How Long Do Trampolines Last? 

Last updated on September 14th, 2022 at 09:58 pm

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Last updated on September 14th, 2022 at 09:58 pm

A trampoline can be a large purchase for your family. You want to make sure that your trampoline will last for years to come. How long a trampoline lasts is not only determined by care but weather as well. 

A trampoline will typically last anywhere from three to eight years. Increasing the longevity of your trampoline is possible as how you take care of your trampoline determines how long the trampoline will last. 

Always check your trampoline to make sure that it is safe to jump on. If you see the springs are starting to rust, it does not mean you need to dispose of the whole trampoline. You can purchase new springs to replace the old ones. 

Additionally, if there are any tears in the mat or net, you can typically patch them. 

If you are purchasing a rebounder,mini trampoline, it can last for many years. A rebounder can typically last for a decade or longer. Again, this depends on how well you take care of it and if it’s stored inside or outside. 

Can You Lose Fat By Jumping On The Trampoline?

Losing weight requires many commitments. You need to eat the right kind of foods and limit any processed and unhealthy foods. You need to fully adopt a new lifestyle of eating to see any real results with weight loss. 

You also need to adopt a consistent regimen of exercise to see lasting results. Everything that deals with burning fat is wrapped up in these two principles of making healthy food choices and consistent exercise. 

Gyms are expensive and often too far away when you’re not in the mood to exercise. You can use some household items to exercise and even go for a walk around the block. Eventually, these exercises become tedious. 

You need something fun and exciting to liven up your workouts. How about adding some jumps on the trampoline to your workout? 

Using a trampoline can increase your chances of burning fat. Jumping on the ground can add extra stress to your joints but when you bounce on the trampoline doing exercises, you can alleviate some of that unwanted stress on your joints. 

Here are some exercises you can try next time you are on the trampoline. 

  • Jumping Jacks: Just bounce on the trampoline and perform jumping jacks like you normally would on the ground.
  • Seat Drops: The seat drop can only be done on an outdoor trampoline. After you jump, instead of landing on your feet, you would land on your bottom. Use your core to propel yourself up off the mat and go back to your starting position.  
  • Half/Full Twist: As you jump, turn your body. When doing a half twist, you will jump and twist to the side. If you are doing a full twist, you jump and turn all the way to the back.  
  • Front Drop: The front drop is another move that can only be done on an outdoor trampoline. After you jump, you will land on all fours. Your knees and hands should hit the mat. After you bounce up, return to the starting position.
  • Pike Drop: The pike drop will make you feel like a cheerleader. As you are in the air, kick your legs straight out in front of you and reach for your toes. Be sure to get enough air underneath you. After you perform this move, you should land on your feet. 
  • Star Jump: As you are high in the air, you will move your arms and legs out creating a star shape. 
  • Truck Jump: While you are in the air, pull your knees to your chest. You can either grab your ankles or your knees with this jump. You land with your body straight and your arms outstretched above your head. 

How Long Should You Exercise On The Trampoline? 

Most everyone has their preference of exercising. Some prefer to get the aggression of the day out with a good martial arts workout. Some people prefer the art of dancing to burn some calories. 

Others will take the universal approach of speed walking. Those who prefer being in the water can work out with swimming and other various water activities. 

Each activity is a great way to burn calories, but does jumping on the trampoline with your kids count as exercise? 

Jumping on the trampoline is a great way to get in your exercise. The next time your kids are outside jumping around, join them. You don’t even need to bounce with them for a long time to burn calories. 

Ten minutes on a trampoline is equal to a half-hour of jogging. You should make a regular habit of jumping on the trampoline to see great results. You might feel sore for the first few days, but as the saying goes, “No pain, no gain.” 

Is Jumping On A Trampoline Bad For Your Brain? 

Safety is always a top priority when it comes to taking care of your children. If you have a trampoline, are your children safe? Is jumping on the trampoline bad for your children’s brains? 

There are a few safety concerns when it comes to jumping on a trampoline. Your children would have to jump really hard on the mat and for a long time to cause brain damage. However, there are other ways that brain damage can occur on a trampoline (specifically by falling off).  

It is best to follow these rules when using your trampoline. 

  • Use a safety enclosure. This will limit any chance of your child falling and hitting the ground after a big bounce. 
  • Place the trampoline in a safe place. Check for trees overhead and make sure your children won’t jump into any tree branches. It is recommended that there be a minimum of 3 ft. space all around the trampoline as well. 
  • Supervise your children. If you allow other children from your neighborhood to jump on the trampoline, be sure you know when they are jumping and if they are jumping properly. You are liable for anything that happens on the trampoline in your yard. 

If something were to happen, here are some signs to watch for with brain injuries. If any of these symptoms appear, follow up with your doctor immediately. 

  • Confusion
  • Dizziness
  • Nausea
  • Tiredness
  • Headache
  • Weakness

Final Thoughts

Jumping on a trampoline is lots of fun for kids and adults alike and it really is a great way to exercise and lose weight. You can expect a normal trampoline to last anywhere from 3-8 years so you will have many enjoyable summers playing (and exercising) with your kids. 

Last updated on September 14th, 2022 at 09:58 pm

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