How Many Legos Are In A Pound? (Should You Buy This Way?)

Last updated on September 14th, 2022 at 11:28 pm

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Last updated on September 14th, 2022 at 11:28 pm

If you are a Lego lover then you likely have come across buying Legos in bulk by the pound. Many people like to buy and sell them like that since it’s far easier than by the piece but how many Legos do you actually get in that pound? 

One pound of Legos will have approximately 200-300 pieces. Since Legos come in many different variations and sizes, that will affect the actual number of Lego pieces that are in a pound. 

For example, if all of the Lego pieces in the pound are larger than you will get less pieces than if all the pieces are smaller. If you get some of the specialty pieces for cars, etc. those will also be heavier per piece which will bring down the piece number in that pound. 

One way to get the best deals on Legos is by purchasing them in bulk. That way, it won’t have to cost you very much at all when compared to buying new sets. 

Sometimes the basic bricks are just what you need to get started or to increase the normal Legos that you or your kids can build with. 

Buying used Legos by the pound is a great option for many people since you will save money and get a massive amount of new bricks to build with. 

How Much Do Legos Weigh?

Standard Legos weigh 2.5 grams each. A kilogram (2.2lbs) of these standard Legos consists of 400 pieces.  

But again, that is for the standard sized Legos. 

Legos sets are composed of many different parts and elements that are essentials to form a model so there aren’t any sets that have all “standard” pieces thereby making the actual weight of each Lego piece quite a bit different. 

Selling Used Legos By the Pound 

Have you ever wondered how much you would be able to sell your used Legos for? 

Of course the prices for Legos can vary but the general rule of thumb is that Legos are worth around $12 a pound currently. 

If your collection is organized by color and design, it can bring you more money as the more desirable pieces are worth more than just mixed Lego sets. 

Minifigures are also worth considerably more so in most cases those won’t be sold in a bag by the pound. 

Smart Ways to Buy Legos

If you are wanting to get some Legos but want to know some of the best ways to do so then keep reading below. 

Buy Legos in bulk

One way to buy Legos and still save some money is by purchasing your Legos in bulk. One huge downside to buying in bulk is that you won’t be building anything specific like a traditional set.

However, many people like to use their imagination anyway, so bulk Lego purchasing is a great option. 

Keep an eye on your local for sale groups on places like Craigslist and Facebook and you can often pick up a lot of Legos for really cheap .

Prices on eBay can vary a considerable amount depending on if they are buy it now or auctions. Most of the time you can get a single pound of Legos on eBay for $10-$12 but if buying more than that the price per pound will drop. 

One of the cheapest options currently available without buying a ton is 6lbs + 6 minifigures for $45. 

The more Legos you buy, the cheaper the price per pound will be. 

Grab a Lego book

Learning the mechanics of playing and building with Legos is important whether it’s for you or your kids. This can save both your money and time finding boxes that are truly ideal according to your personal preference.

The Lego book contains instructions on how to build a model out of various pieces. First-time builders and veterans who want to keep the building process as smooth as possible should take advantage of Lego books. 

Also, a Lego book can help you get creative with the pieces so there’s no need for you to buy another expensive set.

It gives new life to your old bricks as fresh ideas are produced from reading the techniques in the book. 

Purchase a brick box

A brick box keeps all the pieces together. Leaving the pieces scattered all over is the main reason why the bricks and other parts get lost after playing with the Legos.

Brick boxes nowadays come with starter pieces that work in many ways and shapes. A regular set for starters usually has limited options in building models.

A brick set, however, offers various building ideas. Hence, there will be no need for you to purchase another set just to give the kids a great fun time.

Depending on the local Lego stores in your area, brick boxes can sometimes be pricey. Make sure it’s worth it and know the perks before deciding. 

Look out for set discounts or sales

Who doesn’t love discounts? It’s amazing when you find a Lego set at a generous discount. 

You may have a specific set in mind that is unfortunately not on sale. But chin up, there could be other Lego models out there fitting to your taste that are or will be one sale/clearance soon. 

Occasions, seasons, and special events matter for stores to hold sales on items. Always be updated and grab the chance the moment it comes. 

Some Lego enthusiasts get smart about their coupons to seize Lego sets at lower prices. 

It’s also a good idea to check out the Lego aisle at your local stores regularly as places like Walmart and Target will often have clearance sales on them after the holiday season. 

Search for used Legos 

The magic of Legos is that they are timeless toys. They never go out of the trend and they seem to last forever as well. 

Buying used Legos doesn’t have to be an embarrassing experience either. If the pieces are still in good condition, there is no solid reason to buy brand new ones over the cheaper used ones. 

Used is obviously much cheaper than brand new ones and they can still withstand many years of playtime because of their great materials and build quality. 

Search for used Legos for sale online and you’ll be amazed at the numbers of people who are selling them, often quite cheap when compared to nes. 

There are even sites that have listings of the available Legos for purchase. Just be careful of scams and find a good and reliable seller/website to buy on. 


A Lego set is packed with amazing elements, parts, and even instruction books to complete the whole fun experience.

It could be even more exciting if you know hacks and tricks when purchasing such items.

Visit a Lego store near you to learn more about the different aspects of these amazing toys that have been family favorites for generations! 

Last updated on September 14th, 2022 at 11:28 pm

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