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Does Walmart (Target) Sell Barbie Dolls?

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Has a child ever asked you for a Barbie doll for their Birthday, Christmas or other holiday?

You may have decided you want to buy a Barbie doll for someone, but you ask yourself, “Where do I go to shop for a Barbie doll?”

When deciding to buy a Barbie doll, you will probably want to buy a Barbie doll from a place that is convenient to your location so Walmart or Target might be your first thought. 

But do they sell Barbies? 

Both Walmart and Target sell various Barbie dolls but which ones they carry can change throughout the year. Around Christmas both of these stores will have a bigger variety of Barbies than they will the rest of the year. 

When looking for Barbie dolls, you will want to find a store that carries toys. More specifically, you will want to find a store that carries the Mattel brand since it is the manufacturer of all things Barbie.

Walmart and Target are great places to find Barbie dolls and since they have stores in large cities, and also in rural areas you will likely have one nearby. 

Both stores even have great sales on Barbie dolls at certain times of the year (although this varies by region and toy lifecycle). 

Black Friday and Christmas are perfect times to find discounted Barbie dolls.  The manufacturer is typically making more toys around these times of the year, and will want to move the stock as quickly as possible.  

You can even buy your Barbies in advance, if you know you need a gift for an occasion in the near future.

When looking for a Walmart or Target that sells Barbie dolls, you will find that a Walmart super store, or Target super store will have more availability and stock.  A small Walmart Market may not have a large selection of toys, and therefore not as large of a selection of Barbie dolls.

If you want to find specific Barbies however you will likely have to shop online.

How Much Does The  Average Barbie Doll Cost?

Now that you know that both Walmart and Target carry Barbies your next question might be about how much they cost. Afterall you don’t want to spend a fortune buying a doll! 

Barbie dolls have always been very affordable, compared to other dolls and the average Barbie doll only costs around $10.  Some special edition Barbies or ones with special accessories can cost a bit more however. 

It’s wonderful that the cost of Barbie dolls has remained in line with the cost of living through the years.

Even the newest, and most popular models of Barbie dolls are still affordable.

Will Barbie Dolls Continue To Be A Good Toy To Own?

Barbie dolls have been manufactured for many decades. She was first known in 1959 as “Barbie Millicent Roberts” and was developed after a mom saw her daughter playing with paper dolls, and wondered if her daughter would enjoy a doll that was more realistic.

However, as our lives have changed over the years many people have begun to wonder if the idea of Barbie dolls is out of style or even bad for children!  

Although some people feel like Barbies can hurt a child because of their unrealistic body standards, other people feel like they empower girls as they show that they can grow up to be anything that they want. 

Barbie dolls can be a great way to help children imagine what their future could be and so they will continue to be a good toy for most kids to play with. 

With over 200 career options, Barbie dolls can be purchased to highlight the careers of family members and or friends. Barbie dolls can also be purchased for children to highlight career paths they might choose to follow. 

A few of the career options that have been  represented by Barbie dolls are: 

  • Fashion Designer
  • Artist
  • Chef
  • Ballerina
  • Lifeguard
  • Teacher
  • Hairdresser
  • Rock Star
  • Singer
  • Banker
  • News Anchor
  • Barista
  • Gymnast
  • Skater
  • Doctor
  • Race Car Driver
  • Bee Keeper 
  • Golfer.

Playing with these (and many other) Barbie dolls can spark creativity and imagination.  

Many families even have Barbie dolls they have passed down through the generations.

Walmart and Target currently sell Barbie clothing that can even be used with some of the older Barbie doll models.

It is fun for families to reminisce about retro styles or traditions that are reflected in the clothing or accessories of the early Barbie dolls.

Does Walmart/Target Carry The Accessories For Barbie Dolls?

The nice thing about buying a Barbie doll from a store like Walmart or Target is the many options you have for accessories to go with the Barbie doll you buy.  Some of the Barbie dolls even come with bundle packs of accessories. 

Because Walmart and Target partner with the manufacturer Mattel and sell their Barbie products, they will also typically carry all the Barbie accessories including the houses, vehicles, furniture, clothing, themed products, and food that can accompany the Barbie doll.

These extra products make for a wonderful multifaceted play experience.

Accessories for Barbie dolls could be used to celebrate various holidays, or occasions or a Barbie doll could be purchased with other Barbie dolls to reflect family, friends, neighbors, co-workers, or other groups.

Can I Buy The Collectable Barbie Dolls at Walmart/Target?

The wonderful thing about shopping for Barbie dolls at Walmart and Target is the availability of collectable Barbie dolls. 

Because Walmart and Target are Mattel partners, they are able to sell collectable Barbie dolls as well. However what they carry will be limited so if you are looking for a specific Barbie they might not have it in stock. 

Some people will buy just the collectable Barbie dolls, and save them to give to their children or grandchildren years later when the collectable Barbie doll has gone up in value.  Many people have been surprised to find their Barbie doll has even gone up several hundreds of dollars in value! 

The design team at Mattel is always coming up with great new Barbie dolls, and these designs can usually be found at Walmart and Target.

Are Barbie Dolls Bought at Walmart/Target a Sustainable Product?

Mattel has recently started manufacturing a Barbie doll that is made from recycled plastics.  This Barbie doll looks and feels like the other Barbie dolls it manufactures.  The goal is eventually for all Barbie dolls to include recycled materials.

This new line of recycled Barbie dolls can be purchased from Walmart and Target, as Walmart and Target increase the amount of sustainable products they carry in each one of their stores. 

To know if the Barbies you are buying are made from recycled plastic or not just check the packaging as it should say “Made From Recycled Plastics” on it. 

How Do I Know If My Local Walmart/Target Store Carries a Particular Doll or Accessory I’m Interested In?

There are so many options for various styles of Barbie dolls and accessories, and so many people are purchasing them on a daily basis.  Walmart and Target are open throughout the week, and the hours they are open make shopping there very convenient. 

So if there is a specific Barbie doll or accessory you are looking for, ask an associate at the store to do a search in their computer system for that particular product.

Another option is to call ahead and have someone do a search in their computer system.

If the product isn’t currently in their store, they can contact another store in the area to see if that store may carry the product. This would save some time, and maybe a fruitless trip to the store.

Another option is to go to their website to order.  There are options to have it delivered to the store, or even to your home as well. 

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