Does The LOL Dollhouse Need Batteries?

Last updated on September 14th, 2022 at 11:26 pm

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Last updated on September 14th, 2022 at 11:26 pm

This is one question that pops up in the mind of most customers when they see the huge structure with lights, sounds, elevators, and whatnot for the first time.

If you have collected multiple LOL dolls over the years and think they need an ultimate hangout spot, you’ll love the LOL Surprise Dollhouse and would want to know if it needs batteries to work.

The LOL Surprise Dollhouse requires 9 AA batteries to work. Lucky for you, they are included in the package, so you don’t have to worry about buying them separately.

However these batteries will die over time so having some extra AA batteries on hand is always a good idea. Also the batteries that come with the dollhouse won’t be the best quality so they might not last as long as name brand batteries will. 

7 Things You Should Know About The LOL Surprise Dollhouse

The company has designed an elite house for the super adorable LOL dolls. It’s time to say goodbye to the makeshift dollhouses you may have made using plastic bins, shoe boxes, or other things that were lying around. 

The LOL Surprise Dollhouse is huge, fancy, and oh-so-colorful. It comes with several pieces to make playtime extra exciting for your little ones!  

Here are a few things you should know about this dollhouse before you make the purchase.

1. The Dimensions Are 3 Ft. x 1.5 Ft.

When I say the LOL Surprise Dollhouse is HUGE, I mean it!

The package weighs approximately 44 pounds, which means you might need a helping hand to carry it.

Once you assemble the house and set it up, its base will be 3 feet by 1.5 feet. 

So before you buy it you will want to make sure that you have ample space on a table or the floor to display this beautiful house.

2. You Have to Set It Up

The LOL dollhouse is made of laminated pressed wood (hence the weight). It also doesn’t come assembled.

Once the package is home, make sure you unbox it for your kids since a pair of scissors will be required. 

You’ll see that it’s flat-packed like IKEA furniture. There’ll be lots of wooden panels.

No part of the dollhouse will be pre-assembled. You’ll have to set up the whole structure on your own. 

The package includes instructions, tools, and screws to help you get started. 

On the instructions sheet, you’ll find a list of box contents. You should check the box to confirm you have all the pieces before you start assembling.

3. It has 3 Floors and 6 Rooms

This 80s-style LOL dollhouse has two rooms on the first floor: a kitchen and a living room. The bedroom and bathroom are on the second floor.

A spiral staircase leads you to the third floor, where you’ll find a walk-in closet that can be used as the second bedroom and rooftop patio.

A private elevator takes the dolls from one floor to another.  

4. It Includes a Moving Truck and Unboxable Furniture

When going through the box contents, you’ll find a cardboard moving truck inside of which there’ll be pink and black moving boxes. Each box has the furniture and has the name of the room it’s supposed to go in.

While the sides of the boxes are perforated, you should supervise your kid while they’re unboxing or do it yourself, as scissors may be required. 

We suggest opening everything carefully so you can reuse the boxes later.

5. It Has Several REAL Working Components

Now, you must be wondering what the batteries are used for. Well, the LOL Surprise Dollhouse has a lot of tech parts to make playtime super fun. 

The lamp in the living room can be switched on to illuminate the space. Moreover, the bathtub in the bathroom lights up, and the toilet makes flushing sounds. The dollhouse also has an elevator that moves up and down.

This is all because of batteries!

6. It Has A Patio For Doll Parties

If you pull out the bottom of the house, it’ll reveal a leisure deck featuring three separate pools!

The large, heart-shaped pool is filled with cool water, while the smaller pool is a hot tub. 

Your children can enjoy dipping the LOL dolls in the pool and then the tub to see their color’s changing.

7. It Comes with a Family of Three Dolls

With the LOL Surprise Dollhouse, you get three exclusive matching dolls (two sisters and a pet). These dolls are not sold separately.

You’ll find the doll family nicely packed in a box inside the moving truck. Other LOL dolls come in balls. Each doll brings a blind bag with her.

What’s NOT Included With The LOL Dollhouse?

Below are a few items you may spot on the package but aren’t included in the LOL dollhouse.

• A large group of LOL dolls and pets (you’ll only get two dolls and a pet)

• Kinetic sand for the sandbox

• Extra bags and accessories

• Kitchen utensils and food (these items are shown for illustrative purposes only)

How To Take Care Of The LOL Surprise Dollhouse

The LOl dollhouse is super easy to clean and maintain. The laminated wood doesn’t get scratched, damaged, or stained easily.

While this dollhouse is made to last for years, you can prolong its life by following the tips below.

• Dust every corner of the house at least once a month.

• Clean the furniture with an oil-free spray regularly.

• Fill the scratches with a furniture touch-up marker.

• Empty the hot tub and pool when not in use. In rare cases, when they leak, the water warps the wood.

• Mix a small quantity of liquid dish soap with warm water to wash the dollhouse. Use cold water for rinsing.

Final Thoughts

This guide answered alot of frequently asked questions about the LOL dollhouse and whether it needs batteries or not. I also tried to cover exactly what’s inside the package.

It’ll help you assemble the beautiful LOL Surprise Dollhouse and take proper care of it with ease, prolonging its life.

Last updated on September 14th, 2022 at 11:26 pm

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