with her doll allows them to project all their creative ambitions onto her. 

However, her taking the role of a mother could make the child feel that she cannot exist without her child.

3. It’s Not Part Of Her Character 

Barbie has always been positioned as having a career and throwing herself full heartedly into it. She’s been a president, an astronaut, a doctor, and a nurse. 

However, since Barbie is not a fleshed-out character, motherhood hasn’t been a part of her design. There has been no insinuation of a baby’s room in any of Barbie’s dream houses, and she’s never had baby accessories as a part of any of her models. 

Mattel even released another doll in the Barbie Universe that had a baby, and her name was Midge. However, Barbie was never seen as a mother. 

There are other toys for kids who want to act like parents so Barbie doesn’t have to fill that gap.

4. Barbie Never Gets Married 

Part of the allure of Barbie is that she can take on as many roles as she wants without them becoming a part of her personality, similar to how she takes on different roles in her movies like 12 Dancing Princesses and Princess and the Pauper.

Barbie is almost always used as an actress in these movies, playing a part, and once the movie is completed, Barbie walks off the animated set. So, even if she has gotten married several times in the Barbie movieverse, she’s single outside of it.

Ken and Barbie’s relationship has been established as that of boyfriend and girlfriend. This fact is cemented by her song “I’m a Barbie girl,” and the cameo Barbie and Ken have in the Toy Story movies. There were rumors that they broke up in 2020 due to the pandemic.

 In any case, Mattel likely wouldn’t want Barbie to be a mother because Ken and Barbie aren’t married.

The introduction of a baby in Barbie’s life without the preface of marriage would raise questions in many children about premarital relations. This is a heavy conversation for most parents so Mattel would likely want to avoid controversy by not bringing this up. 

Mattel has kept most of Barbie’s views conservative to not face the wrath of mothers. Mattel may not want to tarnish Barbie’s image in the eyes of parents and kids alike.

5.  She’s Seen As A Role Model 

For many little girls, their dolls become a part of their lives. Many children use dolls to play pretend on what they would do when they grow up. 

If a child’s doll had the narrative of a wedding and motherhood, the child may feel that this is the route that they need to follow as well. This fact sets an unrealistic expectation on the doll as well as the children. 

It can get complicated for kids easily. 

Since Barbie has to be perfect, the conflict between the child’s narrative and the doll’s narrative could also create some anxieties in the child’s mind.

Final Thoughts

Barbie doesn’t have a baby or kids as this would introduce a complicated concept to young girls at an early age. It could ultimately create outrage from their mothers and other parents when children bring up questions about this with them.

Thus, to simplify dolls for kids, Mattel has specifically never mentioned anything about Barbie’s marital status or her role as a mother.

People understand that Mattel may not want Barbie to get married, as it hinders children’s creativity in play to have other narratives imposed on them. 

Mattel wants to promote Barbie as a young, able, and intelligent career woman who can be anything she wants to be and encourage young girls to make choices that suit them best whether that’s being a mother or not. 

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