How To Fix A Puzzle That’s Broken

How To Fix A Puzzle That’s Broken

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There you were. Challenging your mind with a jigsaw puzzle. You only had a few pieces left to slip into place and the scene of a rustic cabin in the snowy evergreen woods stared back at you in its almost completed beauty. 

1000 pieces later and then you will finally be finished and your hard work will have paid off. 

You picked up one of the few remaining pieces to complete the cabin door when you noticed it was broken, and not just slightly ripped. Broken in half! 

You were now in despair that your masterpiece will never fully be completed. How could you possibly fix this puzzle piece that, along with your heart, has been torn in two.

Thankfully you can fix those broken puzzle pieces! 

To fix a broken puzzle piece all you need is some puzzle glue to be able to seal it back together really well so you can complete the puzzle.

Thankfully fixing a broken puzzle piece is a relatively simple process. To start, simply lay out some wax paper or newspaper and place a drop of puzzle glue onto a toothpick. Then place the glue where the piece is broken on both sides. 

Be careful not to put too much glue so it will fit back together again properly. 

Tweezers may help with this part to get the glue on the broken sides. Now you can gently place the two parts back together making sure it lines up as perfectly as you can. Then wipe off the excess glue that may have oozed its way out with a paper towel. 

Lay another piece of wax paper on top of the fixed piece and set a heavy book or object onto it, leaving it for about an hour. After it is dry, you can remove the wax paper slowly and if the piece needs any color fillings you can use markers or colored pencils to try and match the coloring of the puzzle. 

It may take time to fix the piece but you will be glad when you are able to finally finish that picture with the repaired piece.

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What Is The Best Glue For Puzzles? 

So will any old glue work on a broken puzzle piece? Is there a certain kind that should be used? 

Actually there is! 

The best glue to use on puzzles is puzzle glue (that is made specifically for gluing puzzles together), or Mod Podge. Both of these will dry perfectly clear and should be near invisible on your puzzle. 

You can also use regular Elmers glue on puzzles if you mix it with an equal part of water and shake until the consistency is even. To make sure it will dry clear on your puzzle you may want to try it out on the back first. 

The best glues used on puzzles will be something liquid that will dry perfectly transparent and that are strong. 

Puzzle glue, Wood glue White crafts glue, and Epoxy resin are all greatest options but the easiest is probably regular puzzle glue since that is what it is made for.

If you are looking for more options of glue to hold that puzzle or puzzle piece together consider one of these:

  • MasterPieces Puzzle Glue 
  • Springbok Jigsaw Puzzle Glue
  • Sunsout Puzzle GlueMega 
  • Puzzles Save-a-Puzzle Glue
  • Petaloo Pro Jigsaw Puzzle Glue
  • Mod Podge as a Jigsaw Puzzle Glue
  • aGreatLife Puzzle Saver
  • Puzcraft Puzzle Saver
  • Puzzle Presto! Puzzle Saver

Gluing the puzzle is something you may need a few tips on how to do. 

The simplest way will be to pour the glue right on top of the puzzle and use a piece of cardboard or business card to spread it all around. If there is a brush attached to the glue bottle cap you can use this to spread it around as well. 

Less is more when you are applying glue on your puzzle. 

Too much glue can result in peeling or swelling of the puzzle so be careful so you don’t ruin it. Let dry for a few hours and you’re good to go. 

If you notice that some of the edges are curling up you can flip the puzzle over and glue the backside too. Remember, this method is if you want to preserve your completed puzzle.

Can You Get Replacement Jigsaw Pieces? 

Then there’s the dreaded circumstance. Yes, even more horrific than a broken puzzle piece is a missing piece. Instead of finding it ripped, you find it gone! 

Now all hope is lost in finishing that cabin and it must remain incomplete forever. Well, let’s not be too dramatic since there are some ways to get another piece. 

If you find that you are missing a piece for your puzzle the manufacturer should be able to supply you with the missing piece/pieces. Simply contact them and tell them which piece is missing and they can get you a replacement piece sent out. 

First though. wait a couple days to make sure the piece is actually missing and if you cannot seem to find it anywhere, find out who manufactured the puzzle. If you know who made the puzzle you can contact them asking if they are able to replace that special puzzle piece. 

Sometimes they may be able to and it never hurts to check. 

If that is a puzzle they do not make anymore or they don’t have replacement pieces there is a shop called The Jigsaw Puzzle Doctor that can make the puzzle piece for you. 

How Do You Replace A Missing Piece In A Jigsaw Puzzle? 

OK, so you are out of luck. You can’t get a replacement for that puzzle piece and are just about to give up. But wait there’s more! Have you thought about making your own piece? 

It may not be perfect but it will work!

If your puzzle piece isn’t able to be replaced by the manufacturer then there is always the option of making it yourself! 

Take some art paper and slide it underneath the puzzle so that it’s under the missing piece’s spot. Using a pencil you can outline the shape onto the paper as close to the edges as you can. Looking at the box as a guide, draw what the missing piece should look like onto the paper. Be creative and use whatever you want to get that piece looking as close to its predecessor as possible. 

Then cut out the piece and glue  it to some cardboard. 

After the glue is dry, use a x-acto knife to cut it out. FInally you can seal the piece with Mod Podge if you’d like. And voila! 

You craftily made that much sought after puzzle piece and it now fits perfectly into your puzzle for a completed masterpiece.

A broken puzzle can be sad but when you know the steps to take you will have it fixed in no time. It may take a little bit more time but it will be worth it to have a full puzzle instead of one that is missing that last piece. 

Because it’s always the small pieces that make the big picture!

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